Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Guys in the House = Explosives on the Driveway


  1. Oh - that is SO true :-)

  2. Dewey,

    Funny thing is, I didn't even want to go out and watch. Hubby said, "You have to," so I dragged the camera out and turned it to sport. ;)


    Apparently, you've been around males!

  3. LOL, I love it. We went to Goldsboro, NC (where Seymour Johnson Air Force Base is) last night for fireworks. The show lasted almost 30 minutes! I was suprised that they went all out in a smallish town.

    Incidentally there was a man with his car loaded down with fireworks like the ones you've got pictured here, and his boys were setting them off IN THE PARKING LOT OF THE MALL. Dumbasses. I love fireworks in the driveway at home, but in the parking lot, NOT SO MUCH. lol

    I hope y'all had fun!

  4. Andi,

    If they've got the budget, sometimes small towns do the best fireworks shows. Tifton, Georgia puts on quite an amazing show. In my hometown, it was illegal to set off fireworks the way we do, here, so there was always a huge, wonderful show at the lake. The viewers were on one side and the people setting off the explosives on the other, so there was also no risk to the little kiddies, which was nice.

    At the MALL? There are a lot of nuts in the world. LOL While the guys were lighting our fireworks, Will's neighborhood friends stood outside watching and clapped after each firework fizzled. It was so cute. When we were done, he said, "Show's over!"

    We did have a great time. We didn't have all that many because one of the big fireworks places was shut down by the time we went out looking, but it was kind of cool outside and I didn't get a single mosquito bite!! That's why I usually don't go out - they eat me alive. I was happy. :)

  5. Great photos! Fireworks are very strictly regulated in L.A. county because of fire concerns, but there always seem to be lots of smaller displays around town. But my boys would be SO much happier if they could shoot them off themselves...looks like it was fun!

  6. GR,

    That was true in my home state, too. Western Oklahoma, in particular, is very dry (I grew up in north-central OK; there's a line not far east where the climate becomes more humid, like Arkansas, but my hometown got the desert winds). Sparklers and smoke bombs were allowed in the city limits, but that's about it. I was really kind of shocked when we moved here and found that not only do people light some whopping big fireworks on the 4th, they also celebrate the New Year with fireworks.

    They always do have fun, yep. I think it's a guy thing. :)

  7. Very pretty and sparkley! Glad your hubby made it home safely! We had our own little show last night too. I hate fighting the crowds at the "big" displays here in town.

    Besides, we will be doing Disney in August. Those are the best fireworks around!

  8. Hi Stephanie!

    Thanks. Did you have fun? I'm so with you on not wanting to fight the crowds. Our paper said 7500 people went out to see the fireworks, here. I thought, "Eww, why?" Our little driveway display was more than enough for me. :)

    I'm a weirdo; I hate the Disney thing. We went to Disney World once and it was not my thing. Not that I didn't have fun (as much fun as you can have hauling around a very, very heavy nursing 4-month-old while managing a hyper 7-year-old on your own; maybe that was the problem - hubby was at a conference). But, I can't imagine going back.

  9. I am sooooo not into fireworks...what is it with guys, anyway? LOL Jeff loves 'em, too!


  10. Tammy,

    I have no idea. My husband even knew a kid who had some blow up in his hand. You'd think that would put a guy off, wouldn't you?


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