Saturday, August 19, 2006

Too Many Books

The cat should consider herself fortunate if she manages to locate a place to lie down.


  1. haha, I look at this picture and strain my eyes in the hopes I can read the titles of the books in the background. haha, go me.

  2. I do that, too. It's like an illness. If I go into someone's home and they have books behind them on a shelf or something similar, it's miserable trying to concentrate on listening to them talk. I want to browse their titles!!!

  3. You'd probably have a problem enjoying a meal in our house. We have to huge bookcases (from Pottery Barn) in our dining room. One is full of all my fiction that I've read and want to keep (actually, we have more in the living room, as I ran out of space) and the other holds my hubby's nonfiction favorites, my cookbooks and my art books. Needless to say, I think our floor sags a bit on that side of the room (I keep telling myself this is not due to the books, but rather the age of the house - built in 1938).

  4. Les,

    If you invited me over, I have a feeling you'd be showing off your books knowing what to expect from me. :)

    We've got books in every room but the bathrooms, in our home. Even the utility room has a shelf of cookbooks. I think we've been in this house way too long. The books are likely to come to life and eat us one day.


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