Sunday, November 05, 2006

And, then it was Sunday

Just a quickie, honest.

Update on Nano: 10,500 words/50,000
And, not much has happened, yet. I think I can drag this thing out for another 40,000 words pretty easily. We shall see.

Latest Scary News: Eldest Son is threatening to bring home his new girlfriend for Thanksgiving. I'm thinking, "Noooooo! I need to write! I can't stop to clean! Don't do it!" For one thing, he'd probably scare her off if he brought her home while I'm devoting myself to writing and letting some of the chores go. Are you reading this, eldest son?

Last night's freaky dream: It was raining into the house. And, we awoke to find a mysterious wet spot in the hallway carpet. No rain, no apparent pipe leak, no crack in the foundation. Why was the carpet wet? The dehumidifier was leaking. Okay, weird but not as weird as the fact that I dreamed it was wet inside the house. This is really going to help me with writing a psychic character, I think.

Not even going to mention The Thirteenth Tale and the fact that I'm still only around halfway through. Nope, not going there.

About to finish: Ties that Bind, Ties that Break by Lensey Namioka, a young adult novel about a young Chinese girl who must face the consequences of fighting to keep from having her feet bound.

Tired of: Being conscious

Worst thing about this weekend: Stupidly decided not to take an Ambien and flipped and flopped all night.

Best thing: made it to Bible study and had fun, even though I'm technically three weeks behind on lessons.

Read on, dudes (and write on, for those doing NaNo)


  1. I'm supposed to be getting ready for work, but you all know how it is...I'll quickly just check my e-mail, oh yes my blog too, oh I'll see if "so and so" wrote anything last night, and then "quickly" turns into "scrambling" to get out the door.

    I just have to tell you, Bookfool. I'm glad I stopped by (even if I have to scramble)because you gave me many morning giggles today. Thanks! :)

  2. Anonymous5:38 AM

    Hi, bookfool!

    You've got me curious now - are you not getting ahead with "The Thirteenth Tale" because you don't have the time to read it, or is it just not drawing you in?

    Also, I am putting "Ties that Bind, Ties that Break" by Lensey Namioka on my TBR list - was it an enjoyable read?

    Have you heard back from Eldest Son? :)

  3. Are you struggling thru Thirteenth Tale because you aren't enjoying it that much? or just because you don't have the time?

  4. Joy,

    Yes, I know how that "I'll just quickly check" thing goes. Glad I made you smile. :)

    Hi Lotus!

    The Thirteenth Tale just isn't drawing me in. I've found it difficult trying to figure out the time periods in which the book is set and sometimes it gets so frustrating I set the book down.

    I enjoyed "Ties that Bind, Ties that Break". It's very short, written for a younger crowd and she doesn't get as thoroughly into the character's head, but it's a nice story that does give you a slightly different perspective of life in China during an upheaval.

    Haven't heard from eldest son, but he does read my blog, when he has time. :)


    I don't have a lot of time and would probably just concentrate and get the book over with, but The Thirteenth Tale just isn't thrilling me in any way. Still, if I could spare a few hours, I'd probably just try to skim and get done with it.

  5. I keep telling myself not to post a comment so you don't have to respond, but I have to say something. I'm so glad you aren't excited about The Thirteenth Tale either! Not that I don't want you to have a good reading experience. It's just that I like having a reading buddy validate my lukewarm sentiments, as a few have already done so on my blog about TTT. It didn't draw me in either, but the last 100 pages or so are pretty good, so hang in there. Also, good luck with your writing and I'll keep my fingers crossed that your eldest son reads your blog and gets the hint. ;) Ah, leaky dehumidifiers. Ugh. Our A/C condensation line leaked this summer while we were out of town! Came home to a soggy basement carpet. I was not happy. Ok, ok, back to work you go. :)

  6. Les,

    It's okay, having a reason to reply to someone gives me a nice break. Although, admittedly, I couldn't keep my eyes open this morning and went back to bed. I'm just now preparing to write for a few minutes and then I'll stop to pick up kiddo.

    I'm kind of relieved you felt lukewarm about TTT, also. Okay, I'll hang in there. It's dragging, but I'll trust you about the last bit. At this point I just feel a little baffled as to what the hype was all about.

    Sorry about your basement carpet. I'll bet the smell hit you in the face the moment you walked in the door. It's a pretty powerful rotten smell when a carpet gets wet and sits for any length of time. David cut out the rotten chunk at my insistence, last night. Now, we'll have to make flooring in the hallway a priority, but that's okay. We've had so many pipes burst and floodings from poor drainage, in the last few years, that we're yearning to put down tile, everywhere. At least with tile, you can just mop up and not worry about a ruined floor.

    Okay, off to work with me. Drop by to chat, anytime. I'm not killing myself with the writing, the way I did, last year. I let ideas just sit and play in my head for a while, between writing sessions. :)


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