Monday, November 17, 2008

The Adventures of Songha by Linda R. Caterine

The Adventures of Songha, the Amazing Savannah Cat
By Linda R. Caterine
Copyright 2008

Authorhouse - Fiction/Children's
66 pages

6-word review: Great story about an adventurous cat

The Adventures of Songha is the fictionalized story of a real exotic cat, part African Serval and part domestic cat, who is owned by the author. The tale of her adventures is told through the eyes of Songha -- a very smart little animal whose wild nature makes her yearn to run free. After several escapes that are followed by alterations to her home to block off the various escape routes she's located, Songha eventually settles down and becomes an indoor cat. Each adventure gives the reader a good idea of just how intelligent this little half-wild animal is as she knocks out a screen, opens doors and squeezes through small spaces.

This book is geared to a younger crowd, around that age when they're reading chapter books on their own -- also great for reading to younger ones, maybe a chapter or two a day. I think it's a lovely little book, very nicely written. This is the kind of book I would have read repeatedly as a child, in part because many of my favorite books had a cat hero/heroine. There are lovely black and white illustrations inside the book and photos of Songha on the front and back covers. Absolutely a gorgeous little book, terrific for the young cat lover in every family.


  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I'm weird, I know, but I like books told from an animal's perspective.

  2. Ms. Onion,

    I don't think that's weird at all, but then again . . . I love them, too. And, I'm known to be a few bubbles off.

  3. I like them too! And this one looks beautiful. I used to work in a kennel and one of our customers owned a cat like this. She said it was very wild and almost uncontrollable- which is why she never brought it in to our kennel!

  4. Jeane,

    That makes three of us! I thought this was a really fun little book -- love the illustrations and the cover photos. I think it would take a very special, patient person to live with a half-wild animal. I'm fine with plain old domestic cats, myself, but it was fun reading. :)

  5. It does sound like a lovely book and what with the strangeness my animals have been putting me through, maybe I need to read it.

    Miss Maddie is still playing Houdini but not so much as the cold weather sets in. But maybe I can get some insight into her thoughts.


  6. This sounds like the kind of book that I would have read over and over as a kid. (Or admittedly, even now ...)

    Plus, the cover sucked me in already!

  7. CJ,

    It's a sweet little book. I think Miss Maddie's disappearing act is just a cat thing, though, and the best you can hope for is that she'll eventually tire of escape. Sunshine used to feel obligated to run through any open door, but then eventually decided she kind of hated the outdoors. She'd get her greens and zip right back inside. Miss Spooky, on the other hand, gets twitchy if she doesn't get her outdoor time. Since she's getting older, I go outside with her and let her sniff and roll for a while, then coax her back inside. It seems to help settle her down.

    Songha has a room of her own and a fenced-in outdoor area. That would be a great thing to be able to do -- enough to give the cat some outdoor air and smells but without the danger.

  8. Bridget,

    Yeah! Cat lovers unite! :)

    Isn't that a rocking fine cover? The illustrations are great, too.

  9. Me too, I love books told by an animals POV. Especially The Ark, The Reed and the Fire Cloud.

    I have this book on my TBR stack, it just came in this week.

  10. Nancy
    The book did not make me cry. I am not generally a person that cries. It might be too much for you right now because of the mother/daughter relationship that is in it.

  11. Callista,

    I passed up an offer to read and review The Ark, The Reed and the Fire Cloud. Darn. I'm glad you liked it, though! It's very cool to find out that so many other people like stories told through the POV of an animal. I had no idea there were so many of us! I hope you enjoy Songha as much as I did. :)


    Thank you! I am definitely trying to avoid reading mother/daughter stories, so I appreciate you letting me know about that!! :)

  12. How could you not love a book with a cover like that? Very cute! :)

  13. This book sounds so cute! You know how much I LOVE cats!

  14. Anonymous2:53 AM

    LOL i m sure i m gonna like this :)

    and well tha cat is not my fav :) but then i dnt mind ;)

  15. Chris,

    Isn't it beautiful? I was pleased that the content was every bit as enjoyable as I'd hoped. With a cover like that, I couldn't resist. :)

    Teddy Rose,

    Yes, I do! And, I think this one's terrific. I love reading children's books and can't imagine parting with this one. Maybe someday I'll have grandkids to read it to. :)


    If you're not a cat lover, you might find Songha a tiny bit arrogant, but I thought the way she referred to herself as an African Queen was kind of cute. It's a fun book. The illustrations are so pretty.

  16. I love books like this, especially when I was a kid (I have kept a good majority of my chapter books from then that featured animals).

  17. Tink,

    Me, too. I think a few of my books went into garage sales when I wasn't looking, but I've got quite a few from my childhood. I love this kind of book.

  18. Hi, Bookfool!

    I haven't read a book featuring animals in goodness knows how long! This one sounds so appealing, I might just pick it up.

  19. Lotus!!!!

    I haven't seen you in forever. How are you? I've got an animal book on my stacks that I think might appeal to you, in addition to this one (I really loved reading about Songha). Let me run and go get it. Okay, it's called A Primate's Memoir: A Neuroscientist's Unconventional Life Among the Baboons by Robert M. Sapolsky. I got it at the library sale and it passed my flip test so thoroughly I feel like I ought to give it a ribbon or something. :)

  20. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Aw it sounds cute!

  21. It's very cute, Monica! I can't bear to part with my copy. Maybe someday I'll have a grandchild to read it to. :)

  22. This one's in my TBR pile to read and review with my daughter. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  23. Anna,

    I thought it was great. I hope you and your daughter enjoy Songha as much as I did!


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