Thursday, November 09, 2006

9-Day Nano Blues

Still on track, but I hate my Nano novel, today. I really, truly hate it. Maybe I should throw my heroine off a cliff or put her in the same building with all my other characters and just blow the whole thing up. This is always a possibility when writing fiction. Usually, I enjoy blowing things up. Maybe I'm just bored because nothing has exploded. Hmmm, something to think about.

Best news of the day: I am acquainted with the Head Turkey Carver at a local church. Wow, what a distinction.

Worst news of the day: Nah, you don't want to hear bad news, do you?

Best use for a laminating machine: Funky, homemade bookmarks. This could also be filed under the "best waste of time in the last 24 hours" category.

Amount of time spent reading: None.

Why no reading, you silly goose? I grabbed the camera and walked over to the little swampy area near the high school, while I waited for the dismissal bell to ring (my normal daylight reading time). It was quite interesting. I never realized there was bamboo lining the road. Funny how we drive past things day in and day out without really focusing on them, isn't it? I didn't spot the heron that I've seen flying away from that particular little stream, twice. Darn. And, there went my daytime reading slot. But . . .

I'm about to go read, now. One book in two weeks is really, really bad. It's getting on my nerves.


  1. I found that I was taking a long time to read THAT book, too. I hope it picks up for you, as it did for me in the last 100 pages.

  2. Les,

    At this point, I'm just trying to get the book over with. I'm in the last 100 pages, now. :)

  3. well, i'm just 100 pages into Eragon (since the movie is coming out next month).. and i can hardly put it down!
    i can't believe a 15yr old wrote it, that's for sure.
    it's like a cross between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (but ten times easier to read).

  4. Angela,

    My son read Eragon and felt the same way. I've just flipped through it, but I was impressed. I'm glad you're enjoying Eragon - I'll have to get around to that one, myself. :)

  5. I cannot image doing such a feat!!

  6. Bookfool, sometimes you just need to focus elsewhere for a while. What book are you reading that's dragging on so slowly?

    I'm off to check out your picture blog.

  7. Corey,

    It's hard to imagine writing the first book at that age, much less a series, isn't it?


    The book I've been slogging through is The Thirteenth Tale. I'm feeling lousy, today, so I decided to make this a read and recover day and I've just finished it. The book alone wasn't the problem, as my writing has kept me quite busy and the nice weather dragged me outdoors quite a bit.

    I actually loved the last 50 pages of TTT and admired the lyrical writing all the way through, but just had a terrible time keeping my attention focused. I did work on bits and pieces of other books, also, just for a break. :)


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