Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Grizzly Maze packs its bags

Because my review was uncommonly lengthy, I've moved the review of The Grizzly Maze here (January 1). Please feel free to jog over and read or comment. I have the feeling that many people who visit my blog would be disinterested in this book because it's such a sad and gruesome true story.

The gist of the review: I read The Grizzly Maze mainly because I wanted to read something by Alaska resident Nick Jans. The writing was a good, thorough assessment of the terrible deaths of two people who were killed by bears, which looked at the questions about the situation from all angles; and the author did a solid job of staying neutral with only a tiny bit of slant showing through. Because I had mixed feelings and felt the author didn't deserve a low rating but I would probably give it one merely because I shouldn't have read it, being a wimp, I chose not to rate it.

Coming up: a brief comment on my first deliberate DNF of the year and the story of the robot that gave a secret away.

Also, I should mention that there are two comments in limbo in my little bloggy world. Every time I go to my dashboard, 2 comments show need for approval (it was 1, until yesterday), but they don't appear at all when I click on the link to the comments. So, Blogger is apparently contemplating them but hasn't digested them, just yet. If you've posted and a message has not shown up, please give it another try. I'm not rejecting any comments.

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  1. Is this the same case that was in the movie "Grizzly Man"?

  2. Yep, same guy. There's a brief section about the movie, at the beginning of the book, and he mentions it quite a few times throughout. I think Jans was really offended by the way Treadwell was portrayed and thought that Werner Herzog (don't know if he was director, producer or what) deliberately cut Treadwell's home movies to give the impression that he was off his rocker. Have you seen it?

  3. I've seen the was hard to tell how biased it was, considering I really didn't know anything about Treadwell to begin with. There seemed to be a lot of negative slant, though.

    No matter whether his actions were right or wrong, he seemed to be a guy that was very misunderstood.

  4. Nyssaneala,

    If you've seen the documentary and you're interested, you might enjoy the book because it does go into quite a bit of detail about Treadwell.

    Yeah, I think he was definitely very misunderstood. It also sounds like he was surprisingly naive, or maybe just a little too tenderhearted. He sounded like a real personable guy - so outgoing and vivacious that it was easy to make friends with him. I don't think the people that actually met him in person considered him crazy, although they all seemed to acknowledge he was a bit of a con man and loved the spotlight.


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