Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook by Robin Currie (review)

The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook
By Robin Currie
Copyright 2010
David C. Cook - Children's Board Book

The title makes it obvious that this book tells the Christmas story, but The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook is the Christmas story for very young children and it's "interactive" in that it actually tells the adult reader what motions to make while reading (hold arms out and rock, as if rocking a baby, etc.). When I first opened the book, I thought that was kind of silly. I never felt as if I needed guidance when it came to making reading fun.

But, as usual, I squelched my skepticism and gave it a try. I actually read the book aloud and made the motions with my husband sitting nearby. I am so fortunate to have a spouse who thinks my eccentricities are amusing. He sat there smiling and I found myself convinced that The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook is a pretty bright idea, although I consider the illustrations commonplace. I'd particularly recommend this book for teachers who want to get a group of preschoolers excited, but mothers will appreciate it, too. And, after the fun or reading and acting out the book is over, then you can hand your little one the book and they'll likely play-read it many, many times.

Recommended for moms and teachers of babies and preschoolers.

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  1. The books reads like I talk and act. I am delighted you overcame your skeptic ways and got involved! Small groups up to 7 kids can enjoy it together and really take part in the story. Thanks for reviewing it! Robin Currie

  2. Robin,

    As it turned out, that's kind of how I talk and read, too. It wasn't a stretch. ;)


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