Saturday, March 06, 2010

Spring is coming!

As soon as the berries are stripped from this tree, it will bud. I only know that because I'm a really observant chick and you can't possibly escape noticing the robin invasion, which happens annually (although one year we had cedar waxwings, instead -- that was fun). Miss Fiona has spent quite a bit of time in the window, watching the robins during the past couple of days.


  1. I was at my parents' in Alabama earlier this week and they're having the robin invasion too. We had fun watching them.

  2. Kathy,

    Aren't they great? I propped my feet up on our outdoor table and watched them from a chair, when my neck got tired. I could watch them all day. The bluebird in my new header also dropped by while I was photographing the robins.

  3. Hi!
    I have an award for you at my place. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  4. I like the bluebird in your header -- and the robin in this post. You got a couple of excellent shots.

  5. THAT.
    is one cool photo!

  6. Sherrie,

    How sweet! Thank you! I wish you a lovely day, too. :)


    Thanks! It was gorgeous outside, perfect for sitting around watching and snapping birds.

  7. Care,

    Thank you, ma'am. I had such fun taking pictures. :)

  8. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Nancy, I love your photographs. I don't know how you capture the animals the way you do, you really have a special skill for it. I feel like I had a breath of Spring just looking at them (until I look out my window at melting gray slush).

  9. I love that photo, Nancy. The weather has been more spring like in my part of the country lately. I haven't seen any robins, however.

  10. My cats like to watch birds outside the window too. We used to have a bird feeder in the backyard but those darn squirrels took it over. I like the new picture in the header too. On another note I am so happy Spring is only two weeks away but afraid with this crazy weather we have had this winter that we will have snow again. It has been really pretty here for the past two days. It makes me quite happy. I hate winter. :)

  11. Bellezza,

    Thank you! To be totally honest, it was very hard work capturing that robin in flight. They were clustered up at the top of the tree and in most of my photos, there are branches obstructing the view. Darned birds kept flying to the wrong spot, where they were hard to capture! LOL But, I was patient and persistent. I love photos of birds in flight and the robin invasion is one of my best opportunities. I've been waiting for it. :)

    Sorry about the slush. I've enjoyed our winter -- it was actually like a real winter, for once, nice and cold with 3 snows. I'm hoping it will also be a cool summer (cool being a relative term). Our months and months of intense heat and humidity are much like a northern winter, in that the weather is dangerous and drives you indoors.


    Our little robin invasion only lasts for a few days, but it's an annual event that I really enjoy. I would have gone back out to take more photos, today, but I had a migraine. Blecch. It's amazing how quickly the birds are stripping those berries. Hope you're enjoying your weather!

  12. Brittanie,

    You are a true Southerner. I live for winter -- it's invigorating. The heat really depresses me. I've got horrid allergies and I get heat and bright-light induced migraines. I really don't belong in the South, but it's where I'm stuck! :)

    The squirrels took over our bird feeder, too. We gave up and quit filling it with birdseed.

  13. Yes! I saw my first robin this morning perched on the fence. Hello!

  14. I've been away from you blog far too long! I love your new header!!!! And this shot of the robin in-flight is outstanding. You always capture the best bird photos.

    BTW, I saw two robins yesterday. Our snow is rapidly melting. Here's to spring!

  15. Jenclair,

    I just looked up the weather and I see we're going to be in the 70's all week. Yep. Spring is here! :)


    I just took the bluebird and robin pictures on Friday and loaded that new header yesterday, so it's fresh. You haven't missed much. :) Thank you. I had to really work for the few in-flight photos I managed to capture.

    Robins must be the harbingers of spring, all over. I'll bet you were thrilled to see them, yes?

  16. I love your bird photos. We just put up a birdfeeder and I have been trying to photograph them thru the window (so they don't scare away) without very good results. Lots of visitors, though!

  17. Jeane,

    Thank you! I've tried shooting through the window and it doesn't work very well. Better to camouflage yourself (wearing brown or olive helps) and walk very slowly to where the birds are hanging out. I go out the front door if I'm shooting a tree in the back, so that opening the door doesn't make them scatter. Photographing birds is hard!! I don't think I'm really all that great at it, but I'm determined and sometimes I get a good shot or two. Tonight, I took more and I was practically eaten alive by the mosquitoes . . . already! Seems too early for the mosquitoes to be out.

  18. What a fabulous image of a bird! I can't wait until Spring is here!

  19. Great photo! I have a tree outside my bedroom window but I don't know that I've seen a lot of birds in it.

  20. Christy,

    I'm not kidding when I say we've been invaded, but it's a pleasant sort of invasion. If I go out on the porch with my camera and wait for a while, the birds I frighten off come back to the tree and I can watch them or snap photos without disturbing them. It's very fun. :)

  21. Allison,

    Thank you! Hopefully, it will be soon for you, also. :)


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