Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our weekend

I thought about posting a "sorry I haven't posted" post, last night, but I was just too tired. The heat, the school activities, the housework . . . it's all rather exhausting. So, this was our weekend:

1. Eldest son comes down so that we can use his truck to bring home cabinet and ditch ugly, old couch. Meet in Jackson.
2. Hardware store closes before we get there.
3. We have nice dinner and go to bed very late.
4. Everyone wakes up early to go to the city-wide pep rally at the outlet mall (see photos, below).
5. Guys take couch to rescue mission and dash off to get cabinet and new table/chairs for breakfast nook.
6. A whole lot of shoving of possessions and tossing-out takes place.
7. New table looks great, but guys could only fit 2 chairs in truck so we admire our two chairs.
8. Old table is put in living/dining area of boring old, poorly-designed ranch house for youngest to use as study table.
9. Everyone sleeps far too late on Sunday.
10. Drive to Jackson to get the other two chairs after eldest leaves. This involves emptying the Toyota trunk and then fitting the two chairs into it like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that are not, in fact, supposed to go together.
11. Wake up and realize eldest son has accidentally taken his brother's school notebook.
12. Rush call to eldest, telling him to hurry-up-quick and scan youngest son's homework.
13. Youngest arrives at school and realizes he doesn't have his ID.
14. Sit at computer, load pictures, become suddenly aware via watering eyes and much yawning that it may be time for a nap.
15. Before I go . . . here are some photos from the pep rally. Hope to get to a review or two, later. But, don't hold your breath. I'm really tired, today.


  1. Those pictures are so great! And it sounds like a full but fun weekend. I hope you get that nap.

  2. That looks like fun! Love the cheerleader photo!

  3. Hi Nik!

    It was a pretty fun weekend - tiring, but fun. I just got up from napping with the cat. There's nothing quite so satisfying as rest with a fur friend nearby.

    Hi Amy!

    That's my favorite photo, too. I think the band kids are finally getting used to me and my camera, after a year. Some of them are now posing, for me. I love that. :)

  4. Sounds like quite the busy weekend! Good to hear that you got your oldest son down there with you for the weekend ;) The pep rally looks like it was a good time, but it had to be hot! It's been miserable down here!

  5. Good action photos. I like that officer's boots. (I know, weird thing to notice, but you know me...weird.)

  6. Chris,

    It was fun having eldest here. Very, very hot at the pep rally, but they had lots and lots of free, chilled water. That's always helpful. And, it was held at around 9am - before it got really hot. So, that helped. :)

  7. Kookie,

    I was going to post some one-liners and that was one thing that jumped out at me . . . hey, where can I get some of those cool boots? He's the motorcycle officer. Aha! But, then I was too tired. Sigh. Note that I got the usual paramedic photo, also. Mmmmmm.

  8. I'd definitely say you're entitled to a nap! Love the pics. Pep rallies were never fun at my school because people just kinda stared. But boy we cheered our lungs out anyway. Woot!

  9. Andi,

    They seem to enjoy their pep rallies, but this one is unusual - it's an annual city-wide pep rally. Both city and county schools are represented (there's a big distinction, here - people move to city or county for specific reasons I'll never quite understand) and at least one private school was there. So, it's a pretty big thing. It's always miserably hot, but it's surprisingly fun. Hard to see, so I usually just walk around and around.

  10. Once again you've managed to make me feel like a slug. Your weekend was much more productive than mine!

    I'm ready for a nap myself. The heat just zaps my energy. I think it's currently 102. Oh, how I wish we were in the Pacific Northwest. Guess I'll go look at my blog pictures and try to imagine I'm feeling cooler!

    Great pics as usual!

  11. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Go you peppy people!

    I need a nap just reading about your weekend.

  12. Les,

    I really didn't do much, myself, apart from walk around taking photos and whining a great deal. The heat's getting to me, too. I'm so tired of heat.

    And, thank you.


    Nah. Don't let me fool you. The house is a pit. I think we mostly shoved things aside.

  13. I love your photos! And the comments about what you did this weekend are so funny. I swear my days go just like that at times.


  14. I am exhausted just reading about it! Your tale reminds me of those weekends my Mom used to help me bring all my 'stuff' back to college. Ugh. I never liked moving.

  15. Tammy,

    Thanks. I just reread my own post and it made me tired. Maybe I did more than I realized; I can hardly even stand to look at the computer, today. It smacks of effort. LOL I'm sure your days are worse. At least I'm down to one kid in the house!


    I know - it's awful being at the receiving end, isn't it? I finally understand why my mother was always foisting useless junk on me. Some of the things our mothers did take a little longer to figure out than others. ;)


    Thank you. :)

  16. You certainly did have a busy weekend! Thanks for sharing the photos with us, Nancy. :-)

  17. Wendy,

    Thanks. Now, I've just got to finish cleaning the living room, pay the bills, catch up on the laundry, launch a protest with the school administrators who have decided to send our kids back out in the heat (and penalize them if they don't go - that really ticks me off) and catch up reviews. I've got visions of my head rotating. LOL

  18. I'm tired just reading about your weekend! You certainly deserve a nap. Love the pictures, you really captured the mood. :)

  19. You are such a great photographer!! Sounds like an extremely busy weekend!! We just got back Sunday from Vacation, and I have SO much catching up to do. Blogs, laundry, grocery shopping, and job interviewing (not necessarily in that order!)

  20. Nat,

    Thank you. I'd assume I'm still recovering from the weekend, but I just went outside. Oh, wow. It's like crawling into a damp oven. Yuck, yuck, yuck. No wonder everyone's so sluggish!


    Thank you. Yep, busy weekend. I could use a vacation, myself. This year's vacation didn't feel very vacation-y, for some reason. I know that catch-up feeling. Hope the chores go quickly, for you. Interviewing for a job? I wish you the best on that!

  21. Isn't this heat a killer! I hope you finished up with all the moving around, hauling, shoving, and pepping for a bit so you can get some good sleeping in.

    My poor hubby is going to have to dig up the sewer line and replace it tomorrow. I feel so bad that he'll have to be out in this heat.

    Loved your pictures. You got some really great shots. I feel embarrassed for that girl in the first shot, but she probably wouldn't be. So is school already in full swing there?

  22. Booklogged,

    I'm never entirely finished moving and shoving, but the big moving is done. I moved some books around, last night, and got absolutely drenched just hauling them from room to room. Even inside, it's very uncomfortable.

    Oh, your poor hubby. I take it that's something that can't wait? I'm really looking forward to cooling down to the upper 90's at the end of the week. Who'd have thought?

    Are you referring to the drum major's semi-crawling shorts on the embarrassment thing? She's so cute, I didn't think it was a big deal, but that was the best of the photos with her in it. I remember when I had a little rear end. Ah, those were the days.

    Yes, school's in full swing. I miss summer. Summer is so much easier - no homework and a lot less running around (although the "I'm bored" thing gets tiresome, after a while!).


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