Saturday, November 01, 2008

Cheezburger fun!

I haven't even started writing for Nano. In fact, I'm decidedly unenthusiastic about writing a novel, this year. But, I'm having a great time with my new lens. I cheezburgered one of the photos I took at the zoo, today:

You like?


  1. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Wow! What a gorgeous picture.

  2. Anonymous9:03 PM


  3. Anonymous9:20 PM

    LOVE it. I love that website too!

  4. Love the picture and the quote. Thanks for the giggle. I managed just over 2,000 words today but I still don't know what I'm writing about for certain! Gotta love NANO.


  5. I do like! That's a great photo and the message is very fitting. :-)

  6. Bermudaonion,

    Thank you muchly. We had such fun at the zoo. Isn't she pretty? I do think the leopard was trying to tell her keeper something important; he was standing just on the other side of the fence. :)


    I had to go back to see what the "yes" referred to. I thought you were saying that was a typical cat. LOL Thank you!


    Thank you. I love that site, too. Such fun.


    Thank you and good for you!! You're off to a great start! I had several ideas for a Nano book, but I'm just so unexcited. I have no idea why, but haven't written a thing. I've written for 3-5 days and canned a story, but still won, so if I can get going by Monday, it might work out. We'll see.


    Thanks! We had such a great time at the zoo, today. I think that leopard was my favorite. :)

  7. Hehehee, I love it! What a beautiful cat! What zoo did y'all go to?

  8. Great shot! So what's your new lens?
    BTW, looking at this one, and your profile pic, you can certainly see the family resemblance! :P

  9. What a great leopard picture! I stopped taking pictures at the zoo ages ago because they always turned out kind of generic and boring, but now I'm feeling inspired to bring my camera next time.

  10. Anonymous1:30 AM

    u took that pic?! I would be tooo taken-aback to take a pic :D

    but it is an awesome pic - awesome timing.
    and like those cheezburger thing lol

  11. Great photo and caption!

  12. Chris,

    Thanks! We went to the Jackson Zoo. Isn't she pretty? The other leopard was relaxed; this one was pacing and annoyed. LOL


    Thank you! It's a 500mm. But, it's a cheap 500mm (the kind with mirrors) because we don't have one of those cool money trees like the kind Bill Gates grows. I noticed the similarity between those two kitty pics, too. Cats and teeth pics. I have 'em.


    Thank you. You should definitely go for it. I don't know if this is true everywhere, but we've found that the animals are more active in the autumn, when it cools off. Of course, we live in a really hot state and they lie around looking like they're suffering, a good portion of the year. :)


    Yes, I took that pic. I wouldn't have wanted to get too close to those teeth, but I had a nice long lens, so no prob.

    Thank you and thank you. I thought that picture was crying out for a caption. :)


    Many thanks! Those teeth are something, aren't they?

  13. I burst out laughing when I saw this one. I hope you submitted it to that crazy kitty website.

    Do NaNo! You're my only friend on there. Well, you don't have to do it, but I'll cheer you on if you want to.

  14. Awesome shot!! They should definitely use that at icanhascheezburger.

  15. Nikki,

    I'm not quite sure how that works, but I think they're automatically posted and people vote on the photos or something . . . okay, really, I have no idea. LOL

    I might start Nanoing, tomorrow. Today, I've got to work on house cleaning or I'll never be able to concentrate. Thanks. :) Are you writing, yet?


    Why, thank you. We had such fun at the zoo, I could hardly stand it. :)

  16. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Way to go with Nano! I am cheering for you!

  17. J. Kaye,

    I still haven't started Nano, but the house is cleaner. That might help. We'll see if I feel like Nanoing, tomorrow. Thanks. :)

  18. Anonymous5:08 PM

    I might start nano late. I can do that, right?

  19. It looks like you are inside the cage with him! Her?

  20. Care,

    Yes indeedy, you can. I've actually had a couple of false starts and restarted 3-5 days in, but still "won". So, starting late works fine, as long as they let you sign up -- and I think they do. Don't quote me on that.


    "Her", I think. She was the smaller of the two leopards in the cage. That's the joy of a long lens. The wire doesn't appear because it's completely blurred out of view, but there was definitely a cage around her!


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