Monday, August 28, 2006

Blue Funk and Uploading Angst

I've been in the worst blue funk I can recall in recent history, with the slightest thing turning me into a puddle of blubbery wimphood. I'm a complete pudding, this week. And, Blogger has been giving me fits of uploading angst, yet again. Really, most of the time Blogger is great but I think my computer has about had it and the combination of "I Can't Do This Because My Memory Is Failing" (what my computer would say if it could speak) and "The Document Contains No Data" (Blogger bitchiness) is driving me nuts. That and not having enough time to read.

My mood being what it is, if nobody visits my site within about 12 hours of posting, I take the whole darned post down. So, forgive me if things suddenly go *poof*.

Trying to think positive, here . . . Best Reading Things Happening:

Still reading my friend John M. Floyd's book, Rainbow's End, and loving it. It's an anthology containing some of his numerous short stories (he's so prolific, I'm willing to bet he's lost count of how many he's written). There aren't many people who do short stories well, but I've never been disappointed by a single one of John's. There's a bit of O. Henry in John's style, I think: always a clever twist thrown in.

I also started reading Laughter in the Dark by Vladimir Nabokov. And, my copy of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan arrived, today, from Paperback Swap. All that should be enough to break me out of my mood, shouldn't it? Maybe I just need a glass of water and a fluffy pillow, like Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30. With a book, of course.

Blue Bookfool in Search of Enlightenment and/or Cheer


  1. Happy thoughts being sent your way Bookfool! :)

    I was enjoying the last post that went poof. I had to hurry and post so that this one didn't disappear too.

    I really enjoyed SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN. If you liked MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA then you'll probably like this one as well.

    I'm going to look into your friends' books. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Now...put your feet up, take a sip of that tea (?), and enjoy a good book. And remember, happy thoughts are surrounding you!


  2. Aw, thanks Joy. Sniff, sniff. You've made my day. I'm off to read. :)

  3. Nancy,

    I'm suffering from uploading angst myself. Blogger has issues, me thinks. I hope your week improves and that your funk disappears. I hate being in a funk, but I think it's an age thing, ya know? Hugs, dear friend.

  4. Nancy,
    Sorry to hear you're in such a funk. But please don't start deleting posts. I love reading your blog!!! I don't necessarily get to it every 12 hours though! And don't always post comments when I do but I'm reading, I promise!

    Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is a good read. I hope you enjoy it. I need to put in an order to Amazon and because you raved about The Book Thief, I'm very tempted to add it, even though I'm trying not to buy hardbacks. Maybe indulging in some reading and book shopping will help cheer you up. Usually works for me! :P

    As for Blogger, they seem to be working on something over the past couple of days so sometimes it's not working smoothly. Instead of letting it get you down, log out, go relax with a book, and try again later! :)

  5. Les,

    I think you're right, it's an age thing. I did read for a while, last night, and that helped. Today, I'll probably run errands just to get out of the house. Thanks for the hugs. I needed them. :)


    I knew I was being hasty but you do things when you're despondent that you know are illogical when you're not. That's like saying, "I'm weird and I know it," isn't it? LOL Thanks for the encouragement. I'll try not to be in such a hurry to see feedback.

    I hate buying hardbacks, too - they take up too much space! Maybe you could order from Australian Online Books. Since The Book Thief is an Australian book, they probably have it in paperback. It's not listed, but they claim they can get their mitts on anything published. I ordered some of John Marsden's Tomorrow When the War Began series from them, a few years ago, and was very happy with their personal service.

    Okay, I'm going to go do something fun and try to forget I'm in a funk; possibly Snow Flower will end up being part of my cheer-up plan!

    Thanks, everybody. You have really helped!!!!!


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