Friday, March 23, 2007


Upon waking up (extremely late, with what my old boss used to refer to as a "screaming headache"), I discovered that I somehow managed to not enable comments on my Thinking Blogger post. Thanks to Les and Wendy for drawing that to my attention.

I love this photo from Walter S. Arnold's website. It expresses that "yikes" feeling so well, doesn't it? Many thanks to Walter (the sculptor) for granting permission to use this photo.

Coming up when I can focus, again:

*A review of Chocolat
*New challenge lists

I've been attempting to change my sidebar challenge buttons and links, but I think maybe it's not a great idea to attempt to make HTML changes with a migraine pounding away, so I'll quit for now. However, I hope to join in on the Spring Reading Thing and the Nonfiction Five and I can't remember what else. And, I need to put up a link to Estella's Revenge but my brain can't wrap around how to put up a button that actually links to a place. Later, later. Have a great day, everyone. I'm off to close my eyes.

Bookfool in agony


  1. Poor Bookfool. :(

    Hope you feel better soon.

    More challenges? Phew! You are braver than I am. I'm in up to my neck...but loving every minute of it! ;)

    get some rest.

  2. Thanks, K, I'm heading back to lie down with my long-suffering cat (had to pick up the kiddo from school). Last time I looked in on her she was licking the pillow. Hmm.

  3. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Poor baby! Go lay down. Migraines are hell.

    Oooh, I checked out Nessie's challenge! Too bad I'm not up to adding Proust to my crowded Challenge field. I'm going to be hella impressed with myself if I make any of the challenges.

    What a great list of Thinking Blogs!

    Licking the pillow? I won't even ask why she might be doing that. Cats. Inscrutable and face it, weird.

  4. Carrie,

    Thanks, I did nap a bit with the nutty cat (she's a "wool-biter"; it's supposedly naughty but not entirely uncommon behavior for a cat to nip on things like nearby blankets while kneading). Yep, cats are kinda weird, but so fun.

    I feel a little better but I look like I have a migraine - pale with horrid black circles under my eyes. I'm not a raving beauty when I feel terrific but, man. I could scare someone! Migraines are definitely hell.

    Isn't Nessie's challenge cool? But, nope, I'm not up to that one, either. Thanks, I'm glad you liked my list. It was so hard choosing just 5!!!

  5. Headaches are awful and so debilitating. I know what you mean about not being able to focus on anything. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  6. Thanks, Nat. So far nothing's working on this migraine. I'm giving up for the night - hubby has nicely volunteered to sleep on the futon so I can flop any old which way across the bed and hopefully get some sleep. Isn't he sweet?

  7. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Hope you feel well soon. Maybe some chocolate will help ?

  8. Yes, he is! I hope a good night's sleep helps. Sweet dreams!

  9. Gavin,

    Thanks. I'm feeling terrific, today. Chocolate is always cheering, though! :)

  10. Nat,

    Hubby's not in such a sweet mood, today. The lawn mower is not starting, I told him he should put sunscreen on and that ticked him off . . . I'm staying away. Good thing I got rid of that migraine!!! Thanks for the wishes; I had a nice night's sleep. :)

  11. LOVE the picture - I've had days where I felt like that :-)

    More challenges?? I'm having to resist any more for a while. I'm having fun with my one chunkster a month plan (thanks to you!!) but it's not leaving me much time for other reading for a few months.

  12. Suzi,

    Isn't that a great little statue? :)

    Yes, I'm considering a few of the challenges but they'll have to fit my reading pattern, in some way, because too many challenges make my brain hurt!! Glad you're enjoying your chunksters. They do take time; that's for sure.


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