Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Since I'm Still Up

It's nearly midnight, but we're up guiding the 9th-grader while he finishes some last-minute touches to a report and diorama. He's pretty decent at forming coherent thoughts but he can't spell worth a flip and he still needs some help with his grammar, so here we are. The kiddo wouldn't have kept us up quite so late, had he not fallen asleep. His days are long so I let him nap until the time factor reached critical status.

So, here's what I bought at Target, yesterday. I set out in search of the totally rocking red lamp that Andi
of Tripping Toward Lucidity found at her store (waving to Andi) but didn't find it. This one caught my eye because of the telescoping feature. I have it fully extended, but the lamp can be lowered. We move our lamps around all the time so that might come in handy.

I haven't yet figured out how to add a link within text or I would have sent you directly to Andi's blog via the name, above. However--lucky you--you can find the path to Andi in my Bloggy Links at left. And feel free to teach the ignorant middle-aged gal a lesson if you're on the curve. I'm sort of inhabiting a distant planet, here (obviously not named "Pluto", thanks to a bunch of nerds who recently experienced a Groupthink High) as I've been housewiving pretty much since the invention of velcro.

The dining table doesn't match because . . . well, I guess because it's not used as a dining table. Or, maybe because I'm a cheapskate. We call said surface "the work table," in its current incarnation. The shelves are my good shelves, Timmerman style by IKEA. They don't make Timmerman, anymore. I wanted to hurt someone when they discontinued the Timmerman series without informing us because I would have slowly filled my entire house with that style. They fit our needs perfectly. We said a few choice words and moved on.

I think the kid's nearly finished and my pillow is calling. Thank heaven; I really need to at least attempt sleep.


Sleepy Bookfool Who Didn't Get to Read Tonight, Darn It


  1. It's just past midnight here so it's now Sept. 1st and I believe it's someone's Birthday today!!! So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wishing you a wonderful day, no blue in sight, and some book-shaped presents! :)

  2. Thanks, Nat!!

    Nobody gives me books! SOB! It's okay; I'm used to last year's sweaters (even though it's still summer . . . "I found it at a great price!" --Mom) and good-smelling stuff (hubby). They're well aware of just how many books I already own. LOL

  3. Congrats on the link! :)

  4. Thanks, Nat!!! I appreciate your help!!! :)


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