Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Pie - a day with a light, buttery crust

I am much relieved to declare that my husband has safely returned from Portugal and (possibly the most important bit) he quickly fixed the dishwasher. It's likely that I'm more than a tiny bit envious that he got to see scenery like this without me:

Okay, yes, I confess. I'm green as Ireland. Maybe I can weasel a trip to Portugal, someday, but in the meantime I've enjoyed looking at his photos.

I finished The Blood of Lambs by Kamal Saleem, two nights ago, and I'm not sure . . . maybe I've already said too much about it. I seem to be having difficulty writing a decent review. I'll keep working on making the review worthwhile because the book is excellent, beautifully written and I think he gets his point across (we need to pay attention to what's happening under our noses if we're to keep the terrorist influence under control) without going so far as to bash Muslims in general. It's one of the most fascinating memoirs I've read, this year.

Since I was up very late, two nights in a row (the first night due to insomnia; last night because huzzybuns arrived at the airport quite late and I had to fetch him), I haven't read a word, today. I did, however, watch the first two installments of the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle version of Pride & Prejudice. Ah, refreshing. No wet Mr. Darcy, yet. That's far ahead in the future, but I did admire his dark, twinkling eyes. To think, Colin Firth's friends assured him that he would ruin Pride & Prejudice. It's hard to fathom anyone saying or thinking such things.

I am on the verge of finishing Living Fossils, if I can just talk myself into locating a place to read. All the usual places are occupied either by a sleeping husband, a zonked teenager, a comatose cat, or a pile of laundry. And, it's so quiet! Okay, I'll go move the laundry. You convinced me.

Happy Sunday!

Bookfool, off to seek a reading spot


  1. That is a gorgeous photo. I'd love to visit Portugal one day. Ahhhh, Colin Firth couldn't ruin a thing in my world...

  2. Hey, Nancy -- sorry this isn't related to your post, but I wanted to comment on the comment YOU left on MY blog! LOL.

    Definitely read Peter Walsh's "It's All Too Much", if you feel you need to get rid of clutter, but haven't been able to do so in the past for whatever reason -- it's such a helpful book! I learned a LOT and am soooo glad I read it! This is the first time in about 10 attempts that I've actually been able to let go of the "stuff" I've been holding onto... and it's all thanks to what Peter said in the book! :D

    I did my garage this past weekend ... and this week I'll be tackling the house, too! ;) No more need to be a packrat. ;)

    And, hey... if you want to see pictures of my "work", be sure to check out my other blog that I created for simplifying my life:
    Simplify Me~MizB (aka Jenn)
    <>< ;)

  3. PS... I absolutely LOVE the header on your blog! What a GORGEOUS picture, and what a terribly cute bird!!! :D

  4. My husband travels a lot for business without me and it's hard not to be jealous. Your post title made me hungry by the way. :)

  5. Dar,

    Isn't it beautiful? That photo was taken as he walked around a very well-preserved castle. There were also some roman columns and a stone circle. Sounds like a wonderful place to me. Colin Firth is just dreamy. :)


    Yep, I've tried and failed, many times -- although, right after my mother's death I made some decent progress. I lost my motivation, after a while. I've already added It's All Too Much to my wish list and I'll check out your blog, thanks!!! My garage will come first. We need to hit it before it becomes too hot.

    Thanks for the compliment on the header pic. I took that in Costa Rica. Isn't he a pretty little thing?


    I'm glad I'm not the only one left behind during those fun trips. My husband traveled with two other men he works with and they both took their wives along. However, one is childless and the other has kids in college, so they have a measure of freedom I've yet to reach. You should definitely have some pie, if you've got it. :)

  6. Ah, that looks gorgeous! I'm so envious of all of our overseas neighbors with their beautiful historical scenery...that's one of the downfalls of living in a relatively modern country :( Hey, if you ever get to go to Portugal you can visit Nymeth! She lives in Braga. She sent me a postcard of it and it's gorgeous too.

    Enjoy your Pride and Prejudice viewing! I haven't watched any BBC shows in a long time...I should do that soon. Have you ever seen their Daniel Deronda? I think it's my fav of the BBC Masterpiece Theatres.

  7. Ack--Firth as Darcy. I've spoken my thoughts on that here before so ziiiiiip goes my lips. Glad you got your huzzybuns back. Sounds like he does a lot of traveling for work--last year was it Norway? Hope you have a great week!!

  8. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Did I miss a photo of pie with a poppet? I did order me a red poppet last week and will debut his entry into my home upon his (her?) arrival.

