Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wahoo Wednesday Returns

I used to do Wahoo! Wednesday posts all the time, and then I think I went through a week or two (or ten) of blues and let it slide, eventually forgetting the concept completely. But, with people like Jennifer discussing the concept of not complaining (with particular focus on quiet as a virtue) and a book called The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking in the current-reading pile, I've been thinking about how good it is to focus on the positive. So, with that in mind, I'm returning to an attempt to post about things that I think are worth saying "Wahoo!" about, right now.

1. Purple with green. I just love those two colors, together, in any shade. My son and I were driving away from the library when I spotted the wisteria, at left, on one of the brick posts of The Great Hope Manor on Cherry Street and parked nearby to snap a few photographs. The youngster is remarkably patient for a 15-year-old guy. Incidentally, you can buy Great Hope Manor if you've got roughly $2.9 million lying around.

2. Surprising moments - like suddenly finding the perfect spot where wisteria is hanging over bricks, seeing a wild turkey running beside your car, discovering a new little corner that you've never noticed in the town where you live, finding an interesting use of words in a book (like "banquet of madness", mentioned in the review below). Kiddo and I were just leaving a parking lot when two birds flew overhead. I paused the car because the sight was unusual . . . they weren't the same size or type of birds, but why were they together? As they came closer, my son and I realized that what we were looking at was a crow chasing a hawk and the crow took a little nip at the poor hawk's tail feathers before they disappeared into the trees. It was truly an awesome, unexpected moment.

3. A great musical moment with a total stranger (and he didn't even know). Earlier this week, the three of us were eating out in a fast-food restaurant when a terrific song began playing on the store's speakers. I looked off to the side and saw a fellow shimmying with his shoulders. "That makes two of us that want to get up and dance," I told my husband. We memorized the chorus and I looked up the song, "Respect Yourself", when we returned home. Joe Cocker sang a version of it, but the one we heard was by The Staple Singers. Never heard of them in my life, but what a terrific piece of music. Which makes me grateful for . . .

4. Music clips on the internet. It is so freaking wonderful to be able to look up an album or a song and listen to a little bit, find the artist, check out a singer that friends are raving about. After figuring out who sang the version of "Respect Yourself" that we'd listened to, I decided to check out John Mayer. Les and Andi discussed him recently and I'd seen him in St*r Magazine (which I did not subscribe to; more about that, another time) but never had heard his music. Oh, wow. Oh, wow, oh wow. I've gotta get some of that fellow's music.

And, I also have to get off the computer because the husband is making cute little coughs, occasionally saying, "Same paragraph, same page, two hours." Funny guy. I need sleep, anyway. A good night's sleep is definitely something worth saying "Wahoo!" about.


  1. I find myself sometimes wishing that there were more of those perfect moments in life where everything just fits together. But at the same time, they wouldn't be as special if they were too frequent.

    I was in denial about John Mayer for a long time, but he really is an incredible musician. His latest album, Continuum, is great! Very blues-y

  2. I love wisteria, but don't believe I've ever seen it in person. Just in pictures. Gorgeous.

    I've been racking my brains (or is that wracking?), trying to remember when I mentioned John Mayer and I finally realized you were probably thinking about the time I was telling Andi about John Hiatt (I sent her some cds). But it's funny that you're talking about music on blogs because I've been sitting here for over an hour trying to get a link to a song I wanted to share using radioblogclub and I keep getting an error on Blogger (one of those irritating tag not closed errors). ARGH! I give up! I'm going for my walk/run instead of sitting here in frustration.

  3. Yeah, that listening to songs before you buy them, is so nice now. I remember many CD's where I only knew one song, bought it, and hated all the rest. :P

  4. Chris,

    Great way to put it - if life was all smooth and perfect, we wouldn't appreciate those wonderful moments; we'd just expect them.

    I don't know how I turned John Hiatt into John Mayer, but I'm glad I did! I think Continuum is the one I was listening to snippets of at Amazon. I'll take your word for it; I need to start a music wish list.


    I wasn't familiar with wisteria when we moved here and it took me quite a while to put the name and the plant together, but it's everywhere, right now and it is absolutely stunning.

    Yep, it was John Hiatt and I don't know how I turned him into John Mayer, but I'm glad I did! He's on my wish list, now!!

    What is radioblogclub?


    Me, too. It took a lot of mistakes to realize one song doesn't necessarily set the tone for an entire album.

  5. My favorite flowers are also purple and green...lilacs. I could just park myself under them and sniff the day away. They will be in bloom soon and I can't wait.

    Music videos on the internet is a bad, bad thing. I could waste an entire day looking at clips and never get any reading done! ;)

  6. Anonymous4:00 PM

    You have such an awareness and appreciation of nature. It makes me think I should also slow down and enjoy the simple things in life a bit more. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  7. radioblogclub is a site that allows you to upload and stream songs on your blog. Unfortunately, I haven't quite figured it out yet. :)

  8. Les,

    Okay, thanks for the answer. Maybe you can come back and tell me more when you figure it out. ;)

  9. Nice thoughts.

    I love a good musical moment. In fact, it's my favorite kind of comedy--a funny song in a commercial or movie or something--perfect.

  10. Kookie,

    I'm with you 100% on the lilacs. :)

    So far, I've steered clear of clips on the net, apart from occasionally viewing one at a friend's site or looking up specific songs/albums. You're right; it could easily suck the whole day away.


    Wow, thank you so much for the huge compliment; that one's going in my "warm fuzzy" file. :)

    And, pardon me - I had a longer response to you, which I tried to alter, and I ended up deleting the whole thing. There are times I should not touch the computer!!

  11. Jennifer,

    Thanks. Me, too. Thinking about great movie musical moments (I seldom see commercials, since we don't watch TV much in this house) makes me think of the movie Music and Lyrics. Have you seen that one? I thought they did an excellent job of inserting humor into the music in that particular movie.

  12. Yay! I love your wahoo wednesdays and how you find the positive in the everyday! And I agree, purple and green are such a beautiful combination!

  13. John Mayer sang one of the songs for Cars I think it was Route 66. I was impressed. But I have enough cds and don't really need to buy anymore. My parents have lilac bushes at our house. I hope they continue to grow. I love them. :)

  14. Nat,

    Thanks. It feels good to get back to doing wahoos I think I need that positive infusion. :)


    I very seldom buy music, anymore. We still have our old LPs from the 70's and need to get rid of our cassettes. But, hey, at least David threw out the 8-tracks when the only car with an 8-track player was totaled (by a guy who ran a stop sign - 3 weeks before we were married).

    We don't have any lilacs, so you and Kookiejar can breathe in and send the thought to me. :)

  15. Hey! Thanks for joining in on my meme. I was going to post this on your actual post but the comment thing isn't showing up.

  16. Kailana,

    I don't know how that keeps happening, but I've fixed the missing comment option. Thanks for mentioning it!


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