Thursday, June 25, 2009

Winners of that baby book . . . too tired to type the title

Oh, what a day. My kiddo is not so young as the child at left and he dragged me to Transformers 2, probably the most exhausting movie I've seen in a long time. So, I'm a bit late, but the winners are . . .

Jake Lsewhere

Congratulations! And, please be patient with me. It might take me a couple of days to contact you because I have a busy weekend ahead. I may be offline for a few days.

Here's what you guys would have named the baby (with a few of the cute comments made by participants:

Noah - See how nicely NOAH goes with "Noah! NO SIR! That is ICKY."

Theopolis Leroy

Maynard...there was some old commericial on TV and the kid wasn't sure if he wanted to eat the product in question and the dad said: "Good stuff, Maynard."

His name is Carter Hagan- and he will be a football player - strong with no emergencies.

I think the child looks like a little girl named Lexie.

I like Cathy as a name for the kid. Sort of upbeat and not fussy!

It's definitely a boy...I'll call him Little Lord Fauntleroy

I think the baby is a boy and I am naming him Biblio Babalasariuas

Mikey. As in "Hey Mikey! He likes it!" from the old cereal commercials.

That's definitely a little boy named Ernest.

Oh, that baby is definitely a Rupert.

Laurence is what he should be named.

It looks like a boy to me...Clarence Hofflemyer of the Rhode Island Hofflemyers. His family is very wealthy and are horrified to find him regularly chewing on furniture, etc. when the nanny is chatting on the phone instead of watching him...

I think it's a girl. And since she reminds me of my niece who can't keep her mouth off anything...I'm calling her Rachael.

Kid looks like a Dory to me.

I'm going to go with a boy named Norman.

It looks like a boy and I would go with the name.....sticky!

I think the kid's a girl, and I would name her Stella. She looks like she'll be a star one day with a cute face like that!

I'm particularly fond of Theopolis Leroy and Clarence Hofflemyer. I have no idea why.

Thanks to all who participated! That was fun. :)


  1. Congratulations to the winners! I think it's funny that people felt strongly about the baby's sex.

  2. Congrats to the winners.

    I am hoping to see Transformers 2 this weekend provided we can find a babysitter.

  3. I'm now mourning that my baby bearing days are behind me and I'll never have a Theopolis Leroy of my own. That is one fabulous name.

  4. Kathy,

    Isn't it funny? Such a cute baby -- it could go either way. I had a really pretty baby that everyone seemed to want to be a girl, just because he was so gorgeous. I always thought it was so funny that people just assumed he was a girl because of his pretty features.


    Transformers 2 is a bit overwhelming, but fun. I'd forgotten Kevin Dunn plays Shia LaBeouf's father. I always love seeing him.


    I'm thinking, "kitty name"!! It's our only hope. There definitely needs to be at least one Theopolis Leroy in real life.

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed that I am the Amy that won. You know I love free books.

    Looking forward to seeing your review of PHYSICK.


  6. Amy,

    Yes, ma'am. You were the only Amy (as far as I know -- some people don't use their real names . . . like me, for example). I am so glad you stopped by and left that comment because with no air conditioning I'm muddled. Thanks for the reminder to email winners!!!!

  7. Girlfriend--It seems that no one in California has air-conditioning and we are also melting. As a Texas girl, I find lack of air-conditioning offensive! ;)
    Hope you cool off soon!


  8. Amy,

    And, as an Oklahoma girl, I agree with you 100%. Life without air conditioning is icky and wrong. We're fortunate that the humidity is relatively low (for us), right now, at 50% -- and should drop a bit as it heats up. We're subtropical, here, so if the A/C is going to go out, the drier the better!!

    Thanks! Looks like we will have to wait till at least tomorrow for a repair. Ugh, ugh.


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