Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wahoo Thursday! Silly Animal Edition

Well, shucks. I managed to fix up a few photos for today's Silly Animal Wahoos, but then lolcats began to have problems and I've been unable to finish. So, you get a mere three with captions and one without. I hope you like this little bit of animal fun. The top three were taken at the Jackson Zoo on Saturday (that's some kind of primate's hand, in the second photo, but I was zoned in on photographing and didn't think to see what kind) and the final photo is our Miss Spooky.

Uncaptioned, but I was going to have him say, "Have Snack, Will Pose":


  1. Sigh. I LOVE lolcats. I could spend all day browsing.

  2. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Great pictures, as usual!

  3. Lexi,

    Me, too. It's a real day-brightener, but easy to spend too much time there.

    Ms. Onion,

    Many thanks. Again. :)

  4. Spooks could totally get on lolcatz!

  5. hehe, I like these...perfect thing to cheer me up after a bad night at work! Spooky looks creepy by the way ;)

  6. So very cute! I'd even marry the first one (don't tell my husband I said that). LOL!

    What software do you use to get the captions on the photos? I would love to learn how to do that.

  7. The picture of your cat is WAY too funny!

  8. Nikki,

    Thanks. I actually took that one down off the website because I was having so much trouble with the buttons and couldn't tell if I'd submitted it or not. I thought it was pretty funny, too. :)


    I'm sorry you had another bad day. The moon must still be full or close enough to it.

    Creepy, eh? I thought that shot was kind of funny, but it's kind of wild finding out just how long those cat tongues are. LOL

    Teddy Rose,

    I looked at that first photo and blurted out the name of someone I thought it looked like (probably because of the receding hairline). I won't tell your husband. :)

    All three of the photos I captioned were done at I have Paint and it does captioning, but it's not nice and bold like the cheezburger lettering. You can upload a photo and keep it private, copy it to your files and then delete it, if you don't want to shar with the world. Just go to the main site and click on "lol builder" to get started -- you'll have to set up an account, first, but it's easy. :)


    Thanks! I thought so, too. I was just taking pics of her sitting around and then she had one of those sudden urges cats get . . . "Must clean bib this second." Cats are funny.

  9. Fabulous shots and captions!! My favorite, of course, is Miss Spooky.

  10. Thanks, Les!

    You can see Miss Spooky keeps us entertained. :)

  11. LOL! Those are great. Spooky has a tongue like Miss Daisy. Those two could cause havoc in the streets.

    As for the primate hand, it's a wee tad creeeepy! lol

  12. Thanks, Andi!

    LOL! I'm sure they'd be quite a pair.

    The primate . . . oh, so fascinating. I could have watched him all day (although he was testy and hissed if you laughed or talked too loudly). He did a lot of clapping; one of my favorite photos shows his hands at the moment they met. The nails are kind of icky-looking, aren't they?

  13. Anonymous1:45 AM

    hw can u say that last pic is nice?? it is plain scary :(

  14. You wouldn't say that if you knew Miss Spooky. :)


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