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Postcards from a Dead Girl by Kirk Farber

Postcards from a Dead Girl by Kirk Farber
Copyright 2010
Harper Perennial - Fiction/General
258 pages
Kirk Farber's website
Very nice (and short) video interview w/Farber

Just be, I think, just be. It's agonizing. Jane seems to have no problem just being. She has beautiful eyes, even when they're closed. The balls of light let out a collective happy humming sound, vibrate off their mats and float to their body-transportation devices.

Jane rolls up her mat and pretends not to notice me noticing her. She takes a few pulls from her purple water-bottle and with great purpose begins her stroll down the side of Cherry Hill. And here I sit, just being.

This review may be a little gushy. Remember, I've given you fair warning.

When I picked up Postcards from a Dead Girl and began reading, I have to admit that I was completely stunned. I wasn't expecting to have quite so much fun and it was different from what I expected when I read the blurb. Different in a very, very good way.

Sid has experienced a tragic loss and he's not doing very well. He's begun to receive postcards from all over the world -- from his dead girlfriend. Is she really alive, after all, or on some sort of cosmic journey? Is it possible someone's playing a really bad joke on him?

He takes a break from his meaningless job to follow the path of the postcards but his budget doesn't allow him to go everywhere and eventually Sid has to return home to face his problems. Like, why is his mother's spirit living in a wine bottle and where is that lilac smell coming from? Can he find a way to acquire the comfort of a spa mud bath without spending the money? And, who is going to help him get his act together, now that his even-tempered sister is a pregnant, hormonal mess?

Kirk Farber has described Postcards from a Dead Girl as a "dark comedy" and I would not have ever thought to use those words but I think that's a perfect capsule description and, most important, it's a great story. When I picked it up, I knew within pages that I was in trouble; that book was going to keep me up all night. Fortunately, it's a relatively quick read. If Farber ever writes a 700-page book, then I'll be in deep doo-doo.

5/5 - Postcards from a Dead Girl is touching, funny, quirky, lovely little book with believable characters, a unique storyline and a terrific conclusion. Highly recommended. I absolutely loved this book. PG-13 for a little sex and drinking but it's nothing that will warp a child for life.

I've spoken to the author because I was so crazy about his book that I figured I'd make one of those rare exceptions and ask him to either do a guest post or interview. We settled on a guest post, so that will be coming up soon. Wahoo!

Squishy huggy thanks to Erica and HarperPerennial for the review copy!!


  1. I won this book recently and you've made me really excited about it!

  2. Sounds like a very interesting book. Thanks for the review.

    Don't you just love when books are more than you expected.

    Happy national poetry month!

  3. Kathy,

    I think you'll enjoy it. The characters are realistic, the protagonist a likable mess. He never got on my nerves; I was rooting for him. And, I do love the quirky little twists. It's a fun, unique book.


    It went on the good shelves. I'll reread Postcards.

    Yes, it's always a pleasant surprise when a book "sounds good" but then turns out to be a delightful, excellent read instead of just a good one!

    It's poetry month? Cool!

  4. Do you think I would like this book? I put it on my Amazon Wishlist. :)

  5. Anonymous10:57 PM

    It does sound like fun, especially since I like darkly comic.

  6. Brittanie,

    I think so. There's a dark side to the book, but it's not overly graphic or rude or depressing. It simply has light and dark -- and plenty of eccentric fun. I'll revisit the book someday, I'm sure.


    Well, there you go. You need a copy, post haste. :)

  7. Added to my list, Thanks for the review.

  8. Shari,

    Wahoo! I hope you love it as much as I did! :)

  9. Darn, I saw this at the bookstore and was tempted but somehow ended up leaving without it. Sounds so good!

  10. Iliana,

    It's a darn good thing you're in Austin and surrounded by books, 'cause I'm about to tell you to go back and buy a copy. Postcards is a really fun book.

  11. Lovely review Nancy, and what a great title! I'd want to pick it up simply on the strength of the title. Also, I am a collector of collection was handed down to me by mom who in turn received a part of her collection from her mom, so postcard collecting is huge in our family and goes back many years! :)

    I will try to get my hands on the book!

  12. Thank you, Lotus!

    That is so cool that you've been handed down a postcard collection. I used to collect postcards as a child, but I have no idea what became of them when I moved out of my parents' house. Chances are pretty good that my mother threw out my old postcard notebook.

    Postcards is a very fun book. I keep forgetting to mention that the ending is a little ambiguous but still satisfying.


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