Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cozy Reading By the Fire Truck?

First things first: Credit where credit is due . . . Litlove came up with the Aspirational Meme which I copied and used, a few days ago. Thank you to Litlove for starting the fun. I've happened across this meme, here and there in the bloggy world, and it's fascinating reading.

Second things second: Just looked up "reading by the fire" in order to find a cozy image, if possible. What did I find? "Fire extinguisher in reading center", complete with photo of a purple wall and the extinguisher in question. Below that: "Reading after a fire alarm", with the photo above right (found here). Hey, a gal who knows what's important during a time of crisis! I did find a few photos that fit the bill, however those two were too humorous not to mention.

Something I should have added to the Aspirational Meme: I want to learn how to do those darned button things that everyone else has for their challenges. The Chunkster Challenge just won't feel right without a button, I'm certain.

A light moment, at left, for those who haven't already seen it on my Alaska blog (everyone in the world but my in-laws, Nat, and Les, as far as I know): The husband in Anchorage. I had to get down on my belly in the grass and back up, back up, back up to get this photo exactly right (which meant crawling backwards while people continued to stream out the door behind hubby). Am I married to a good sport, or what?

Currently reading: The Epicure's Lament by Kate Christensen. So far, I am loving the protagonist: a sleazy, misanthropic and very snarky hero whose objective is to smoke himself to death in peace and is doing a fine job of it . . . till people start moving into his nice, quiet, crumbling mansion. This is not, by the way, for the faint of heart as it has some strong language and the hero, Hugo, has a little bit of a Humbert Humbert leaning (i.e., he gravitates toward young teenaged girls, probably because he never has fully grown up, himself).

Listening to: Taylor Grocery Band. Excellent music, particularly for folk/blues lovers. I have to admit that I was a little bit afraid to walk into the Taylor Grocery Store in Taylor, MS, when we were there a couple years ago. See why, here. Maybe it was just bad timing because Food TV fixture Alton Brown seems to have enjoyed himself when he made a pit stop in Taylor.

Wishing for: Something lined with sheepskin (fake is fine) for the icy toesies. I am so not accustomed to cold floors and the concrete hallway is . . . really something.

Off to finish the bedroom cleaning so I can climb into the bed and read. No cozy fire extinguishers will be nearby.


  1. Per your comments on the Estella discussion board, I MUST read The Epicure's Lament. He sounds SO very House.

  2. Andi,

    Yeah, actually, he kind of does! Hugo's disgusting and yet oddly magnetic. Sounds familiar, eh? I'm only about 1/3 of the way into it, so I'll let you know how it ends up, but so far it really has the feel of an Andi book. :)

  3. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Hi, bookfool!

    So wish I could help you to make a button but unfortunately my graphic skills are non-existent! I'm really excited about the Chunkster Challenge - I think I have finally narrowed my list down to 5 books...I can't believe I am actually going to read five, FIVE, tomes! :))

  4. Hi Lotus!

    I keep thinking I'm going to figure out this button thing on my own. LOL I know it's a silly thing to worry about, but I'd like to at least know how to go about the process.

    I'm so glad you're excited about the Chunkster Challenge! I am, too, although I still haven't decided how many I want to attempt to read and I'm going to let myself choose from a stack rather than plan to read specific titles . . . because I'm fickle! It'll be fun attacking the fat books, I think. :)

  5. You are very welcome as regards the meme, bookfool! I scrolled down to your answers and loved them. I also loved the picture! My grandmother earnt pocket money doing some light cleaning for a neighbour when she was a young girl, and family legend has it that she used to dust the house reading her book as she went. Such skills of concentration! I only wish I had them too...

  6. The Epicure's Lament sounds very interesting. I look forward to your review.
    I can't figure out the button either. At least, now I know I'm not alone.

  7. Anonymous8:30 AM

    bookfool, just stopping by to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Framed,

    I finished The Epicure's Lament last night - hope to get a review up, soon.

    Maybe someday we'll figure out all this electronic stuff. I'm finding that I feel a little competitive twinge when my college kid is around. LOL


    Thank you!! We just finished lunch - very, very early for a Thanksgiving dinner. Hubby fried the turkey. It was really terrifying (he lowered it into this vat of gas-heated oil and it bubbled and spit all over the patio), but it tasted great and it cooked rapidly. It was an interesting experience! :)

  9. I LOVE your comments about the girl reading by the fire truck, especially "Hey, a gal who knows what's important during a time of crisis!" Great line, great photograph.

    I also like the one of your husband, what a great sport! Plus, hooray for you not to be rattled by people coming out the door. I'm impressed you took your time, and captured what you wanted.

    Happy, Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Hi Bellezza,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! And, thanks. :) I was really surprised by my husband's patience when I took that photo. He's what we call a "vacation Nazi" - keeps us going till we're on our faces with exhaustion - so I often stop to take a photo and then have to run to catch up with him. It was a nice moment!

    Hope you had a great day! I tried to post a Thanksgiving message and got the message of doom, followed by all my windows disappearing before I had time to save to draft, so I decided to just read. Ahhh, what a perfect way to end the day!!!

  11. I can't think of anyTHING to be more thankful for, than an afternoon (or evening?) to read. Hooray for the 'message of doom.' In a way. :)

  12. Bellezza,

    That was kind of the way I looked at it. Message of doom leads evening of reading . . . hmm, not a bad thing, really. Last night, my son turned my computer off at 8:30 and told me I really didn't need it for the rest of the night because I had a bath to take and a book to finish. Also, not so bad! :)


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