Friday, July 20, 2007

36 Cloudless Hours and the Cats Still Need Machetes

We had around 36 hours without rain. The sun was shining, the interior car temperature rocketed back up to the point that sunglasses left in a shady nook became untouchably hot, lawnmowers were humming throughout the neighborhood . . . and it didn't even occur to me that I should run to the grocery store while I had the chance to go without getting soaked or hit by lightning.

The image is from All Posters. Isn't it cool?

So, the husband came home after a long meeting . . . starving. We both knew the food situation was getting desperate around the house. When he walked in the door, the conversation went something like this:

H: Billy's?

Me: Yeah, I'm thinking white pizza.

Kid: Yuck. El Sombrero.

H & Me: Not hungry enough for Mexican.

Kid: Not Billy's.

H: What else is available that's not greasy?

Me: Nothing. Unless you want bad service.

H: Not in the mood for lousy service. Applebees sounds good.

Kid: Yeah, it does.

Me: Applebees is in Jackson.

H: Yes.

Me: I could handle that, but you won't make it home in time to mow.

H: I'll be home, tomorrow. Road trip?

Me: (shrug, nod) Road trip.

Kid: Yeah! Road trip!

We piled into the Toyota and drove east, but somewhere along the way we decided that the only decent Applebees is on the far side of Jackson and that was a bit far. We ended up going to Corky's, a barbeque place (or BBQ, as they call it) that was 20 miles closer than the 50-mile drive to Applebees. Corky's was packed and they were shy one waitress, but when we finally were seated in a booth and then served some whopping fine food, we were very happy campers.

It rained on the return trip. Deep sigh. The back yard grass comes up to the neighborhood cats' shoulders; they practically need machetes to get through our yard (which, by the way, at least six cats firmly believe is their territory and nobody else's). The front yard isn't quite as bad but it definitely needs a haircut. And, a storm is coming. Isn't life something? But, hey, I haven't had to water in a month!

Back to books. I've been struggling through the summer slump that several other bloggers have mentioned and am, therefore, concentrating on whatever appears to be short, light, and begging me to read it right now. That concept seems to work okay. Last week, I got a copy of Consider This, Senora (if anyone knows how to put a tilde over the n in the middle of a word, please let me know - I can't figure it out) for a quarter. I tossed it on top of a pile and it taunted me - seriously, just taunted me - for a week. I don't know what it was about that book. Last night, I was trying to decide what to read next. I'm waiting for a review book, but it hasn't arrived. I carried a significant pile of books into the bedroom and flipped through them - nothing was grabbing me. But, Consider This, Senora just kept on hollering until I gave in.

And, guess what? I'm loving it. Who'd have thought. Maybe I should listen to my books more often.

Note for cat owners: We received a sample of Temptations Tasty Chicken Flavor cat treats in the mail, today. Sunshine was completely disinterested. Spooky went nuts, seriously nuts. I gave her one, just to see if she'd like it and the cat freaked out. "Meeeooooore!!!" she shouted. That was one insistent pussycat. She actually wiped out the entire pouch. If you have a chicken freak, give them a try. Thanks to Malady for the sample link.

The noisy thunderboomers have arrived. Gotta go.

Bookfool, who is pretty sure she couldn't live in the Pacific Northwest without going off her rocker


  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Rain is fun. Move here, it hardly ever rains and we have the dry hills to prove it.

    Wow, 50 miles for a restaurant? I am so spoiled.

    Mowing is vastly overrated. Grass should roam free! Or something like that.

  2. Forget the tilde. Consider This, Senora is an interesting book, and the funny thing is that I don't really know why I liked it. But I did. Read it about 9-10 years ago and even got another of Harriet Doerr's books, Stones for Ibarra, which was okay but didn't keep my interest as well.

  3. Forgot to say that I really like that lightning poster!

  4. I love Corky's! We have one in New Orleans too...I usually hate BBQ unless it's cooked by dad or me at home, but I'll make an exception for them.

    My reading slump will surely be cured at midnight tonight when Harry Potter will be released :D

  5. Carrie,

    I like rain, just not almost daily for a month. It grows tiresome and encourages bad things to thrive (like mosquitoes - I can't walk to the mailbox without getting a bite; I can't take out trash without getting nipped).

    You're spoiled. We have a Southern Style restaurant (not my thing), two nice Mexican places (a little heavy), one with French cuisine (the lettuce is usually wilted and the waitresses are snobby; I'd love to get my hands on their bread pudding recipe) and one not very authentic Italian place (heavy, but nice owners). The rest is all greasy fast food or not our thing.

    Not mowing can provide hiding places for unpleasant animals. It's obligatory. Darn.


    I'm really enjoying it; it's rather a laid-back literary feast. The title was oddly familiar, as is that of Stones for Ibarra, but I don't know why. Maybe we had copies in the bookstore - the time frame is right.

    Isn't that a gorgeous photo?


    Are you back home? I've only recently discovered Corky's. Ribs are too messy for me and I'm not much of a BBQ person either, but I like their sausage and cheese plate. The guys help me out a bit - it's pretty big. :)

    Oh, argh. Midnight is too late for going to malls where people stab and shoot each other, but we have to go. The kiddo is swimming, tomorrow, and we won't have time to pick up the book. He wants to read between events, so we're stuck. Darn. I only made it through #2 and then fizzled. I can do without all the hullabaloo over Harry. I hope the sheriff is at the mall. I feel the need for the presence of a man with a badge or his friendly deputies.

  6. If you are still interested in the tilde...
    se & n tilde; ora

    put that all together for seƱora.


    Tag, Bookfool! You're it.

  8. Kookie,

    Thanks!!! I had those letter, but not the spaces. I'll give it a try. Yay!


    Uh-oh. I'll come right over to see what you tagged me for. Thanks.


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