Monday, November 10, 2008

Tuesday Twaddle

This is probably going to sound really ridiculous, but my husband was off work, yesterday, and the kiddo was being a totally homebody, this weekend, so on Monday hubby and I went on a field trip! Yes, baggy old grown-ups are allowed to go on field trips, too. We drove to the Cypress Swamp north (I think) of Jackson, on the Natchez Trace, and then moseyed on over to the reservoir, where we discovered a totally hoopty little wildlife area. Hubby and I just had a blast snapping pictures and enjoying the air. We'll be going back there to play again, in the future.

Reading-wise . . . oh, dear. Unless you're sitting outdoors, it is nearly impossible to read during such amazing weather so I've been a little remiss, only sneaking some reading in at bedtime. Today, rain. But, with the husband home again, I had no play time. Darn.

Sunday evening I spent some time standing around in the kitchen, laminating bookmarks -- always ridiculously fun. And, then I finished reading An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. It's a smart, goofy, quirky, hilarious Young Adult book that I highly recommend (not for the pre-teens, in my humble opinion, due to language and adult situations). I absolutely adored the characters. Naturally, it was a library check-out and did nothing to help me knock down my TBR stacks. Ah, well.

This made me chuckle . . . From a walk-through of the PC game "Emergency":

Critically injured people are easy to recognize. In contrast to those with only slight injuries, they aren't moving.

Hahaha. I love it

Having trouble getting the kids to memorize that boring poetry for English recitations? My kiddo came up with a great plan. He set the words of a poem to the tune of a British drinking song. You should hear a teenager sing, "Beer, beer, beer, tiddly beer, beer, beer . . . Because I would not stop for death, death kindly stopped for meeeeee." It just makes life so much more joyful.

My cat is talking in her sleep. So funny. Which reminds me of last night's dreams. I won't boggle your mind with everything because it was one heck of a wild dream night, but the details that really stand out . . . the umbrella phone and the little transport pod that was shot off of tracks (no wings and the tracks were short) like a bullet. Man, I have fun when I sleep.

Skip this part if you don't like promotional material. Travis Thrasher, author of Christian thriller Isolation will be online to chat about his book on Wednesday at 2:00 p.m., EST, here. I haven't read this book, but have a copy coming and am looking forward to reading it. I just hope it doesn't give me nightmares; it sounds kind of scary.

Must go. The husband thinks I'm a bum, already. Happy Tuesday!


  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

    The photo is lovely, the poetry memorizing scheme sounds brilliant and I SO UNDERSTAND abt when hub is home, no playing for me on PC...

  2. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Beautiful picture! Our dog dreams, too - she barks and moves her legs around. She's 13 and it still makes us laugh. We're easily entertained.

  3. Care,

    Thank you! I was really worried when the kiddo first sang me the poem (although I laughed my head off). When he finished, I asked if he was just going to recite it. He said, "Of course!" Whew!

    The hubster has at least been very well-behaved. When we haven't been out playing with the camera, we've been doing housework, together. I've appreciated his help.


    Thanks! The cypress swamp is beautiful. I want to go back when the leaves are green. It had a totally different character from the last time we saw it.

    We're easily entertained, too. Pets are the greatest for laughs, aren't they?

  4. I can totally relate to the field trips - my husband and I have been taking walks on the trails through a beautiful park and seeing many deer and wild turkeys.

    And, I just started Isolation about an hour ago, only a few pages, but I started it. :)

  5. Grown-up field trips are the best! :-)

    warn your son that he might end up like me though and only be able to recite the poem while singing the song. That could prove to be embarrassing if he's in a room full of people.

    My dog sometimes talks in his sleep (he takes after me), but I haven't yet heard the cats do so.

  6. I love your statement "I have fund when I'm asleep!" That fits me so perfectly. I've always said that I enjoy waking up so I can remember where I've been the night before. I think we've discussed our propensity for vivid dreams before--they're really great, aren't they?

  7. Joy,

    I guess I'll have to wait to see what you think of Isolation for a day or two then, eh? I'm glad you're reading it. I'd like to get a feel for how scary it is, so I can be prepared!

    Your walks sound wonderful!!


    I agree -- such fun and we certainly appreciate our field trips, possibly more than the younger ones.

    I was really worried that kiddo would have trouble reciting without the music, once he got to school, but he said he had no problem. He'll probably remember it to the tune of a drinking song his whole life, though, you're right! LOL

    The cat rarely talks in her sleep (or, at least, I don't notice it often) but it's hilarious when she does. Pets are such fun.


    I do believe we've talked about our vivid dreams, yes. They're terrific. I love waking up with the feeling that I've just been on some great adventure. In real life, I'm not likely to end up with a phone in my umbrella! Don't you feel sorry for people who don't get to have so much fun at night? LOL

  8. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I had the craziest dream last night.

    Hez talks in her sleep! It's so cute.

    The Buzz book sounds good. Nice pictures! It looks way too sunny.

  9. What a beautiful picture. There is a state park in East Texas (Caddo Lake) where there are cypress trees like this one. I've always wanted to go (the only natural lake in Texas!). Sounds like a fun field trip and glad you're enjoying the weather!

  10. Carrie,

    I'm afraid to ask. My friend J. tells me about her dreams and her descriptions are so long and detailed and dull that when I mention mine I go out of my way to stay brief!

    Aw, I'll bet Hez is adorable when she talks in her sleep.

