Monday, June 29, 2009

And, we thought it was hot outside . . .

Update: Our air is back on!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it's worth that many exclamation points. :)

Hi all!

We just arrived home from a weekend in Memphis, yesterday, only to discover that our air conditioner is out. It was 94 degrees in the house when we arrived (thank goodness we've got a little cloud cover, today) and Vicksburg is basically windless, so opening the windows doesn't seem to help much. I may fall a bit farther behind on reviews than I am already. I had two that I planned to write this weekend, but no time to write and very little time to read. And, it's nearly impossible to concentrate in a 94-degree house, let me tell ya. I did finish Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr (magical fun in the world of the fair folk). I'm also 3/4 of the way through A Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand (a soap opera of adultery in Nantucket). I don't anticipate accomplishing a great deal till the air is running. Heat and I do not get along.

Another book I have started but not finished . . . How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph (sneak peek in the post below). I'm enjoying Joseph, etc. very much, as well as a couple of other books that I can't remember off the top of my head (it's too hot to get up and look, whine, fuss). I'll try to update as soon as humanly possible. But, right now I have to go spring the cat from the vet's office. Hope everyone had a marvelous weekend.

Bookfool in need of a cool drink


  1. Wow, I feel for you being stuck in an oven like that!

  2. Kathy,

    Thanks. I may decamp to a nice air conditioned library, soon. So far, we haven't found any available repairmen. I used to use a friend from church for all our A/C and heater work, but he moved away. Boy, do I miss him, now!!!!

  3. Our AC hasn't been working well at all which means I've been cleaning my basement in order for someone to come and look at it. We are lucky enough to have a bit of a cool front going which means a breeze coming in through the windows. Hope you get your air back soon :)

  4. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I sure hope you get that fixed soon. 94 in the house is just a tad too hot!

  5. Yikes! I'd be heading for a nearby anywhere with air until the home front was cool!


  6. Your A/C issue sort of sounds like when I came home one day and my outside unit was making a TERRIBLE noise because the fan wasn't turning. I walked in to turn off of my A/C to get it to stop making the noise, and evidently, it was pumping hot air into the house. My thermostat only went up to 95, but it could have been hotter than that in the house. Yikes!

  7. Sorry to hear about your AC. That stinks. We've been getting the first of summer heat, here, too. I hope it ripens my tomatoes fast! Stay cool. (eat lots of ice cream!)

  8. Samantha,

    We don't have basements, down here (clay soil) or I think I'd have hung out in mine. We have air!!! It was a quick fix, once the repairmen arrived. Wahoo!!!!


    You're telling me. It only got up to 88 in the house, today. I've been just sitting here twittering. I didn't have the strength to do anything else, but now I think I shall bounce up and down (and then read). So, so happy to have the air on (as of about 30 minutes ago).


    Huz and I spent the night in a hotel, last night. But, I had to spend the day at home. I figured it would be a very bad idea to close up the house with no air (since we already knew it could get up to 94 -- which is not a good thing to walk into, ya know), so I opened the windows and stayed in the house for safety's sake. We have air now! Wahoo!


    Ours wasn't moving the air at all. Hubby says the thermostat keeps records and it had been trying to cool the house off unsuccessfully for about 18 hours before we got home. So, it went off on Saturday. It could definitely have been worse. We have two huge shade trees; I'm sure that helped. Fixed now! Squeee! I'll be able to read, soon! I couldn't focus to read, earlier. Too, too hot.


    It's fixed!!! I'm so happy! We've had the A/C running since March -- it was a hot, wet spring. I didn't plant a thing, this year, thank goodness. First all that rain and now we're in the midst of a mini drought. The flowers that came back on their own are dead. Not a good year for plants and I'm fine with that. We'll have a fallow year and then back to planting, next year. :)

  9. It was 107 Saturday and 105 yesterday here but thankfully that was outside. Inside we were a nice 78 degrees. And it was too hot to do anything but lounge around and read. Oh, the horror.

    Glad to hear your a/c is fixed!

  10. Well thank God your air is back on!!! That's just miserable. It reminds me of Gustav last year when we were stuck in a hotel room with 140 other people in our hotel with no air for 3 miserable!!! I feel for you. Now go zoom through your books now that your air is back on ;)

  11. Worth every excalmation point plus some. :)

    Glad you're home safe and the air is back on. Hope you ate lots of good BBQ. :)

  12. Thank goodness you guys have AC again! Oh those summer heat waves are no fun. Ok, now you can concentrate on your books again :)

  13. Carrie,

    100+ is siesta weather. There is absolutely no way around it. Hahaha. The horror. I still think you need to write your memoirs.

