Friday, November 05, 2010

Fiona Friday - Cats in High Places

First you get the title girl, lovely Fiona. Both kitties have been doing a lot of climbing, this week. Here, Fi's perched on our entertainment center (probably keeping an eye on the little rapscallion known as Isabel).

And, below is an interesting shot of both girls.

This photo intrigues me. There's a really fascinating dynamic between our two kitty girls that was lacking in our previous two, Spooky and Sunshine. Spooky growled at Sunshine; Sunshine jumped on Spooky with claws. That was their relationship, in a nutshell. They'd occasionally sleep within a few feet of each other but they never did get too snuggly.

When Isabel desires to cuddle up with Fiona (which happens frequently -- Izzy is quite the little cuddle bunny), she ducks her head in submission as you see in the photo above. If Fi is fine with a little snuggling, she'll groom and groom and groom Izzy and little Isabel will slowly curl into place. When the answer is, "No, go away," Fi will give her a couple of licks and a nip. This was one of those times that Fi was in a sharing mood.

Incidentally, sorry about the heavy posting. I have to roll with it, if the desire to write reviews strikes, when I'm so ridiculously backlogged. I hope nobody feels obligated to comment on every single post. Read what you want, skip what doesn't interest you and don't feel obligated to comment. I love your comments but I don't intend to burden anyone.

Happy weekend to all!

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  1. It sounds like Isabel knows who rules the roost around there!

  2. Kathy,

    She does indeed. The fact that she knows her place really makes for a harmonious household. We're appreciating our two mild-mannered kitties.

  3. That is adorable. My cats aren't quite so good together so I am a little jealous :)

  4. Anonymous8:34 PM

    There's nothing like a poster who says no need to comment that makes me feel all warm and cozy and willing to comment. :-D

  5. Awww - Fi can't decide if she wants to be the older sister or mother figure. The dynamics are such fun. When we had all three Becky was definitely Mom, but now with just Phoebe and Howie it's a big sister, annoying little brother type of relationship.

  6. Amy,

    We seriously lucked out, this time. We're having some major cute overload, this evening, with kitties both curled up in beds that are right next to each other. I actually ran myself out of memory card space in my point-and-shoot!

    Ms. Fizz,

    LOL A little reverse psychology going on there? Well, cool. I'm always happy to see a comment, even if it's a single word. :)


    Yeah, I think Fi has rotating roles. They play like sisters -- very much as you described Howie and Phoebe's "wrestle chase". They chase, they wrestle and then when they're worn out . . . awww. Serious heart-tugging sweetness. I love the mothering. Sometimes they both groom each other at the same time but Isabel definitely shows submissiveness when she's ready to cuddle.

  7. So cute!!! I love how they seem to be getting their little personalities worked out with each other now :D Fi still seems to rule the house though, huh? :p

  8. Chris,

    It really is fun to watch them together. Yes and no on Fi ruling the house. Isabel has a mind of her own and if she wants something she just goes for it. That can sometimes mean knocking Fi away from a food bowl. But, there are always two food bowls, so it's no big deal. I think Isabel just knows she has to show some respect if she wants to snuggle up to someone warm! It works. They really are totally cute together.

  9. So sweet! :) Very occasionally my two will curl up together, but when one wakes up the other one usually gets batted to let him know he's got too close!

  10. Nikki-ann,

    LOL That's pretty funny. I think we really just lucked out, this time. Our two tussle and chase, but when they're worn out they almost always end up sleeping near each other. It's just adorable. :)

  11. All three of our cats are fixed boys. Pierre is a little of a bully to Biscuit because he is a little smaller and a momma's boy. He knows not to pick on Little Baby because he weighs 20 lbs and is grumpy. Biscuit and Pierre like to get on the ledge upstairs every now and then but Little Baby doesn't. He is a little lazy. lol

    I need you wear off on me. I have a lot old reviews I need to do and a ton of review books that need to be read. I want to go into the new year with a clean slate but I don't know if its possible. I may have to DNf some books and move on. I hate doing that though. :)

  12. My cats have a dynamic like your previous kitties. It's so much fun to watch when kitties are snuggly though, and yours are so cute!

  13. Brittanie,

    Your kitties have cute names! I didn't realize you had three of them. Lucky chick. :)

    I must confess I've skipped a few reviews, this year, simply because they were personal reads and I had no obligation to review them for anyone. Sometimes, you just have to cut yourself some slack. I'm trying really hard not to accept as many books, also. I've done that before -- DNF'd and moved on. It's not a good feeling, but sometimes you just have to admit you're not going to get to everything and a clean slate is an awfully nice thing.


    Thanks. :) I like it much better when kitties snuggle and always wished Spooky and Sunshine would just get over it and be friends but we got them 2 or 3 years apart and they were just stuck with each other . . . and none too thrilled about it! I'm so glad we ended up with two that get along okay, this time. Right now, my girls are sleeping at opposite ends of the house -- kind of unusual, really.

  14. Priceless! I'm glad they're getting along a bit better now. :)

  15. Les,

    They get along stunningly well, I think, and it didn't take very long at all for them to adjust to each other. That's a wahoo! :)


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