    Thank you. It was sunny. Today, it rained all day long. I didn't mind a bit. Sometimes you need a change of pace.


    You must go see your cypress lake! They're so pretty. I want to go back when the leaves are green. We picked the perfect day to go. Today, it rained all day long and we ended up cleaning house. Boring, but productive. :)

  11. Hehe, I like the title of this post! So glad that you and hubby had a good day. Some of the best days are the days when you wake up and decide to go on an adventure :) And it's great to hear that Abundance of Katherines was so good. If it wasn't already on the wishlist, I'd add it.

  12. Anonymous11:04 PM

    How very cute :)

    Th epic is lovely :) and it is very nce u had a very good time :)

  13. Beautiful picture.

    I did what your kiddo did when I had to memorize things, but mine was more to an Army cadence. Whatever works I suppose. :)

  14. The photo reminds me of Raft Bayou, our home away from home. Cypress trees and cypress knees, lovely reflections!

    Your dream reminds me that I was going to check out what blood transfusions mean in dreams. Or maybe it would be better not to know...

  15. The only thing that frightens me about going to that particular park is my brother in law mentioned there are spiders the size of your fist. I am TERRIFIED of spiders!! I would love to take a kayak out there someday, though. I bet it would be very beautiful where you were with green leaves! See...miss spring/summer already. :(

  16. Chris,

    It's amazing how much those little adventures can lift your spirits. We're trying to make it a weekly thing -- planning a week or two in advance. Even the week days are happier, with something to look forward to.

    I think I can safely say you'll love An Abundance of Katherines, but it'll be fun to read your thoughts when you get to it. I'd like to reread it, actually -- I liked it that much.


    Thank you! We had a great time. I'm looking forward to taking more little jaunts, while the weather is cooperative (not today -- it's nasty out there).


    Thank you!

    Yep, that would work! We used to put his spelling words to music, when kiddo was younger. It makes a huge difference and I don't think the style matters, just the fact that it's fun and memorable. :)


    I've never heard of Raft Bayou. Cypress trees and knees -- yep, plenty of both in the swamp we visited. It's beautiful and a soothing place. I can't believe we waited 20 years to return.

    Blood transfusions?? That's a new one for me. Most important is what you think it means to you, though. I don't put a whole lot of stock in dream translation books. I've found that if I ponder, I can come up with which subconscious triggers led to my dreams, a lot of the time. Last night's, for example, (not the umbrella/pod dream, but something entirely different) had to do with the fact that I looked at a photograph of someone I miss, just briefly. It's really interesting how your mind can play with little flickers of thought.


    You need to study up on spiders to get rid of that fear. The vast majority are harmless, but I can identify the few that are troublesome, venomous creatures. And, because of that, I'm no longer afraid of them. We had that banana spider living near our house for weeks and were able to walk right up, snap photos and just stand around admiring him.

    But, I know what you mean. LOL I used to be afraid of them. Kayaking anywhere at all sounds fun. You should go! I don't miss summer one teeny bit. You can have it. :)

  17. Love the picture! and I think adults should be allowed to go on field trips too! In fact, I think companies should have a field trip day! People in the departments taking turns going on the company sponsored field trip. what fun that would be! (if you like the people you are going with anyway....)

  18. Kris,

    Thank you and I totally agree. I think they save those things for management, though (unfair!). My hubby goes on "off-site" management trips, now and then. Basically, they go out and play for a day. It's supposed to encourage teamwork. LOL Wonder if it works! I haven't asked.

  19. Your posts always make me smile like an idiot. I think my favorite part of this one was the bit about the drinking song. Good idea, by the way. Wish I'd thought of when I had to memorize that poem. lol

  20. It doesn't sound ridiculous at all! The field trip sounds lovely and the picture is just gorgeous.

    I completely agree with you about An Abundance of Katherines. I loved the characters so much :)

  21. Andiloo,

    Thank you for telling me that, babe. It makes me all happy inside to know my posts make you smile.

    We used to put kiddo's spelling words to music (he's a bad speller, although I really think it's because of the way spelling was taught without phonics at his school) but I'd forgotten about that. You should have seen him; it was so cute. He really got into that drinking song. Kind of a dreary poem, really. And, I don't get that bit about the horse's head, do you?

  22. Nymeth,

    Thank you! I think I've just become an advocate for grown-up field trips. It's such an upper, having a little jaunt away from the house and looking forward to the next one.

    Isn't An Abundance of Katherines wonderful? I think I have a new author crush. :)

  23. That photo is beautiful. It reminds me of an Escher piece.

  24. Jeane,

    Thank you! Really? I suppose you could get as lost in that swamp as you could in a work of Escher's art. LOL

  25. Oh, you just made me all nostalgic here. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Natchez Trace! I've loved every National Park we've ever been to, but Natchez is simply my favorite...such an incredible variety of things to see along the way. We played along it a few times when we lived in TN. And it was at one of those swamps (maybe that one where you just were!) along the trace that I saw my very first gator in the wild...which was very cool! Ahh, thanks for sharing your picture!

  26. Debi,

    I love the Natchez Trace, too. It's relaxing and there's so much to see. You saw a gator in the swamp? I would love that . . . from a distance. LOL It was interesting to sit and listen to the sounds of animals in the swamp. The only critter I actually saw was a flicker, about 100 feet up in a tree, though.


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