Thursday, April 08, 2010

Taking a Blogging Break + Fiona Friday

Still taking a break, but . . .
I figure you guys need your Fiona fix. So, here you go.

That orange thing is the toy we call her "milk carton tab". It's one of her favorites.


  1. I hope you're doing something fun!

  2. I hope all is well and your break is refreshing. :)

  3. Hope you're back soon!

  4. Kathy, Serena, Carrie and Jeane,

    Thanks! I spent 3 days (off and on) trying to finish a review but my son kept chattering at me and I finally realized it's crazy to get frustrated over the fact that my son wants to talk to me! I can work on reviews when he's back in school (it's Spring Break). So, I'm just going to take off till next week. :)

  5. You bet I need my Fiona Friday!!!

    Enjoy the rest of Spring Break!

  6. Enjoy your break!

  7. Hopefully this break does not involve migraines or poison ivy just play, play, play! and regroup.

    Fiona has excellent taste in toys on top of being such a beauteous cat

  8. A Dorable!
    Have a good break. Will talk at you when you're back. Happy April, Happy Spring.

  9. Anonymous10:15 PM

    Isn't it crazy how they go for the cheap stuff? Screw the fancy toys my mother has bought at the pet shot for Samantha; she much prefers the hocky pucks she makes out of screw on plastic tops, candy wrappers, or, say,any other missing household items which are now under the armoire in the living room. They look remarkable similar to each other, too, our cats.

    Hope all is well with you, Nancy.

  10. Thank you for letting me have my Fiona fix. :-) She's so beautiful. My cats love those things too. LOL

    Enjoy your break, Nancy!

  11. Iliana,

    Thanks! It's been a little chaotic, actually, as our dryer broke and we've been buried in dirty laundry. I won't get a new machine until Friday!!! Thank goodness for laundromats. :)


    Well . . . one migraine, but it went away. The biggest headache has been the dryer problem I mentioned above. Since we've got our kitchen torn apart a bit to paint and refloor (which is taking a lot longer than it should because Someone Who Shall Remain Unnamed but to whom I'm married keeps leaving town) we're back to living in chaos. I guess that's my lot in life.

    I wish you could see Fiona bat that little toy around. She's hilarious. She runs hard and then flops over, exhausted.

    "Beauteous" - I like. :)

    Thanks, Care!

    I found a quiet few moments and squeezed in some writing time, so I'll have a review posted first thing on Monday. Yay. Happy April!


    Yes, they do tend to love the least expensive toys! We have some grosgrain ribbon from Christmas packages that Fiona's practically torn to shreds, but she has so much fun with that. She chases, captures and carries the ribbon away (I walk back and forth, letting her chase the ribbon) and then she drops the ribbon, crouches down and waits for another round. Hopefully, I'm burning a calorie or two. LOL

    You need to post some updated photos of your kitties! All is so-so, I'd say. :) I might survive. Husband got an earful for leaving town after saying he was going to take the week off to work on the painting and flooring . . . and not bothering to take us anywhere. I get really sick of staying behind.


    You're welcome and thank you! Cats do love milk-carton tabs, don't they? I found the toy version at our junky Big Lots store. They're a little nicer than the real thing because they roll across the carpet nicely. I rescue them from under the furniture on a regular basis. She really plays hard with those little toys.


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