    I found my favorite reading spot - it's on the new boat!! We Sea-Trial today so I'm over the top excited and really upset about my to do list being all boring and distracting right now. I must do laundry and here I am blogging and what I want to do is read In the Woods by Tara French - it has me totally absorbed. LIfe of a book blogger, huh?

  9. If you get to anywhere in Europe (especially over a weekend) let me know and I'll come meet you! I've never been but your hub's picture looks great.

  10. Isn't Colin Firth just amazing! I love that man. Portugal would have been so great! I love Europe!

  11. Chris,

    Me, too. I've always wanted to live in Europe, at least temporarily, and have all that history in my backyard (so to speak). I didn't know Nymeth lives in Portugal! David went to Evora. Wonder if he was anywhere near her.

    I haven't seen Daniel Deronda, but I don't actually watch TV at all. We own a copy of P & P on DVD. I've watched it a gazillion times. I'll have to look up Daniel Deronda.


    Thank you! And, I'm going to zip my lips and not use the word "crazy". ;) You have a good memory. Yes, last year he went to Norway. The year before, he went to Italy and Australia. The overseas trips are awful because we have so little contact. I'm really glad to have him home.


    It's not a literal pie, this week. We're fresh out of pie (although we do have plenty of poppets). Wahoo! I'm so glad you ordered a poppet! I just love mine.

    I'm envious of your boat. We used to own a little 16-foot daysailer and we had such fun. We've never bothered, here. There's not enough wind in Mississippi. Have fun!


    The next possibility is Bonn, Germany. If I get to go, I'll let you know, well in advance, so you can meet up with us. That would be wonderful! Hubby brought home the usual supply of Kindereggs. I opened one and couldn't figure out how to put it together, so I left the pieces on the stove. This morning, I came out and there was my little toy, all put together. Mr. Engineer had some fun. LOL

    Isn't that scenery gorgeous?


    I think Colin Firth is awesome and haven't watched the newer P & P movie, simply because I can't stand the thought of anyone else in the role of Mr. Darcy. Portugal looks beautiful, just judging from the photos. Me, too. Love Europe. Love the lifestyle -- all that walking appeals to me. I hate getting into a car, every time I go somewhere.

  12. Oh I'd love to go to Portugal. Well, pretty much I'd love to go all around the world but I guess until I win the lottery that won't be happening! ha.

    Hope you enjoyed your sunday and hopefully with more Colin Firth watching :)

  13. Iliana,

    Same here. A little lottery money would be nice.

    I enjoyed my Sunday, thanks. More Colin coming up if the husband doesn't get home from work, soon! We need to take our walk.

  14. wow Portugal! That hubby of yours goes everywhere.

    It sounds like an interesting book and I cannot wait to read your review or maybe I read it wrong. :)

  15. Krista,

    Yeah, he sort of does. And, usually without me.

    Which book are you referring to -- Living Fossils or The Blood of Lambs? Both were great. I'm working on The Blood of Lambs and keep getting hung up.

  16. I was referring to Blood of Lambs. I had to put a book down to finish tomorrow. Really need to work on dishes. lol

  17. It's excellent, Krista -- very harrowing, but the writing is well done (he had a collaborator and she's obviously an excellent writer) and it leaves you without any burning questions. A lot is explained about how and why he came to his beliefs and terrorism -- and why that changed. I'm working on a post about it, but it'll be a few days. I've got several scheduled posts coming up.

  18. Hmm that sounds interesting. Though right now cannot handle a lot of heavy books. I'll have to put on my list for later.

  19. √Čvora is down south and I live up north, one hour away from the northern border with Spain. But I've been there a few times and it's such a lovely city. The Roman temple, the landscapes, everything. Very different from the north, actually, which is more mountain-y. I'm glad your husband had a nice and safe trip! And I see you mentioned kinder eggs - I have the toy from this year's kinder Easter egg on my computer desk :D It really was hard to put together!

  20. Nymeth,

    I was really amazed at the sheer variety of different time periods in history represented in my husband's photos from Evora. It does look like a beautiful, fascinating place and I'm thinking you're one lucky chick to live within visiting distance!

    Hubby always brings back Kindereggs whenever he goes to Europe. Sometimes I can put together the toys and sometimes I can't. The guys never have any trouble with them!

  21. Gorgeous! I'd be rather green with envy too. We never got to Spain or Portugal while we were in England, unfortunately. I've really been missing Europe lately, all that great architecture! Sigh. :)


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