Thursday, July 19, 2007

Another quiz!

Which Author's Fiction are You?

Jane Austen wrote you. You are extremely aware of the power of a single word.
Take this quiz!

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  1. I'm Flannery O'Connor's work because 'not much escapes my notice'. Hmmm. Some quizzes are more spot on than others.

  2. Gross, I got:
    Anne Rice is writing your life. Go you goth girl, go.
    And I didn't choose any goth themed answers.

  3. Kookie,

    That seems a fitting description of you.


    Hmmm. That's an odd one. I'm wondering if it was the "hot tea" that did the trick. I didn't like any of the other answers for drinks.

  4. I got Jane Austen too.
    I didn't like any of the other drink choices either although it's too hot for hot tea. A nice unsweetened iced tea would be nice though. :)

  5. I hate tea.. I had picked Martinis.. Because it was the closest answer of all of them. lol

  6. Nat,

    Jane Austen seems right for you. Yes, I looked at that "hot" bit and thought . . . not hot. Iced. But, tea was the only drink that made any sense at all.

  7. Angela,

    Martinis, eh? Tea was the only one I'd even consider. I thought about choosing lemonade because it's cool, but then decided that was silly because I really hate lemonade. So, in spite of the word "hot", I chose tea. :)

  8. I got Jane Austen, too. But I knew when I answered I was skewing things in that direction. Once it mentioned hot tea and Netherfield and Pemberley, I knew where it was going...

  9. Gentle Reader,

    I didn't know where it was headed, but I should have. LOL If I'd thought about it too hard, though, I probably would have confused Pemberley with Manderley, which is Rebecca's setting.

  10. I got Jane Austen on the first pass, but there was one question that I could have answered two ways. When I went with Plan B, I was Flannery O'Connor.

    Love 'em both. But they're probably rolling over in their collective graves at the thought of having spawned a character such as I.

    Fun quiz!

  11. Ha! I'm Jane Austen's work also!!!

  12. I join you in your Jane Austin style. It's not a surprise that we are similar, but it was a fun quiz in which to partake!

  13. Amy,

    Apparently, you and I have more in common than a love of cats and books. :)


    I'm not surprised, either! It was pretty fun, eh? :)

  14. I'm Flannery O'Connor -- and I've never heard of her. Sounds like I need to do some reading and find out where I came from. :)

  15. Tristi,

    Jenclair has been talking about Flannery O'Connor at A Garden Carried in the Pocket. She was a Southern writer and from the quotes posted, Flannery sounded like quite a character. Go check out Jenclair's July 18-19 entries from O'Connor's letters.

  16. Like Kookiejar, I'm Flannery O'Connor's work!

    Not sure I'm that observant tho'!

  17. I think you are, Lotus. :)


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