Wednesday, December 22, 2010

November Reads in Review, 2010

I decided to skip the usual rear-view mirror pic, this month. The above photo is from the drive to Kiddo's college campus. Obviously, I mucked with it, lightening the sky and the trees (because I don't yet have a fancy program that allows me to only highlight certain areas) and made the color crazy-bold with tons of saturation. It's a beautiful drive, but I like mucking with photos.

November was a pretty terrific reading month. I finished the Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong and read two of the books in the Wake series by Lisa McMann. I'll buy the third book when it's released in paperback. I read an old favorite historical fic, Desiree, and found a new author I love in that same genre, Susanna Kearsley. I was totally blown away by the skill and depth of Lauren Oliver's writing in Before I Fall and once again enthralled by the readings gathered by Simon Van Booy in Why We Need Love. And, I read a lot of Christmas books, both for children and adults.

November Reads in Review (with links to reviews):

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  1. Wow, look at all those books you've read! I definitely have The Winter Sea on my list.

  2. Another great month over and done! Love the photo, and great list of books.

  3. Iliana,

    The Winter Sea is awesome -- definitely one of my favorites, although it was really a month in which I liked everything I read.


    Thank you and thank you! I'm happy with November. December is going to be a major let-down, by comparison. LOL That's okay, though. Busy month. :)


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