Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some weeks are like that

Miss Fiona and I have been diverted; she by numerous toys to play with and corners of her new home to explore, I by the necessity to get the house ship-shape for visitors and the need to spend time playing with my adorable new feline, because if I don't she runs around looking vaguely crazed and tearing into the garbage (oooh the chicken bones, they are so tempting) until, exhausted, she falls flat -- literally. She is hilarious. I can't even begin to tell you how much we're loving our new kitty. We do need a trashcan with a lid, though.

I've been periodically trying to write my review of The Things They Carried and I must admit . . . that book is freaking intimidating. It's so perfect that I'm afraid anything I say will be subpar. But, I'll keep trying.


I've just finished The Country House Courtship by Linore Rose Burkard. I read the second book in this lovely inspirational Regency romance series, last year, and enjoyed it enough that I jumped at the chance to review the latest installment. The Country House Courtship is a little shy on plot, but it was perfect for the moment; I was in the mood for something light, predictable and upbeat. A sneak peek chapter along with my review will be posted on Friday.

Over the weekend, I closed another marvelous book: Mr. Midshipman Hornblower by C. S. Forester. My husband and I enjoyed the Hornblower TV movies and he has read most of the books, but Mr. Midshipman Hornblower was my first taste of the series and I'm hooked. Completely hooked. We have 9 of the 11 books, so I won't have to go far when I'm ready to read the next in the series, Lieutenant Hornblower.

The Hornblower books were actually written out of sequence but Back Bay Books has shuffled the books so that they're chronologically ordered and a list of books is conveniently printed on the back cover. You have to appreciate Back Bay for that. Ever notice how difficult it can be to figure out the order of a series? It would be nice if all series books had a list of the book titles and order of release on the back. Imagine the shopping ease.

I'm currently reading The Invention of Everything Else by Samantha Hunt, The Queen's Fool by Philippa Gregory and Stormy Weather by Paulette Jiles. It's been a little slow going on all of them, even though all three are enjoyable in different ways, simply because I'm all over the map. If I'm not busy moving furniture or playing with the cat, I'm outside snapping pics of the birds or sleeping off a migraine. Spring is definitely upon us. We're allegedly expecting vicious storms, this afternoon (tornado season has officially begun; but, the sun is currently shining), the mosquitoes are out (!!!!) and trees are budding. Winter was nice while it lasted.

Books In, Books Out:

There have been an awful lot of books coming and going, lately. We've been doing some major shifting, still working on trying to fit various items large and small from my mother's house into our already-crowded home. The really great thing about this process is that it gives us a chance to go through our books and other possessions and weed, weed, weed. We have been living in this house for nearly 19 years and accumulation has tagged along on the coat-tails of settling in.

On Sunday, I filled two large bags with book discards and listed a handful on Paperback Swap (all of which were promptly snapped up, even though none were recent titles). In the past 3 days, though, quite a few books have arrived in my mailbox. You should see the cramming job my mailman has done; he's become a master of the book-parcel jigsaw.

Would you like to see the books that have arrived? If so, I'll take a picture of them when I've emptied my memory card. The new point-and-shoot camera that I received for Christmas is excellent for taking photos of book stacks (and little kitty faces).

As of this moment, only three people have signed up for the Sterling Children's Book giveaway, which is just crazy. Go sign up if you teach little ones, have small children or nieces, nephews, grandkids or neighbors you'd like to share with. It's huge -- 3 people will win 8 books each and the audios of all 8 titles can be downloaded totally free.

Back to work I go. Happy Wednesday!

Bookfool with a mission: Clean House or Bust


  1. Miss Fiona is a doll!

  2. Kathy,

    Thanks, I think so, too! I tossed one of her little "birds" (like a beanbag with feathers) in the air, a while ago, and she leapt up about three feet and caught it mid-air. She is so cool! LOL

  3. I love seeing pictures of fiona! She's so pretty. You'll get there. I am trying to clean as well with only the coffee table cleaned out so far. lol

  4. Fiona is adorable! How could anyone say no to that face?

  5. Krista,

    Thanks. I think she's a lovely girl, too. We've done a tremendous amount of cleaning, purging and shifting but we've got a long way to go. Hopefully, we'll at least have a tidy house for guests, if not a clutter-free one.


    I know! Doesn't she have the sweetest face? When we first saw her in Petsmart I thought, "I have to keep other people away from this display!!" It was love at first sight. And, she's every bit as sweet as she looks. :)

  6. She is the cutest!!! I'm so glad you got a new kitty (and a little jealous). If it weren't for the hubster's allergies I think I would have a kitty by now.

  7. It sounds like Fiona is a perfect fit into your home. She's probably having as much fun with you as you are with her!

    Gosh, I just love your header. Have I already told you this? It's just gorgeous.

    I wish spring were here. We had snow again last night. Yes, snow. Sigh.

  8. Nikki,

    Aw, I'm sorry your husband has allergies. My future daughter-in-law is allergic to cats, too (and she's coming for a visit, this weekend). Thanks. Fiona is a sweetheart.


    Yep, she's a perfect fit. We're all crazy about our little Fiona. I think she's happy that she adopted us. :)

    Yes, I do believe you told me you like that header. Isn't he a pretty fellow? My neighbor cleaned out his birdhouse and is hoping the bluebirds will nest in it; so far, it's looking good. I've snapped a few photos of the bluebird peeking out of or sitting upon the little birdhouse.

    Seriously . . . I'd take your snow. I can't believe the mosquitoes are already out. The moment it warms up, there they are. That's one reason I love winter; it's the only time we can comfortably and safely go outside.

  9. I am such a sucker for a pretty cat face. Miss Fiona is a cutie. I'm glad she brings you happiness :)

  10. Diane,

    Me, too. Total sucker for kitty faces. Thanks! Fiona's freaked out, today, because we're doing the cleaning in her play area. She's not used to the chaos, poor thing.

  11. THE THINGS THEY CARRIED is a masterpiece :-) Awesome picture of your cat, who is adorable. but i'm sure I don't need to tell you that.

  12. Marie,

    It is indeed. That's part of the problem I'm having, but I think I've figured out how to go about "reviewing" The Things They Carried. I'm probably going to do a self-interview. That usually works when I'm intimidated or having trouble getting started.

    Thank you. We think Fiona is adorable, yep. LOL And, she's very funny, too - quite an active, entertaining little gal. :)

  13. Those chicken bones are my dog too! LOL I hope you get that review of The Things They Carried done...I'm dying to know what you thought.

  14. Serena,

    Yes, the temptation is apparently unbearable. We had to buy a fancy new metal trashcan with a lid to stop the messes. I did finish my review of The Things They Carried. Now, I have to get my brain to move on because it's been stuck on that same book for weeks.


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