Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fiona Friday on the wrong day - Tuckered Kitties

Fiona played with her little birdy-on a string so hard that she fell asleep right next to it. She likes chewing on the little loop meant for humans to hold onto as much as the bird itself.

Meanwhile, little Izzyboo conked out underneath a blanket. Awww.

Naturally, there are books in the background in both photos. Figures, eh?

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  1. Being completely adorable is EXHAUSTING!!!

  2. Aw, they are so cute!

  3. Love these! I'm curious about what they were doing before they were exhausted!

  4. SuziQ,

    Apparently so!


    Aren't they? You'd never know how thoroughly they tear the house apart, when they're looking so sweet and sleepy. LOL


    Fiona was playing with her little bird on a string (she actually drags it around the house and plays with it on her own, sometimes) and I think Isabel fell asleep after playing with the laser. The laser actually works well with 2 cats at once. I can run Izzy up the tree and then take the laser away and get Fi to run in circles. They both have fun and laser tag always nicely wears them out.

  5. They're so cute! We really need to get something like a bird on a string for our kitties.

  6. As always, so adorable!

  7. Alyce,

    Both of my kitties absolutely go nutso over feathered toys. You should definitely see if you can find one. Isabel is very fine-boned and light, so she does some impressive leaping to capture a fake bird!


    Thanks! Kitties look so sweet when they sleep, just like small children, don't they?

  8. Ok...that picture of Izzy is just too adorable for words! It's like she's still trying to fight sleeping even while she's sleeping. Like she won't let her head fall down all the way :p And of course there are books in the background of both of those pictures!! It wouldn't be a Bookfool picture if it weren't!!

    Oh, by the doctor put me on a 6 day steroid pack to break this nasty chain of migraines I've had for the last 15 days and it's worked MIRACLES!! Has loosened up my entire back neck and shoulders...have you ever tried one of these steroid packs before? No headache today finally!!

  9. Chris,

    I think she was kind of trying to keep an eye on the human with the camera but just couldn't keep her eyes open, so you're very close! LOL True about the books! They're everywhere!!!

    I've had steroid packs for other things, like bad allergy attacks but not for migraines. That's interesting -- wouldn't have thought of that as a solution for breaking a string of migraines, although steroids shrink tissues, so if you've got swelling from something like tension, I guess it helps? I will tell you I finally had a 2-week stretch without migraines, thanks to a combination of antibiotics (now and then I get hidden sinus infections - my head will hurt all the time but I don't have any of the symptoms of an infection) and PT on my neck. The physical therapy has been amazing.

  10. Love these pictures!!! They are too cute :)

  11. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Sorry you had to delete my previous comments, I'll try to remember not to add a link in the future.
    Lovely pictures.

  12. Samantha,


    Cozy Ann,

    Thanks for understanding! I've had so much spam trouble, over the years, that I figure it's just best not to allow links to protect my readers. I'm glad you came back!

  13. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Word Verification: catorsem

  14. Les,

    Yeah. Aren't they adorable? Love the word verification!


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