Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Predict a Slow Reading Week

Today was kiddo's first day back in school - this time 9th grade - and a frantic one at the last minute because he didn't receive his homeroom assignment until the 11th hour (yesterday afternoon, in the mail, after a last-minute desperation call yielded the news that if he didn't get his homeroom assignment it would be posted on the main building door and no, they couldn't tell me over the phone). Schedules weren't handed out till the kids *arrived* in their homeroom classes. His schedule is a disaster. We went through the same chaos every year when the eldest was in high school. I'd forgotten, probably because it was so horrible I mentally blocked the experience.

So, having gotten the kiddo off to school I updated my vacation blog, did a little laundry, turned on some music, sang loudly and then danced like a dork. I can get away with such things when I'm alone. I had fun for roughly two hours. Then, off to run errands.

Here's where the day really began to suck. First, errands that dragged on in a way they shouldn't for reasons not worth elaborating upon. Then, an hour in the crowded, treeless parking lot from hell in 105+ heat index, followed by the news that the schedule was a total mess and kiddo had missed the first swim meeting at the pool.

We arrived home at 4:00; school allegedly dismisses at 2:40 p.m. and it's maybe a 5 minute drive, at best. Just inside the door, I realized that I'd been wearing my shorts inside-out all day long. I did a mental tally of all the places I went with a tag and seams showing on my behind - Walmart, the rescue mission, my friend's photo shop. Just shoot me.

Shortly after, the kiddo handed me a pile of incomprehensible forms. One says, "Circle this number if your child is being transported." Okay, aren't they all transported to school? Do we mean by bus, car, or beamed down from the Enterprise? They asked for the starting date of transport. I wrote in, "Car rider from day 1." I was thinking about Andi of "Tripping Toward Lucidity" (see blog link at left) and her recent desire to find a rooftop and a machine gun. There are days you can understand the maniacs.

I cleaned up the kitchen, ran the disposal and got the clunk-clunk-clunk that means something hard isn't going down. The spouse had put ribs down the drain. It's 9:20 p.m. and I've spent the entire evening filling out forms, translating gibberish, undoing disasters, writing checks for fees and band sweatshirt and blah, blah, blah and realizing that every single damned evening is filled up - even Saturday offers no escape; there's a pep rally that youngest must attend. The only redeeming feature of the entire evening was the hummingbird visit in our derelict kitchen garden (currently going fallow, I believe is the nice way to put it) as I sat at the table. He was green and he loved our weeds. Nice birdy.

Best book news of the day:

Two books arrived - one an autographed copy of my buddy's book, not yet released: Rainbow's End by John Floyd. I'll review that when I get to it and then post a blaring red notice when it's published. John is cool. You'd like John.
The other book was sent by a book list friend. I'm too tired to look up the title but it's a memoir by Jancee Dunn. I think that's right. It looks fun. Fun is good.

Current read is The Secret History of the Pink Carnation. I hope to read a chapter or two after scrubbing the kiddo's tub and soaking in it because . . . you've got it . . . some little microscopic thingy broke in the drain of the master bathroom after I dropped a bowl and the glass shattered everywhere, just after we made it home alive and proved the hubster still has decent reflexes when a deer jumped in front of the car last night and . . . I could go on. My life is bananas. I need a sedative or an hour in a fat leather chair with my book. Either would do.

May your days be full of books and free of hassle.


  1. And it's only Tuesday. YIKES!

  2. Definitely go for the book and the comfy chair. Better than sedatives any day! Hang in there! :)

  3. Booklogged -

    It's Wednesday, now. If I can just get over the hump, it'll be fine. I'm doing a "think positive, keep going" mantra, here.


    I did go for the book and it was quite soothing. Books are like favorite blankies in that way. :)

  4. It's been a while since I've had a day like that, but I can surely relate.

    Wait, actually, Monday was a bit like that. Woke with a cold (hate those summer colds!), discovered a bug bite on my eyelid (or a strange itchy rash?), arrived at "work" (I'm nanny to my two nieces) to discover the 20-month-old has the "throw ups" (why am I there??), and all this is just on the heels of coming home from a long weekend in VA to discover the basement floor (carpeted!) is soaking wet (for how long??) thanks to the A/C condensation line leaking AND the computer router on the blink. Needless to say, hubby and I have enjoyed a few Whiskey Sours on back deck trying not to let life get us down. ;)

    Here's to a calmer week and care-free weekend. Let me know if you need a recipe for above libations. :)

  5. Les,

    Naturally, I had computer trouble and couldn't respond, today. LOL Yeah, some weeks are like that. We were just flooded about 2 weeks ago; I feel for you. It's awful.

    I'm clinking glasses with you to toast a better week, although mine is full of Mt. Dew. It's my stress drink. I never could work up a taste for alcohol, but sometimes I sure wish I could. :)

  6. Ah, and if I drank Mt. Dew, I'd have even more troubles with my newly acquired insomnia (welcome to perimenopause!).

  7. Oh dear, Lesley. You and I have way too much in common. I've been going through that perimenohell insomnia for a couple of years. I take Ambien pretty regularly (unless I'm really zonkered). It's the only way I can stay caught up on sleep. I don't usually drink my Mt. Dew at night, unless I'm losing my mind. :)

  8. I may have to ask Dr. McDreamy (my gynocologist) about Ambien when I see him for my birthday visit in December. I was taking something (name escapes me right now) last year when life threw my family a couple of very nasty curve balls. I hate to rely on them, but I also hate to walk around like a zombie, drinking a pot of coffee by 10 am.

    But, hey, we have a new router so I'm back online on my very own computer AND our basement appears to be dry (knock on potentially mildewy wood), and the munchkins don't have the "throw-ups" anymore, so I shouldn't complain.

  9. Dr. McDreamy? LOL I love that!

    I hate to rely on Ambien, too, but I simply wasn't able to function (and still am not) without help sleeping. And, I do still have my weeks that I'm exhausted even with Ambien but I think that may have to do with a close call I had a few years back. Let's face it, aging sucks.

    Sounds like your week improved. I took a couple of days to do nothing but read and I think I may be on the mend. Books Save Lives. My new campaign. :)

  10. Wow. Just wow.

    I think the ribs down the drain thing really topped it off for me. Men are interesting creatures.

  11. Oh, Andi, tell me about it. I'm surrounded by men, with one husband and two sons!!

    I just drove hubby's car, this morning. It's like a roving trash can. Usually, you open the passenger door and can't sit down. At least I could sit, but it was really hard stuffing in groceries. The trunk is completely full. I can't even tell what's in there!!!!

    Weirdness is all around me.


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