Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Currently reading

I started reading Promise Me almost immediately after I put down Turtle Moon. Unfortunately, things are getting in the way and I'm only halfway through the book. It's excellent, so far; life just keeps interferring.

Things that are currently interrupting my reading time:
1. Kiddo getting ready for school (which begins next Tues.)
2. The Mom Taxi Service to swim and band practice.
3. Post-flood clean-up, particularly clutter removal that I should have done years ago.
4. Brain-draining fatigue.

I'm hoping August will be a much better reading month than July.

Happy Reading!


  1. I read this back in May (you can search my blog for my review) and loved it! Gave it an A rating. I've read all of the Myron Bolitar series and was not the least bit disappointed in this new installment.

    Another fun series is Dennis Lehane's Kenzie/Gennaro (sp?) series.

    Hope you get a bit more free time to read. I about to get on a plane and fly for several hours, so I should make some progress in my current read (In Cold Blood). Didn't get much reading done on this vacation, but I really didn't expect to.

  2. I have been saying the same thing, I hope that August is a better reading month than July. *crosses fingers*

  3. I hope you (and I) can get back into the swing soon. I've been horribly interrupted in the reading department as of late, and it's really starting to annoy me.

  4. Lesley, I need to come up with a rating system and stick to it. Maybe I can steal Nat's; it looks good. :)

    Kelly, July was just one of those months. I'm banking on an improvement in August. Finishing a book on the first day of the month bodes well, right? I'll cross my fingers and toes for you, also.

    Hey Andi, haven't seen you in a while (apart from visits to Tripping, etc.). Slow reading months are a major bummer, eh? Hope this month stops the slump so you won't have to be annoyed. An annoyed Andi is a bad thing, especially when combined with . . . is it vodka? Let's just vow that red eyes will only be caused by long nights of reading, shall we? ;)


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