Monday, October 23, 2017

Monday Malarkey

Late in the day, but at least I made it in time to avoid Tuesday Twaddle.

Recent arrivals:

None. So, you get a picture of an outrigger canoe in Hawaii at sunset. Well, it's better than nothing, right? And it comes with a good story. Husband and I were sitting in a grassy area to watch the sunset in Maui when I took this photo. The sun had fallen and we were on the verge of getting up to walk back to our hotel when the outrigger canoes (there were two of them) went past. I pointed them out and we both laughed because, honestly, could there be a more Hawaiian thing to happen than outrigger canoes moving into frame as you watch the last of the evening light fade?

Books finished since last Malarkey:

  • A Bigger Table by John Pavlovitz

Not a long book and not a difficult one, either, but I read A Bigger Table exclusively and it took all week because I found myself rereading sentences and paragraphs that I liked. I marked that sucker up like crazy. You should see the number of colorful flags I put in the book! In fact, you probably will, at some point. A Bigger Table is a book about why the author believes churches should be more inclusive and allow people to express their doubts in order to help them grow in faith. The book is part memoir, as the author tells his story to explain how he came to pastor a church that has the kind of inclusive policy of which he speaks.

Posts since last Malarkey:

I don't have an excuse for light posting, this week. Oh, well. It is what it is.

Currently reading:

I just finished A Bigger Table, yesterday, and immediately returned to The Goddess of Mtwara. The first story I read baffled me. The second one was exceptional, and I just read several stories that were all thought-provoking. One was even surprisingly upbeat. I'm close to finishing The Goddess of Mtwara and then I'll return to the remaining two books with bookmarks in them: The Half-Drowned King by Linnea Hartsuyker and Spies in the Family by Eva Dillon. I read a handful of pages of The Half-Drowned King this week but I'm just going to have to restart Spies in the Family, when I get back to it. It's been set aside for too long.

In other news:

I've got three rather large piles of ARCs in my bedroom and a pile of children's books that I've read but haven't reviewed. And, I just discovered a children's book that I haven't yet read, which was literally hiding in plain sight - just sitting very openly on the piano bench and I've probably been walking past it for months. So, I'm back in non-request mode. I'll be accepting children's books because they're easy to read and review quickly (although I do prefer to read them once and then do a Children's Week in which I reread each before reviewing) but otherwise, I'm just going to have to stop accepting books, for now, and enjoy the ones I've got.

What's up in your world?

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  1. Sounds like your reading is coming along nice and steady. I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall. Too much stress in my life. Ah well.

    1. Aw, sorry. I know how that goes, Jenny. Hope things ease up for you, soon.

  2. A Bigger Table sounds interesting. I haven't read a children's book in a long time, and now I want to.

    1. A Bigger Table is so good. He challenges you to think outside your little Christian box and remember who Jesus talked to, ate with, and chastised - and why. If I were still in a Bible Study (I moved away from my old church but only 30 miles - I'd still go if I knew when they met), I'd suggest reading it as a group.

  3. I forgot to say that that photo is beautiful!

    1. Thanks! That was a cool moment!!


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