    Thank you. :) Me, too!


    I'd forgotten about your miserable Gustav experience. I'm pretty sure that's much, much worse than being in a hot house for a day but sleeping in an air-conditioned hotel room -- which, by the way, we kept for tonight so I'm having a night of indulgence alone. I'm going to read till my eyes cross. :)


    You and Chris obviously can relate, since both of you know the weight of summer heat in the South!

    Thank you! I'm actually freezing in the hotel room. How cool is that? I don't have access to my email and I'm reminded that I owe you a note. I started to write to you, last night, but I was a total limp rag and didn't finish. I haven't read any of those books you mentioned and they all sound great, but I have another idea about what you might like to do with them (scathingly brilliant, naturally -- I am so kidding, but anyway . . . ). I'll get back to you tomorrow, if that's okay. :)


    Absolutely! That's exactly what I'm doing (with a short break to approve messages, reply, take a nice bath, and crop a few photos that I'm calling the "glamour shots" of meerkats -- which I may have to share because they're making me laugh).

  14. It's been hot, hot, hot here, too, but we have A/C. I can't begin to imagine 94 degrees INSIDE!! Yikes! I suppose the plus side is that it isn't the same as when it gets below freezing. No pipes bursting when it gets hot, right? But still. Man, oh man. I'd be bitchin' and whinin' about the stifling heat. UGH! Sounds like when we lived in TX. It never cooled off at night. At least we're down to 79 right now. In TX, we'd still be at 100! Hang in there!

  15. I am glad you got it fixed. Our temps are in the 70's right now so much cooler easier to deal with. :) I am glad it's fixed and hopefully it didn't take too long.

    Off to try to finish my book. (crosses fingers)

  16. Les,

    Normally we have A/C, of course! LOL I really appreciate my air, let me tell ya. It gets so stinking hot, down here. Now that it's almost July, I'm fine with it (as long as we can keep the indoors cool). June was way too early for heat indexes over 100, though. We were up to 110 heat index, last week -- yesterday was better, thank goodness.

    Like Texas, it doesn't cool off much at night in MS. And, even worse, the humidity is at its worst when the sun is down. So, you never really get any relief. Fortunately, the problem was a quick fix. We had a burned-out wire and it took a mere 5-10 minutes to get it going, although the house was very slow to cool. I went ahead and slept in the hotel room, since we already had a reservation. It was like a mini vacation. I never get to be alone in a hotel and huzzybuns was perfectly happy to be home!! Coolness. :)


    I'm cool, now, thanks! I sweated buckets, yesterday. So, so happy to have the A/C fixed!!!

  17. Krista,

    That's what we call "spring" or "fall" weather. 70's are a distant memory, at this point.

    Good luck!

  18. Glad you're back in AC again. It's almost unbearably hot here now--still in the 90s at 9:00. I'm not sure what I'd do if our AC went out.

    I look forward to hearing what you think of A Summer Affair. I have it on the shelf but "a soap opera of adultery" doesn't sound too appealing right now. Yuck!

  19. Trish,

    We're down to 82, but the humidity goes up at night. Blecch. I hate the heat. I don't know how people tolerated it, pre-air conditioning.

    I liked A Summer Affair, but I didn't love it. The woman involved in an affair (Claire) was the kind of character you just want to shake. I've got a lot of tours coming up, so I'm going to have to squeeze in the other reviews on "between" days. Oopsy. Overbooked!

  20. Our air went belly-up a couple years ago during the 90+ end-of-summer heatwave. Jandar went into his air-conditioned office (he used to work from home) and I let the boys run around all day in their little diapers. I've never seen two creatures so happy thinking they were doing something illicit. :)

    Of course I was an absolute saint during the whole affair, not once complaining. I just had my iced tea on the veranda (aka patio) and fiddle-dee-deed my days away. I'm terribly civilized that way.

  21. Lisa,

    My husband went off to his nice air-conditioned office and my lifeguard son went to the pool early because there's an A/C in the crew room. I sat in the house, doing an experiment on how long it takes to sweat off a bottle of water. If not for the mosquitoes, I would have spent the day outside.

    I complained. I cannot tell a lie. LOL


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