Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Estella and more later, I've got a house to clean

I know, pitiful. I can't seem to sit still long enough to get anything written on this blog, lately. However, I've done some writing and you can see it, now, because the August issue of Estella's Revenge is now available, yippee!

Now, you can finally read my review of The Ocean in the Closet. I know you've just been sitting there panting, right?

Also, I've finally written up those author interviews I've babbled about for two months.

You can read about Colleen Gleason, here.

And, Simon Van Booy, here.

While you're at the Estella site, you should definitely read the whole issue. It's fabulous, as always.

Is it Wednesday, already? Oh, my gosh. Okay, so I'll be back later to do a Wahoo post. In the meantime, I wish everyone a wonderful day. Happy reading!!

Bookfool, off to have a cleaning binge (we'll see how long that lasts)


  1. I'm glad you'll be wahoo-ing again soon. It's a good sign that all is right with the world if Bookfool has a wahoo Wednesday up. :)

  2. Kookie,

    You made me chuckle. Bookfool is happy; all must be well. LOL What a thought. It's definitely a sign that I'm not eradicating large boxes of Kleenex, anyway. ;)

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the linkies. Can you clean my house too while you are at it?

  4. Oh my gosh, send the cleaning mojo this way because I've got NOTHING! I was sitting here this morning looking at the wasteland around me (formed largely of the necessity box up five copies of my thesis to send back to TX). While usually looking at a mess motivates me, today I just went to a clean room in the house and stayed there for a while. LOL

    FANTASTIC interview with Simon. I think I have a literary crush! I'm sure I'm not the only one. :)

  5. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Hey, if you really want to procrastinate you could come clean here. ;D Or just send some of the cleaning ertia my way and I'll trade you some inability to move from the computer!

  6. The theme for this month's issue should be "The Reign of Bookfool". Half of the issue is your writing! You've been a busy bee! I've only gotten to the Colleen Gleason interview so far and it's great :) I always enjoy reading your columns. Enjoy your cleaning as much as that is possible....

  7. Can you send me some of that cleaning energy. I've got to do it, but it's so discouraging--everyone around here just messes it all up again, and so quickly!

    Loved your review on Estella's Revenge, sounds like an interesting book, especially the Japanese perspective of WWII. I'll go back and leave a comment for you there, too!

  8. Myutopia,

    If you saw my house, you would take back that question immediately. It is long overdue for a serious cleaning. I'm just about the world's worst housewife. (blush)


    I'm familiar with that routine. Huh. This room is scary . . . I'll go to the other room. Yep, been there repeatedly. Only, now, there aren't any clean rooms. Hence the major cleaning binge. I'm airing out, right now. Gah, can we just skip August?

    You would have so much fun with Simon. I noticed he's added to his itinerary, so maybe he'll pop into North Carolina. You never know. And, thank you. :)

  9. Heather,

    It all comes of having been knocked down by a virus. I feel great, today, so I've been buzzing. My living room is almost habitable!! Squeeee! Now, just another 355 days of this and my house might look like, you know, normal people's. If I get any extra cleaning energy, I'll bottle it for you. ;)


    I think maybe a few people are on vacation! Thank you. I really tussled with those interviews. Believe it or not, I actually did enjoy cleaning, for once!

    Gentle Reader,

    That's 90% of my problem - most of the time I feel like, "So, what's the point? It's just going to be a mess by tomorrow." And, then someone runs out of underwear and I get moving . . . but, anyway. It was nice feeling inspired to clean, for once. Believe me, it doesn't happen often. LOL

    Thank you; I really enjoyed The Ocean in the Closet (and always appreciate feedback on the writing). :)

  10. Great interview with Simon!! And you know I've already added the Taniguchi book to my wishlist.
    Good job on the cleaning. I'm absolutely terrible about putting it off. I really should vacuum today but it's hot and well, I could do it tomorrow...and so it goes..! I did do a load of laundry though- does that count? :P

  11. Estella was SO fantastic this month, many thanks of which go to you! Your interviews were awesome!

    And anytime you want, please come clean my house! Or at least send me the energy! Maybe you could do my nesting for me ;)

  12. Nat,

    Thank you. Simon is so fascinating that I had to cut out a great deal to keep the interview a reasonable size!

    I hope you like The Ocean in the Closet as much as I did. Yep, I knew you put it on your wish list. :)

    It's so hard to do the housework when it's hot!! Yes, a load of laundry counts, in my book. I had to keep stopping to air out because it was so humid that the air conditioner was working overtime and it wasn't even doing a very good job of cooling. I vote we skip August completely and jog right into September. ;)


    Estella's always fabulous, but thank you. And, thanks for the excuse to interview a couple of totally cool authors!!

    Hmm, I think one big day of cleaning burned up all my energy. I have a limited cleaning-energy source, unfortunately. Nesting sounds kind of fun. I need to un-nest, though. I've still got baby clothing and toys in the attic, somewhere. Yeesh. My "baby" is 15 and big brother is about to turn 23!!! Where the heck did the time go?

  13. I do need to go over and read the new issue of Estella's Revenge. I somehow missed the last one . . .

  14. Wendy,

    The older issues are archived, so you can go back and peek at last month's issue. It's a little tricky to find the link, but it's in the Estella sidebar, somewhere.


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