Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Books In/Books Out

I'm totally proud of myself for keeping track of all of the books that came into and left our house, this week! It's a little thing, but I'm not the most organized person on the planet, you see.

In/Out Report for December 13-20, 2010 . . . beginning with "in":

Taking Out Your Emotional Trash by Georgia Shaffer - for FirstWild tour
The Tapestry of Love by Rosy Thornton - drawing win from Fly High, sent by author
More Than Love Letters by Rosy Thornton - tucked in by the author with my drawing win! Many thanks to Fly High and Rosy!
Myself When Young by Daphne DuMaurier - from a swap site

Spring Snow by Yukio Mishima - from a swap site
Dreaming Anastasia by Joy Preble - from a swap site
Embrace the Struggle by Zig Ziglar - from my delightful blog friend, Brittanie! Thank you, Brittanie!

Wounded Spirits by April Gardner - from the author for FirstWild tour

On Maggie's Watch by Ann Wertz Garvin - from Berkeley for review

I is an Other by James Geary - from HarperCollins for review
She-Wolves by Helen Castor - from HarperCollins for review
Till I End My Song by Harold Bloom - from HarperCollins for review
The Procrastination Equation by Piers Steel, PhD - from HarperCollins ditto

Let's Kill Uncle by Rohan O'Grady - from a swap site (so excited to finally receive one of the books in this series published by the Bloomsbury Group).

Total books in: +14 (eeks)
Books out: -35 (library donations and swaps)
Net: 21 out

Well . . . it's an improvement but I still have a lot of work to do. In other news, Princess Isabel got her spay job, last week and she's been acting like a delicate flower rudely plucked from the vine.

Awww. Today, she was totally back to normal for the first time in a week and guess what? She ripped her stitches. She's not in any pain and not bleeding so I guess she's just going to have a slightly funny-looking bump on her belly. I'll call and ask the vet if she has any problems, but first . . . I get to take husband in to have his knee scoped. I'm going to be kind of a busy Nurse Bookfool for a few days, unless he just goes to sleep. Wish me luck. Men are whiny.

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  1. Sounds like you ARE indeed going to be Nurse Nancy for the next few days :p Hope everyone heals up well!!

    I'd say 21 books out of the house as a net total is pretty darn good :) Much better than I do these days :p Yay for getting some Mishima!! I love him! Though I haven't read Spring Snow yet. I do have it on my shelves though!

  2. I hope all goes well with your hubby!

  3. That certainly is a lot of books to keep track of! Congrats. And I hope Isabel is OK :)

  4. Chris,

    Nurse Nancy is in hot demand. We just got home from the hospital (had to get up at 5am - ugh, the horror) and Nursie had to deal with the food for humans and kitties, medicating the husband (yes, he's kind of whiny), clean-up and getting the cats to stop trying to eat the kitchen chairs. I think a nap is in order. ;)

    I wondered if Spring Snow was the Mishima you got, recently. I'm really excited about that one.

    I'm happy with 21 books out. Very happy. I've already got more to get rid of, too! Wahoo!


    Thanks. So far, so good. I doped him up and iced him down, fed him and handed him the remote. That should keep him going for a while. :)


    Yes, I really do have to write things down or I just can't keep track when I'm actually requesting books. I went on kind of a requesting frenzy. It has ended, now. Good thing, eh?

    Isabel is actually being quite the little terror, zipping around trying to kill a little plastic who-knows-what. She doesn't act like she's hurting at all and I've had stitches rip like that, after a week. It's harmless, near as I can tell -- just not pretty.

  5. That is definitely a lot of books to keep track of, so well done!

    Your cat is adorable! And good luck with your hubby!

  6. Nap, Nurse Nancy! Between demanding patients.

  7. Coffee Chick,

    Yep, actually it's a good thing I kept a list because I have this odd habit of sorting my books as they come in and then when Monday rolls around I find that I can't remember exactly what arrived. So, it's good to write it all down. I need to keep doing that, especially as long as large numbers are showing up (that shouldn't go on for long). :)

    Thank you! Isabel is a sweet, funny cat. Hubby's doing fine. He's enjoying having a personal slave.


    You will be happy to know that I took a nice nap. And, then I got dinner at a drive-thru. I'm taking care of both of us. Now, to squeeze in some reading time. The husband seems to think he's going to go stir crazy, soon, so he's already making plans to, "Drive around! Go to Jackson! Check out the sunset from the Welcome Center!" Oh, um, you know . . . if he stayed home on occasion maybe we could spread that stuff out a little?

  8. Hope your hubby and kitty cat are all on the mend now!

    I'm planning to do some weeding of the shelves too... I've got a sale to catch at Half Price Books tomorrow so I've got to make more room :)

  9. I can't wait to read More Than Love Letters! I have that one and Hearts & Minds both still on my list to read of Rosy's.

  10. Amanda,

    I haven't read any of Rosy's books, so her writing will be a new experience for me. I'm really looking forward to both. They sound so fun!

  11. This is my year for Rosy Thornton! Cannot wait. but I must. Gotta finish The Sea and then my persephone and I still have to physically get my hands on an RT which means an upcoming online order since my local store doesn't have any.

  12. Care,

    Me, too! I might have to sneak in a Rosy Thornton early in the year, although I've totally overbooked myself. That shouldn't even be possible. I need a job that pays. LOL


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