Sunday, July 08, 2007

Rockin' in the Deep and Sticky South with a Winged Buddy

I think I've delayed long enough on this one. Because I dragged my feet, Bonnie, Melissa and Nat all tagged me for a Rockin' Girl Blogger Award. Rockin' Moth is about to break out in song on the antenna of our aging Honda, above. He only thinks it's a microphone. Poor, stupid moth.

As usual, I fretted and tossed and turned over who to tag because I wouldn't have added any blogger I don't admire to my links. And, hey, look at that. It's limited to girls! Anyone for cross-dressing so I can tag you? Just kidding. Kidding, kidding. I'm a little late, so if you've already been tagged, just print out Rockin' Moth and add him to your shelf full of awards. Or, whatever.

1. Colleen Gleason of For All the World to See - Colleen doesn't just read, she's the author of a totally rockin' paranormal historical romance series and - as I recently found out - she is loads of fun in real life. If you haven't read her books, you really should. Colleen definitely rocks.

2. Nik of Keep This on the DL - She lives in Italy, where she's toughing it out on her own in spite of the language barrier. I love her honesty. I love that she was willing to quit a job that was driving her nuts. I love how crazy she is about her husband. I wish she lived next door to me. Nik rocks.

3. Lazy Cow at Only Books All the Time - Not too long ago, LC took a hiatus from blogging but she's back. Yippee! I missed the chatter about her kids and her books and seeing her beautiful, light-drenched photos. She's a rockin' mom who takes loads of photos of her kids reading (what could be cooler than a reading family?) and who lives in one of my husband's new favorite cities in the world: Melbourne. Neato. Keep rocking, LC.

4. Maggie of Maggie Reads - Of course, she rocks because she's a librarian who actually reads (more rare than you'd think) while fighting the battle to get more Mississippians to read. But, she'd rock anyway, if only because she's so creative and fun. Who else would have thought to give away pecans as a drawing prize? Rock on, Maggie.

5. All of the rest of you. Seriously, I think you all rock or I would have probably quit talking to myself a long time ago.

Pass it on, if you feel like it. Or, just admire Rockin' Moth and be happy.

Bookfool, off to read a rockin' Australian young adult novel (I just love John Marsden).


  1. Thank you for the nomination and the nice words! You really made my day. And I think you're a rockin' blogger too.

  2. Nik,

    I meant every word and I'm glad I made your day. Day-making is one of my favorite things to do. ;)

  3. Congrats chica! You totally rock!

  4. myutopia,

    Thanks and right back at ya. I really do like being called "chica". LOL

  5. You definitely rock, Nancy! I always enjoy your blog posts. You make me laugh, you introduce me to new books and authors, and you are such a great person all around.

  6. Wendy,

    Wow, thanks. I'm speechless. Think I'll stick your note in the warm fuzzy file for when I need an upper. :)

  7. Arghh, so so sorry I never responded to this (I'd tagged it in Bloglines and never got back to it). Thank you so much. I never feel I deserve these things, but it's a very nice feeling to be chosen :-)
    I think your blog is just rockin' too, and I love reading about all aspects of your life, not just the bookish side.

  8. LC,

    That's okay, I'm behind on my memes. Sometimes all that tagging is hard to keep up with! I love your blog; don't downplay it. You have a fun blog and your photos are terrific. :)


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