Friday, July 27, 2007

Five Beautiful Things for Friday

A little more lightening up with photos and I hope to post a book review, soon. I'm slowly working on the review of Consider This, Senora and have finished reading Ticket to Tomorrow by Carol Cox - had a bit of trouble trying to load a photo of that one into my sidebar, so I'll just try to get a review written, ASAP. Here are five beautiful things I've seen, this week:

1. A deer running across the road from a small forested area, into our neighborhood. No photo because we didn't have the camera, but it was a great moment. We do sometimes see deer in the area, but not typically running into our subdivision.

2. A little anole lizard hatchling! This fellow is a little over 1" long in the body - he's a tiny, tiny creature:

3. The cat. Spooky is trying very hard to let us know there's still a kitty present in the house and that she's a nice one - very companionable and currently devoting herself to an excessive display of feline cuteness:

4. Youngest son (in Coca-Cola shirt) and friend at band initiation, where all were being hosed down by the volunteer fire truck after the freshmen were sprayed with shaving cream (apparently, a time-honored tradition):

5. Teenage boys and mud - always a fun combination, right?

Wishing everyone a happy and safe weekend.



  1. Awww, sweet kitty.

  2. She's been such a little angel, keeping my company. In fact, Miss Spooky is lying on the floor behind me, right now. Love it!

  3. She's as lonely as you are, ya know. Good thing you have each other.

    And the pictures of your son helped me a lot. That is how teenagers should be. Joyous and carefree.

    Do me a favor and give him a hug for me, okay?


  4. CJ,

    I think Miss Spooky is kind of enjoying the fact that she gets all the attention, now. :)

    I'm glad the pictures helped. My son is, fortunately, very huggy. I'll give him a hug for you, right now.

    And, (((hugs))) to you. Hope next week is better.

  5. I see you balanced your moaning with something positive. :-) Good idea!

    That lizard is adorable! I don't like snakes but I sure do like lizards.

    Great shot of Spooky. My Parker hasn't been feeling too well lately. I'm getting worried. I hate it when my animals are sick. At times like this I wish most of all we spoke the same language . . .

    Your son and his friend look like they are having a lot of fun, Nancy. I bet that was refreshing with in the heat!

  6. Great pictures :) And so good to see these posts from you! I've been seeing all kinds of little tiny baby lizards lately and they're adorable. It's strange, I've never seen baby lizards before this summer and now I've been seeing tons of them...I really contribute a lot of this new "eye for nature" to you. So you can pat yourself on the back for attributing to people (me at least) taking a little bit more time to recognize the beauty that surrounds them :)

  7. Wendy,

    I like to keep my blog positive, so yep - that's what I was thinking . . . have to do a very upbeat post, too. You're very perceptive. :)

    I'm fond of the lizards, too. This is the first year I've seen the lizards displaying and then seen the little offspring. They are so cute!!

    Oh, no, I hope Parker is okay! How old is he? Please keep me posted on how he's doing.

    I think all the band kids had a great time. They were supposed to have the fire truck come to practice on Thursday to hose them down, just to cool off, but then 4 cars from the county sheriff's dept. went by with sirens blaring and the director said, "We may not get our fire truck with all this emergency vehicle activity." Sure enough, the truck didn't arrive. So, I think they doubly enjoyed the water on Friday.

  8. Chris,

    Thank you. I was a wreck for those first few days after we lost our little Sunshine. She was what some of us call a "puppy cat" - smart and very loyal. She followed me around, greeted me at the door when I came home, etc.

    You know, my husband said the same thing about having a new awareness for nature, not long ago - and then he went on to tell me about the kangaroo he saw in Australia, which nobody else noticed. I've actually never seen the little lizard hatchlings before, either. Aren't they just the cutest things? So tiny!

    Thanks for sharing that. If I've helped open up anyone's eyes to the beauty around them, I'm thrilled. We all need to take more time to look for beauty, don't you think?

  9. Nancy, Parker is about 6 years old. He seems to be doing better tonight, so maybe it was nothing serious. The vet said to just watch him at this point and if he gets worse to bring him in.

    I'll be curious to know what you though of Fan Wu's book once you complete it.

  10. Wendy,

    Six years old is still young. Here's hoping he has something easy to fix.

    I'll let you know when I finish February Flowers. So far, I'm finding it descriptive but nothing seems to be happening. I'm more fascinated in the culture than anything else.

  11. Those pictures are so great. Especially the ones of your son, mud and boys always does look like a good time.

  12. Nik,

    Thanks. My son is actually just in one photo - he wasn't one of the kids sliding in the mud - but I thought it was so cute watching all of the teenagers. They had such a fantastic time. I think I must have taken at least 100 photos.


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