Tuesday, March 23, 2010

That Cat Can't Stay by Krasnesky and Parkins - #5 for Children's Day

That Cat Can't Stay by Thad Krasnesky
Illustrated by David Parkins
Copyright 2010
Flashlight Press - Children, Ages 4-8
32 pages

That Cat Can't Stay begins on a rainy day. The mother of the narrator's family stands in a raincoat, holding a sad-looking cat. It's a stray and Dad doesn't like cats, so he says,

That creature cannot stay.

There's no use begging.
Don't say please.
I don't like cats.
They scratch my knees.
And I don't want to have to shout,
so kindly put
that cat-thing out.

Mom is tricky, though. She tells Dad she'll just put that cat back outside in the rain and hail, no matter how drenched he's going to get and Dad says, "Well . . . "

So begins the delightful rhyming tale of how one little family with three children adopts 4 full-grown cats in need; and, then the cat-loving narrator (a daughter in pigtails) brings home a kitten in the hood of her jacket. I loved this book so much that I forced my husband to listen to it and turned the book around to show off the illustrations as if I was reading to a class of kindergarteners.

That Cat Can't Stay is one of the cutest children's books I've ever had the pleasure to review. The rhyme is repetitive and catchy, the illustrations are expressive and often hilarious (the looks on those cats' faces are a hoot -- not to mention Dad, who turns out to be a softie). The book even has a funny twist when, after adopting 5 cats, the father goes to the pound and brings home a dog.

Story in rhyme: 5/5 - Clever, charming, rhythmic and funny.

Illustrations: 5/5 - Absolutely perfect. The entire family and all of the cats are colorful and so expressive you can't help but smile.

This is such a cheery, satisfying book that I've found myself wishing I had small children around whenever I read it. But, Fiona and I will happily read That Cat Can't Stay together, for now.

That Cat Can't Stay is book #5 for Children's Day. I'm getting a headache and I think 5 reviews are more than enough for one day, so that's it for today! Happy Reading!!


  1. Karen2:56 PM

    Bring it to Colorado!

  2. Karen,

    I can do that. I have a feeling quite a few books will tag along with me. We'll see how many we can carry! :)

  3. How funny! After our long-time companion (the best-ever Boston Terrier) died in September. I told my husband that there would be no more pets, ever.

    In October, he brings home those three motherless kittens, and I just made it plural: Those cats can't stay.

    They are still here. :) I think I need this book.

  4. Jenclair,

    Wow, so you got all three kitties at once? How cool. Yes, I do believe you need this book. :)

    Sorry about your Boston terrier. Fiona has helped fill a hold in our family, but I still miss our Spooky like crazy.

  5. Anonymous8:30 PM

    "The cat can't stay" is what I said for years and years until they crossed the threshold. Now, I'd never let them go! It's funny how us mothers are undone. And, I love my kitties so much...I think you were instrumental in that persuasion. ;)

  6. Bellezz,

    I know! I think it's absolutely charming the way you resisted kitties until they entered your house and showed you just what you'd been missing. I do hope I had a little to do with it. We get a great deal of joy from ours. Fiona is loads of fun and a total sweetheart.

  7. Sounds like a great book for my two nieces! They'd love a kitty to add to their family of four plus dog.

  8. Les,

    It's a great book. Even if they hated cats, I'm sure they'd love the book; it's a great story with a catchy rhyme.

  9. Julie (Australia)11:31 PM

    My son's all time favorite book, and the one book I don't mind reading over and over again!


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