Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Making wahoos

I am going to take Wednesday off from the computer to have a personal reading marathon day and hang out with my two fur girls. Seems like a wahooey thing to do, yes? May your Wednesday be full of wahoos!


  1. I need some cats!

  2. Great picture of the girls. Enjoy your day - sounds heavenly.

  3. How is Izzy hanging onto the side, there? It seems that gravity is about to kick in. Or is it just the angle?

  4. Amy,

    Yes, you do. You need at least 2 rescue kitties, preferably siblings. Go forth and adopt.


    Thanks on both counts! As to the kitties . . . we're so full of cute, I might explode soon. :)


    There's actually a little ledge behind her but, I know -- it totally looks like she's about to take a dive in that photo!

  5. Have a great day :)

  6. Wahoo! is right! Sounds great to me.

  7. Amy,

    Thank you! So far, so good. I'm enjoying my reading.


    It's a big wahoo. If only I could read faster . . . but I'm lucky I can just say, "I'm going to read all day" and do it.

  8. Enjoy your reading time!

  9. Alyce,

    Thanks! I am enjoying my reading time, so far!


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