Wednesday, October 09, 2019

I Guess I'll Write it Down by Beth Evans, a journal

I keep forgetting to post about these adorable journals and I finally realized why, last night. I'm accustomed to reading a book, recording the number of pages read daily, finishing it, and then adding it to my master list (a draft saved for publication on the blog at the end of the year). I refer back to my master list regularly to see what I need to review and to add links to my reviews. But, you don't read an empty journal, apart from the pages like that one shown above, so these two did not get added to either the calendar or the master list.

At any rate, I finally photographed the two journals, both sent by HarperCollins. There are some pages with text like the open journal, above, but most have the ghostly-looking creature peeking out of a single corner or doing something in a small space and the rest of the spread is empty lines to fill. It's super cute, but of course a journal is for writing in, not reading, so I'm glad the author kept the reading material to a minimum but made it interesting or funny when she did insert a page of text.

I'm not a journal-keeper in the traditional diary/anecdote way. Notebooks and journals are, to me, a place to write down observations like the features of everyone at a particular table in a restaurant, lines they say that I think are interesting, or brief conversations I find worth keeping. I've done that since I was young and never fully stopped, in spite of the fact that I haven't written fiction regularly in years. I Guess I'll Write It Down by Beth Evans encourages me to get back in the game.

Highly recommended - The I Guess I'll Write It Down journals make me want to go to a coffee shop to eavesdrop. I particularly like the fact that these little journals are hardback, so they're not likely to end up ruined if you stick them in your purse or other bag (I'll add a rubber band when I carry one around, just to make sure something doesn't get stuck between the pages). But, they're compact enough to carry around conveniently. The two would easily fit in the purse I'm currently carrying. Particularly great for people who carry a journal in a bag or who are intimidated by a larger empty journal because they don't write large entries.

My thanks to HarperCollins for sending me the journals. They will be well used!

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