Friday, October 31, 2008

7 Random Facts: The Book Edition

Leah at The Octogon tagged me for another meme! What a meme-happy week I'm having. Okay, so 7 weird facts about me and -- I think -- they're supposed to be somehow book related. If you've been to Bybee's blog, lately, you may have seen a few of these in her comments. Pretend you didn't and we'll all be just fine.

1. This is probably not all that weird, but I've gone through some dramatic reading phases. For many years, I was a big mystery enthusiast, partly because I thought I wanted to write mysteries (as it turns out, my brain just doesn't work that way). But, when I stopped reading mysteries, it was practically cold turkey. I burned out on mysteries so thoroughly that I've still got some unread books by favorite mystery writers -- a couple of which are autographed. Now and then, I do throw a mystery into the mix these days because I've mostly recovered. After my mystery phase was my Chick Lit phase. Eventually, I settled on British Chick Lit as the best of the lot -- American and Irish Chick Lit bug me. Now, I can barely stand Chick Lit, although . . . again, I read it on occasion as one of my Brain Break genres of choice.

2. I collect books by certain authors: Paul Watkins, for example. I've collected almost everything he's ever written (just found out I missed a book), simply because his memoir is one of my all-time favorites. And, it turned out I don't really like his fiction all that much, but I still have to keep up the collection. If you haven't read his memoir, Stand Before Your God, you really ought to. It's amazing.

3. Now and then, I grab an older book from the library sale, just for the cute covers. I like old dust jackets.

4. I have quite a collection of Bibles because King James sometimes baffles me. Originally, I just wanted a parallel Bible to compare versions, but I eventually became completely carried away. I just donated a few; I had too many. Incidentally, even if I wasn't a Christian I'd love the Bible. It has everything -- murder, adventure, infidelity, war, deception, people getting turned into pillars of salt, flood and famine . . . seriously, it's just the coolest.

5. I used to collect nonfiction on *anything* because I thought I was going to be an author when I grew up and you just never know when you're going to need a book about guns, pottery, rock climbing, cacti and succulents, scuba diving, whatever . . . for research, of course.

6. There are so many books in our house that we joke about the Book Uprising that is bound to happen, one day. The humans will be killed and eaten. It's only because I frequently spread the books out on our bed that they stay happy.

7. There are books in every room of our house except the bathrooms (okay, yeah, a couple in the vanity area). Even the utility room has a shelf of books. Cookbooks, of course. We're working on that, though.

Again, I don't tag people so if you want to do this meme, go for it!


  1. I am the only one that reads in my household. Only one out of most of my friends, actually, so my books have found themselves all over everywhere, when really they have one nice place to locate themselves...

    I go through reading spurts too, where I like one type of book over another. Actually, this year I have read more non-fiction than fiction in many cases, so I find myself needing some good novels!

  2. I love the old dust jackets, too!

    Sorry, this isn't scathingly brilliant, but Leah tagged me, too, and I'm

  3. Anonymous7:42 AM

    I love The Book Uprising!

  4. You've reminded me that I've been tagged twice now for this meme. When I get around to it I think I'll steal your button, too. ;) I've never seen a meme button but I like the idea of not having to type out (or cut and paste) all the crap.

    Man that is a lot of books!! I have my fair share, but since hubby isn't a reader they are mostly confined to my office. He jokes about why do I need so many books just sitting on the bookshelf, but I always retort with the fact that his books are all in least mine are on the shelf.

    I love that you used to collect non-fiction books just in case. Now a lot of that can be found on the Internet! I remember using the shelf encyclopedia for school when I was younger and I don't even know if they are made anymore?

  5. Kailana,

    If you'd move just a little bit closer (inside the American border, maybe), I'd dump some novels on you.

    We're a reading household, here. My eldest son took his books when he moved away, but youngest is as bad as I am. We're really trying to dig ourselves out. There are too many!


    Aren't old dust jackets cool? I'll drop by to see yours, later. We're about to head out the door. I'll just assume it's scathingly brilliant because you commented, here. Being here, of course, makes your comments and links naturally brilliant, by osmosis.


    You wouldn't if you were here, during the uprising. I've heard that you're human. Killed. Eaten.


    I can't even express how many books we really have. Let's just say if you walked in the door you'd have trouble walking out. I can imagine you going from shelf to shelf, like my mother. Every time my mother visited, she first chastised me for owning so many books and then she sat down to read them and went home with a box full -- every time. LOL

    Leah had that button at her blog. It's nice, isn't it?

    Oh, yes, and you know another great online research tool? Sign up on a listserv for professionals of whatever you're studying. Sometimes you can get a lot of info just by listening in.

  6. I have no doubt I wouldn't be able to leave. I have a true weakness for looking at other people's books and sometimes I think I have radar at being able to find them. When my husband and I were toying with the idea of buying a house a few months ago I was shocked at how many houses didn't have books!! But I enjoyed sneaking a peak at those who did. I always find it so interesting what other people have on their shelves (or stacks, or piles).

  7. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Hey, I just realized that "scathingly brilliant" is from "The Trouble With Angels." I'm right aren't I?

    I'm pretty sure all my books run away and hide under my bed. They always end up there, somehow.

  8. Trish,

    It's probably common for book freaks to be magnetically drawn to everyone else's shelves. I know I am.

    When I was doing a little research on selling houses, not long ago (because I knew we were going to have to get my mother's house into selling condition), I found out books are considered "clutter" by most people. Real estate agents advise homeowners to remove all books when they get ready to sell. I think a house looks cold without them, don't you?


    Yes!! You're the first person to catch that. "The Trouble with Angels" is one of my all-time favorite movies and I've been saying, "I've got a scathingly brilliant idea" since I was a kid, because of it. I thought it would be funny to use it for my comment button. :)

    My books wouldn't fit under the bed and if they tried, I'm sure a fight would break out. They're really good at climbing all over every surface, though.

  9. I can see how books would be considered clutter (especially in my mess of an office), but yes--it is weird to walk into a house and not see ANY books!

  10. Trish,

    I think anything looks cluttery just lying around, but when they're all lined up on a bookshelf I don't see it. They look beautiful, to me. Biased me.

    Yeah, a house without books is strange. I know people who have zero books lying about, though, come to think of it. My friend Judy reads about one book every 10 years. Her husband reads about a book a day, but he keeps them at work or in his car. I get along famously with my friend's husband. LOL

  11. Anonymous9:06 PM

    I loved The Trouble With Angels too and I was telling Chartroose yes! but you beat me to it. :)

    Collecting random non fiction as reference guides for a possible future book? That is a scathingly brilliant idea.

  12. Carrie,

    Well, I knew you had great taste.
    Hahaha, beat ya!

    I used to think it was scathingly brilliant. Now, I think it would be good if I could get myself to write. :)

  13. Haha! Beware the book uprising!
    Mine are tired of living so squished together, they're starting to push and shoove and are escaping the shelves! sigh.

  14. Nat,

    Oh, those crazy books. They're never satisfied with the amount of space we have to offer!

  15. Anonymous7:37 AM

    OK, I'll heed your advice and add that memoir by Paul Watkins to my tbr. Thank you! This was fun to read.

  16. Care,

    I hope you love it. You must tell me all about it, when you've read. I also love Benvenuto Cellini's Autobiography and Audie Murphy's memoir To Hell and Back. In case you need suggestions. :)

  17. I think I need to steal this meme - too cute.

    A book uprising - hee,hee..

  18. Oh, please do, Iliana! I'd love to see your answers.

    Yep. Killed. Eaten. It's not going to be pretty.


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