Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Right smack in the middle of this one . . .

I'm on page 150 of this book (a little less than halfway through the book) and it is tremendously gripping. I'd hoped to finish, today, but I've been shot down with a migraine so it'll probably be a day or two. The Blood of Lambs is the memoir of a former PLO terrorist and it's absolutely fascinating (and horrifying). I encourage you to read the excerpt in the sneak peek post, below, if you're even slightly interested as I think this is a very important book about how and why people become terrorists and how they are recruited very, very young and schooled in hatred and killing.

Saleem says terrorists are intelligent, often highly educated people who are quietly growing their cause within our borders, not just dropping in on occasion to blow things up. I think Americans tend to go around in a happy little cloud of ignorance, thinking we're immune to such things, even after the horror of 9/11, hence the word "important". It's notable that the author began his schooling as a terrorist at the age of 7. I hope to write a complete review by Friday.

Just moments ago, I discovered that I was wrong about only taking one poppet photo in Costa Rica. I'd completely forgotten that Nameless Dr. Poppet came out to pose in front of the volcano at Arenal. Look at lucky Poppet!
Now, if the volcano had been erupting, I'm not sure what Nameless Dr. Poppet would have thought, but as one of the locals said, "She is sleeping." So, no problem. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. This does sound interesting, Nancy. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  2. Wendy,

    You're welcome! I should probably get off the computer and go read it, right now. I've been a bum, tonight. Oh, dear.

  3. I hope that headache goes away soon Nancy :( I had another one today too...that's three in a week! Sucks. HOpe you're better by the time you read this. That book sounds really great! I've been seeing it make the rounds. And I love your Poppet pic! Lisa would like that one...she loves seeing them on travels :)

  4. Chris,

    My headache is gone, for now, thank goodness. Are you still catching up on sleep or do you think it's just something in the air that's getting you? I never have bothered to say so, but the main reason I don't participate in the readathon is that I know it will mean a fatigue-induced migraine, period. I'm just not willing to knowingly tempt the possibility. I hope you feel better, soon, and that someone finds a cure!!! You'd think they'd have figured migraines out, by now, wouldn't you?

    If you're in touch with Lisa, feel free to point out my poppet pic. I was too busy and having too much fun to get the poppet out, most of the time, but at least I remembered twice! :)

  5. Isn't it ashame that they can't cure our migraines :p I read something in a magazine today about doctors wanting to use ECT (shock therapy) on people with migraines! Are they out of their minds? lol...yeah, it might help the migraines if you don't mind walking around as a vegetable...I've always believed ECT should only be used as the absolute last result for people with severe severe uncurable depression...not migraines!

    Surprisingly, the 24 hour read-a-thon doesn't give me a least not that day..but the next few days are always a real doozy! I guess that's the price I pay to be able to knock 6 books off the TBR pile :p

  6. Chris,

    That's when sleep-deprivation migraines hit me -- about 24 hours later. It's not while I'm up and at 'em, but a day or two later that I pay.

    Yeah, it's kind of wild that they can't do any better than the idea of shock therapy for migraines. Good grief. That's ridiculous. Might as well just put us into a coma; we'd get as much done and wouldn't be in pain, right?

    Knocking 6 books off the TBRs in one day does sound kind of nice. I always feel as if I'm behind, but I think that might be my personality more than the actual facts peeking through. I need to either get a more relaxed attitude or quit doing scheduled reviews.


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