Friday, March 26, 2010

Fiona Friday

Caught! No, really, that's not a guilty look. The towels attacked her, first.

Speaking of attacks . . . Desmond had to go back home with his mama. Fiona Did. Not. Like. Claws and teeth came out on his second night and the family was unable to sleep due to the all-night cat fight. We were sad to see him go, but just a little bit relieved. It took everyone (including Fiona) a full two days to recover.


  1. Sad to see him go but what's best for the family is most important.

    I can't get over the cuteness of the kitty!

  2. Nikki,

    Thank you for that. I agree. If/when we end up with another kitty, we'll do the same thing - go through a trial run to see if another cat can live in harmony with Fiona.

    Aw, thanks. She's adorable, isn't she? It's that sweet face that got me. :)

  3. I'm sure Fiona can find another cat to love eventually.

    I think you need to buy a sweeter brand of paper towels - how dare they attack innocent little Fiona!

  4. Kathy,

    I hope we'll find a companion for Fiona, eventually. In the meantime, we're just enjoying her. She is such a fun kitty.

    I know - can you believe it? Nasty old paper towels. They should leave innocent kitties alone!



  5. I am sad you couldn't keep him but like you said maybe you can get another cat eventually.

  6. Oh my goodness. You're giving me serious flashbacks to Howie's kitten days. She truly must be related to him.

    Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the morning I came downstairs to find the kitchen island wrapped in paper towels after he'd gotten the roll off.

    We went through about 6 different paper towel holders until we discovered the solution: a vertical one that sits on the counter and is enclosed.

  7. Krista,

    Eventually. We're just going to be happy with Fiona, for now.


    It's very possible Howie and Fi are related. She's quite a high-energy girl. In fact, I couldn't keep her off the piano and/or away from my lone plant (which she was trying to eat -- she also tried to eat the fake plants) so I put her on time-out in her carrier for a bit. You can imagine what a hit that was. ;)

    We eventually went outside to see if she was interested in munching on grass. It pretty much terrified her. She did a little slinking around the porch and in front of the bushes and then said, "Let me back inside, please!!!"

    We've had the same towel holder for about 10 years and it just broke, so the paper towels are just sitting out. The day I took that photo, the towels were really teasing her by flapping in the breeze generated by the heating vent.

    Yikes, he wrapped the whole island in paper towels? That's hilarious and somewhat frightening. LOL

  8. Such a cute photo! My younger cat loves to unravel paper towel rolls, too. But I've found she's almost (not quite) as happy with the empty cardboard tube later, she wrestles with it and chews on it.

  9. Jeane,

    I'll have to remember that -- save paper towel roll tube, save paper towel roll tube. Cats are such fun, aren't they?

  10. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Perhaps she's imagining those towels are Desmond?

  11. Softdrink,

    I think they'd be completely shredded by now, if that was the case. ;)

  12. Fiona is such a sweet girl and pretty too! Apparently she wants a companion who is *just right* -- you know, like Goldilocks!

  13. Bridget,

    Thanks. Fiona is really a sweetheart; she just didn't like Desmond one bit. Maybe she wanted to be the only tabby in the house. Des looked like he could be her brother, super-sized, you know.

    Sometime, we'll get up the guts to try another kitty. But not for a while! This was an exhausting week.

  14. I think Fiona and my Demolition Jack can tag team against the paper towels. He loves to fight them too--yesterday he jumped off the counter with the end sheet and ran across the kitchen with, while the roll was still on the holder--took a bit of talent to pull them back to the holder :-)

  15. I can imagine! Sounds as if Fiona is perfectly satisfied with human companions.

    Since our three have never been separated, we didn't have to go through any introduction stages, which is a good thing.

    Fiona is so dainty!

  16. Melissa,

    Maybe it's good that we don't currently have a towel holder (hubby broke ours, just before Fiona adopted us). It seems like that just allows the towels to fight back and makes a bigger mess for the humans! I love your kitty stories. You know that, though. :)


    Fiona seems pretty satisfied with us, except when we're too tired to play. But, then she just occupies herself and we work on cleaning up the destruction, later. :)

    I actually planned to get sibling kittens, but had so much trouble finding kittens that I'd almost given up when I saw Fiona at Petsmart. It was love at first sight. If we end up with just one kitty, that's fine. I might eventually try to add a kitten or two, but Fiona keeps us on our toes and, for now, I'm satisfied.

  17. I really think your caption about the towels attacking first would make a wonderful ICanHasCheezburger picture! Fi's adorable, btw. My heathens still attack anything paper-like...I don't see the fascination but they do, obviously.

  18. Tammy,

    Funny, I enjoy looking at Cheezburger photos but it doesn't occur to me to caption my own. Fi is hilarious. I have to stop her from ripping into a stack of mail or anything else paper. I don't get the appeal, either. Thank you. I think she's adorable, too. She's a perfect fit for this family. :)

  19. Poor Fiona. She probably just wants you all to herself! :) Great photo. Cats and paper (of any sort) are always great entertainment. Our cats used to love hiding under wrapping paper.

  20. Les,

    I'm sure she does. Fiona's a great cat, so if she says we're supposed to be a one-cat family, I guess we'll just listen. Fi likes to tunnel under paper. Anything paper is a great joy to her. She's loads of fun.


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