Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bubbles!! Or, what happens to people (me) when they (I) try to read all day.

Yesterday's personal reading marathon day went quite well. I finished two books, both of which I'd read only a tiny bit of before mysteriously setting them aside:

Why We Need Love, edited by Simon Van Booy

I previously made it to page 7, probably because the excerpt that begins on page 6 is from Silas Marner, a book I've overheard so many teenagers grousing about at the pool that I had it in my head I would never read the story.

Actually, it was really quite touching how the weaver, Silas, claimed the small child who toddled into his home. After I really got going on Silas Marner, the rest of the story was a breeze and then I enjoyed the usual thought-provoking mix of readings that comprised the rest of the book. I've read the entire series of Simon's philosophy books, now, and will review both Why We Need Love and Why Our Decisions Don't Matter, soon.

After I finished reading Why We Need Love, I moved on to

Detectives Don't Wear Seatbelts by Cici McNair.

Cici McNair spent years saving her pennies in preparation for her escape

from Mississippi (her childhood home) and then traveled the world, working a stunning variety of jobs before she found her calling as a private detective.

Detectives Don't Wear Seatbelts tells about how she became a private detective, why she left home and what drew her from one place and job to another before she finally settled down and began her own business.

Like Simon's book, there is really no explanation as to why Detectives, etc. sat in my sidebar and on the floor by my bed for so long. Mood, I guess. It did require a little focus, though, so I think reading it cover to cover in a single day was a good choice. Again . . . review forthcoming.

And, of course there were the bubbles:

This is what happens to a very, very easily distracted chick on a full day of reading. Glance off to the side at your water glass and . . . "Bubbles!! Oooh, those are so pretty. And, look at the window through the glass! Doesn't that look cool, kitties? Must find camera!!!"

"Ooooh, the bubbles look like little jewels!"

I'm sure they'd look even more interesting if I hadn't managed to break my ancient macro lens, a year or two ago. I snapped the photos above with my little point-and-shoot. I'm shopping for a macro lens, now.

But, hey! I had fun!! Two books finished and a bit of fun taking bubble pics! I'm calling Wednesday a success.

Just walked in:

The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens - from Knopf Books via Shelf Awareness

Books that have walked out, so far this week:

21 donations
4 swaps
1 book sent to a friend

The Emerald Atlas is the only book that has walked into my home, this week, unless you count this little gem I found in the library sale, which huzzybuns agrees we should frame:

How cool is that? The copyright date is 1953 and the binding is in tatters, but the illustrations are (pun intended) out of this world!

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