Thursday, April 01, 2010

Babbling about Postcardfoolery: A guest post by Kirk Farber, author of Postcards from a Dead Girl

Babbling about Postcardfoolery

A guest post by Kirk Farber, author of Postcards from a Dead Girl (reviewed below)

Thank you, Bookfool, for having me on as a guest today. If it's okay, I'd like to babble about postcards. In my debut novel, Postcards from a Dead Girl, the main character, Sid, receives postcards from his ex-girlfriend, Zoe. He hasn't spoken with her in over a year, but her messages arrive from beautiful places like Barcelona, Paris, and Costa Rica.

I’ve been visiting bookstores this past month, reading these scenes aloud to people. And now I can’t stop thinking about how fun it would be to send postcards from exotic locales. In the book, Sid travels to a few foreign locations in search of his lost love. I’m not Sid, but if I were, I might add these places to my list . . .

IRELAND – Rumor has it my red-headed relatives are from the west coast, near Galway Bay. I’ve heard the people are ridiculously friendly, and the Guinness tastes like Heaven.

NEW ZEALAND – Mostly because I want to learn to surf. I boogie-boarded in Virginia Beach once, and refused to leave the ocean, causing myself bodily exhaustion and over-consumption of sea water. I'm thinking continuous wipe-outs are easier in sub tropical water.

ICELAND –To climb glaciers and dodge lava flows! Or at least take zoom photos of dangerous geological phenomena from a safe and reasonable distance. Also: cool spas.

BALI – I recently read that the citizens of Bali were considered to be among the Happiest People on Earth. Sid probably could have used their help early on.

TOKYO, JAPAN – High-tech super-urban metropolis. Low-tech car washes.

NORWAY – Fjords!!!

If you could send a postcard from anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?


  1. What a great question! My first thought was Japan, because I've always wanted to experience an Asian culture. Then I thought, no, Bermuda, the place of my birth. Then I thought London. I want to go just about everywhere!

  2. How about a postcard from the Bay of Fundy? It should show both high and low tides in the area. Or maybe show the tidal bore (wave) when the water is rushing back in.

  3. Kathy,

    Me, too. I have a cousin living in New Zealand and I keep trying to figure out how I can nicely go about getting in touch with her, so that I'll have an excuse to visit! :)


    I should know where the Bay of Fundy is, but I don't. Off to look it up on Google Earth.

  4. I didn't send postcards, I brought them back. lol I know I'm weird. I'd love to go back to Belfast, Northern Ireland and France. :)


  5. Krista,

    That's not weird; I've brought postcards back from my travels, many times. Sometimes, a postcard is the best avenue to capturing something you're unable to photograph, yourself.

  6. I was once given the advice to buy a book of postcards when you visit a place because the photos are always better than you can ever hope to take yourself. I love postcards.
    My top three (today) travel destinations are Vancouver, Ireland, New Zealand. Tomorrow could be different.

  7. Care,

    Nobody ever gave me that advice, but I'll give it a thumbs-up. If you go any of those places, I would really, really like to tag along. :)

  8. I was in Iceland last year and it was fabulous. Wouldn't mind going back again.

    But, for now I'd say Sweden. I recently finished a mystery set in Sweden and would love to be there.

  9. Iliana,

    I have a very vague memory of you saying you'd been to Iceland. You're one well-traveled chick, aren't you? I'll bet I know which book you just read.

  10. Iliana, I was in Iceland too and I absolutely adore the place! I'd like a postcard from anywhere in's my new favorite destination!

  11. Lotus,

    We had a possible opportunity to go to Turkey and my husband passed it up. I'm still mourning. I haven't been anywhere in a year. *sob*

  12. Wow--great question! I'd say I'd like to send postcards from Lake Como, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, Johannesburg, Cairo, and Alaska. For starters.


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