Monday, November 13, 2006

November Calendar

I'm still not getting in much blog-hopping, thanks to NaNoWriMo, but I dropped by Nat's blog to look for her review of The Thirteenth Tale and noticed that she'd posted the November photo from her calendar (it's a good one - you should go look). So, I jogged over to the Chappy's Mom page to see what that was all about. Ah, interesting. Chappy's Mom's birthday is in November and she wants to see what other folks' November calendar photos look like. Okay, I'll play. My calendar for 2006 is "Greek Cats". I usually have one mini photo calendar on the fridge (always something very upbeat, playful, or fun - like Paris in the 40's) and the rest of my calendars are monthly appointment books, which I keep in my purse and different rooms because if I don't, I will forget little things like dental appointments and prescription refills - things that won't kill you but might cause a little pain in the long run, if you know what I mean.

And, in case you're just dying of curiosity, here's the whole upper portion of the refrigerator where the calendar hangs:
Call me a hot-tea drinking positive thinker who has visited Great Britain, graduated from Oklahoma State University, and would really like to see Greece. At least, that's what my fridge seems to say. The tiny purple and pink magnet in the lower right-hand corner is an image of the cover of the anthology in which I once had a story published (printed off the website where it was sold, at the time). Does that make me vain?


  1. Thank you for the calendar picture! And, how funny, that's two cats-in-Greece calendars in a ROW.

    And, no, I don't think that makes you vain at all--I'd do the same thing!

  2. I don't think that makes you vain. It's important to remember and count your successes as well as your dreams.

    I have a magnet on my fridge that says, "Before offering people a piece of your mind you better make sure you can afford to lose a piece!" Isn't that great?

  3. Deb,

    You're welcome! Oh, wow, that's a bit of a coincidence! I've often gotten either a cat calendar or a Greek-photo calendar, so I leapt at the chance to get a combination. LOL

    And, thanks. I don't want to be vain. :)


    Thank you. Just sitting here pondering, it occurred to me that I actually forget that magnet is there. You know how you get to where you open the door and no longer see what's on it?

    Love your fridge quote!!!

  4. Very cute. Love that you got 2-in-1 as it were. And no, that doesn't make you vain. Maybe if you had it blown up poster size...! ;)

  5. I have that exact magnet...the one that states never, never, never give up. :) I whole-heartedly believe in that.

  6. very cool!

    um, my November picture is of the Invisible Woman.. it's a Fantastic Four wall calendar.. lol
    and i just got my 2007 calendar in the mail.. it's of X-Men 3.
    who cares if everyone at work knows i'm a geek?!

  7. Nat,

    Hmmm, poster size. Well, that never occurred to me!! LOL I turned a friend's book cover image into a magnet, also. Maybe it just means I have a "thing" for magnets. :)


    Celebrate your geekdom. The world's richest man is a geek, you know. ;)

    Really, that's the nice thing about being older, I think. We learn to embrace our passions and ignore anyone who thinks they're nutty.

  8. Joy,

    I cross-stitched that Churchill quote onto a piece of ribband, sewed it onto the neck of a stuffed bear, named him Winston and gave him to my mother when she was going through chemo. She took it with her to every treatment during 2 different cancers and she's still with us 16 years after her first cancer. It's been a favorite quote for many years. Cool that you have the same magnet!!

  9. Bookfool, I love to see what other people have on the refrigerators! And I love that Churchill quote. My hubby's a big fan of Churchill. We have tons of books about the man and have watched many documentaries. I have counted on that particular quote many times in the past few years. And what great news to know you have a cancer survivor in your family. My brother has been cancer-free for a year now (he was diagnosed with colon cancer in 7/05). Sure makes you believe in something, doesn't it?

  10. Les,

    I'm a big Churchill fan, also, although I've read less than I'd like to. He was a fascinating man and it surprised me to find out how unpopular he was, most of his political years.

    We have a few too many cancer survivors in our family, actually (also lost quite a few) because it runs on my mother's side of the family. She's survived both ovarian cancer (which is just flat amazing - not many people survive and are declared "cured" of ovarian) and a rare sarcoma she could never pronounce . . . so I have no idea what that was. She's got a very positive attitude and has made me a firm believer that positive thinking can keep you alive. Glad to hear your brother is staying cancer free!!

    I'll bet quotes like that have helped you! I love the one by Eleanor Roosevelt, "You must do the thing you think you cannot do," also. That's a good one for getting through rough times. My paternal grandmother survived colon cancer, btw. She had it in the 60's and lived till 1989 (and cancer didn't get her).


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