Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wahoo! Wednesday

I know you've all been dying to get your weekly wahoo fix, right? Of course you have.

My 5 Reasons to Say "Wahoo!" Today:

1. My Little Fishy - William placed 6th overall in the 100-meter Freestyle event (and got his name in the paper) on Saturday.

2. Sunset - This is a sunset on the Mississippi River (see the tiny barge?). I love the colors of sunset.

3. Goofy-looking animals that make me smile.

4. Hugh in blue. He can't help but be a frequent Wahoo!5. Total weirdness . Ask me if I'm willing to admit which of the people in this photo happens to be one of my children. Go ahead, ask. Okay, you don't have to (and I reserve the right not to answer if you do).

Coming up soon:

A review of 36 Views of Mt. Fuji - Yes! I've finally finished!!

A massive phone bill - I've been online a bit too long, tonight (and we have dial-up, yuck).

My first official meme!! - I've been tagged by Lotus - yippee, such fun!

Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. Congrats to Will, beautiful sunset, definitely a goofy-lookin' ostrich, you can never have enough pics of Hugh, and I'm guessing the one in front painted red???

  2. Could it be the young man in red paint (sans shirt)? And, yes, Hugh-in-Blue is worthy of every Waho! Wednesday post. :)

  3. Thanks, Nat; I'm really proud of Will. I dug through my old photo files to find the sunset and ostrich. Way too much fun, I'm afraid. Actually, I have a lot of fun looking for Hugh photos, too. :)

    Okay, you guys are too good. Yes, that half-naked, red-painted, screaming dude is my eldest at an Ole Miss football game. The first year, he participated in the Ole Miss tradition and wore a suit to the games. Then, he decided he was just too enthusiastic to support his team in a suit. Which goes to show that people can be every bit as funny as ostriches. Don't tell him I said that. ;)

  4. actually that would have been my guess too. the red guy. well, congrats to Will. And have you seen ostriches in the bush? I always laugh when I see them run. Such fun.

  5. Saaleha,

    Thanks (for the congrats - and for not saying, "Wow, yeah, you have a weird kid, there"). No, I've never seen ostriches in the bush. Where have you seen them? I'm thinking, "travel destination". LOL I've only seen them in zoos; always have loved those funny faces.

  6. Oh but I agree that people can be as funny, if not funnier, than ostriches! But then boys/men are a whole other species anyway! :P

  7. I'm in Africa, remember. So the Kruger National Park, or game farms, that's where you get to see those 'dorky' ( I mean this affectionately) birds.

  8. Nat,

    You're so right. Men really are from Mars. LOL


    I knew you're in Africa, but not where exactly one can go to see animals in the wild *in* Africa. Now that I've survived Alaska without a bear shredding me, I can imagine going to another place where animals still run wild, one day. I can dream, anyway. :)


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