Saturday, December 18, 2010

Feeling Christmasy

Top to bottom:

Isabel and Fiona check out our artificial tree with a weighted base, purchased with the felines in mind.

Inflatable Santa in downtown Vicksburg (isn't that ironwork beautiful?).

A sleigh and deer owned by my mother in front of an antique flat iron from my father's collection, both on top of a shelf built by my grandfather. Kind of a special little corner.

Isabel shows her Christmas spirit.

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  1. Love all of these pictures--especially the last with Isabel's Christmas spirit. Sadly I just didn't have time to decorate this year (JUST took down the Halloween decor two days ago).

  2. Trish,

    Thanks! I haven't done much decorating, either. I've been too busy fighting migraines. This has not been a good month.

  3. I love Isabel's necklace! So festive against her white coat.

    We didn't decorate at all this year. Just hung two wreaths outside on the porch pillars. No tree, no nothing. Too busy with long days at the bookstore and just not in the mood...

  4. Les,

    Isn't that cute? She was surprisingly tolerant of her little jingle-bell collar, although I didn't leave it on for very long.

    We have a wreath on the door, a poinsettia on the mantel and a pre-lit tree. Other than that . . . just a few small decorations scattered about. I was in the mood in early November and by the time we got back from Tulsa I'd lost interest in Christmas. Weird. It's usually my favorite holiday but I feel totally bah humbug -- maybe just because of the headaches.

  5. Cute pics! I haven't really decorated either if that makes you feel any better. I do have a small tree - finally - but it is tiny. Maybe a foot tall. My family is scattered all over so Christmas is not really my favorite holiday I must say. Hope your headaches go away Nancy!

  6. Iliana,

    Same here. It'll only be the three of us and the kitties for Christmas, this year. I love Christmas, but it can be a little depressing when people start talking about their big family gatherings. I miss the big get-togethers. We're happy with our tree. It's pre-lit and we didn't add ornaments because of the kitty girls but it's better than nothing (and easy -- "plunk in the den and plug in" is fine with me). Thanks. I'm really sick of headaches!!!

  7. Cute pictures :) Happy holidays!

  8. Amy,

    Thanks! Happy holidays to you, too!!

  9. I miss the big family get-togethers, too, Nancy. When we lived in CA we would have huge gatherings at my mom's. When we moved to Nebraska, it was a bit smaller, but we had Amy & Rachel and Rod's mom (and occasionally my folks). Now it's just the two of us... I'm working all week, so I'll be happy to just relax over the weekend. Trying hard to stay positive and not get in a funk...

    Hope you and your hubby and kiddo have a lovely day. Merry Christmas, dear friend.

  10. Les,

    I'll never stop missing those big family gatherings but I'm trying to focus on enjoying the guys and the kitty girls. At least the 5 of us (including cats) are together -- and eldest will visit for a few days, after he and his intended return from New Jersey. I know just how you feel. That's what alcohol's good for. I really need to learn how to drink. LOL

    Lots of love to you and Rod and your sweet fur buddy and I wish you a very Merry Christmas, too, my friend!! Love ya!!


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