Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wahoo! Wednesday

Yes, folks, it's Wahoo! Wednesday, already. Hard to believe, isn't it? I'm just going right into the wahoos. Pardon me for the crappy photography. I am having a lazy week - too tired and frustrated to bother doing things well, so the photos are a wee bit dark and . . . well, crappy. But, anyway . . .

1. Wahoo for yucky weather! It's cold. It's raining. My feet are freezing. I love it!! I can now wear long pants and stop sticking to my computer chair. Double wahoo!

2. Some people have cable. Some folks have satellite service. Some have high-definition or large-screen TVs and TiVo and big, fat couches with cup holders. We have none of that - no cable, no satellite, no TiVo . . . in fact, no couch (we donated our ugly old sofa, not long ago). What have we got in our living room? Two chairs, a million books and Snow TV. And, I say Wahoo for Snow TV!

It's hard to look at but it costs absolutely nothing beyond the price of the electricity used to run the television set. Besides, it's blurry from where the chairs are located because our living room is badly designed and both seats are located at the far end of the room, opposite the TV, by necessity. Good thing the three blind bats in our household don't watch much TV.

3. On that note: Wahoo for the MUTE button on the remote control!!

4. Of course there have to be some book wahoos. I haven't posted recent acquisitions in a while, so this bunch is a doozy. Wahoo for book acquisitions!!! Click on photos to enbiggen.

Pile #1 - will have to redo the photo, sorry. I'll try to update, later. Here's what was in the photo:

Loving Will Shakespeare - Carolyn Meyer - Paperback Swap
A Friend from England - Anita Brookner - library sale find
The Mercy of Thin Air - Ronlyn Domingue - library sale
Powers - Ursula LeGuin - Estella review book
Twilight - Stephanie Meyer - total impulse purchase using gift card at Borders
A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson - Paperback Swap

Pile #2 - all from Book Closeouts (kiddo suckered me into ordering some books for him; I checked my wish list and had some fun):

Top to bottom:

A Break with Charity - Ann Rinaldi
The Coffin Quilt - Ann Rinaldi (both titles recommended by Tammy)
Making Up Your Mind - Jill Mansell, a favorite British Chick Lit author
The House With a Clock in its Walls - John Bellairs - thanks to RIP II reviews
Star Split - Kathryn Lasky - I think this was an RIP recommendation, but I'm not certain
Our Yanks - Margaret Mayhew - listserv recommendation
Remind Me Again Why I Need a Man - Claudia Carroll - listserv friend's recommendation
Out of the Silence - Wendy James - thanks to Tara's review
The Linnet Bird - Linda Holeman - listserv friends' recommendations

Pile #3:

Top to bottom:

Hornblower and the Atropos - C. S. Forester - Paperback Swap

The rest of Pile #3 are from the library sale:

Cold Comfort Farm - Stella Gibbons
Girl from the South - Joanna Trollope
The Reinvention of Work - Matthew Fox
Introduction to Great Books - a series work, no author listed on cover
The Scarlet Letter - Nathaniel Hawthorne

This was actually also a big book-purge week, as I decided I just haven't been reading mysteries. With that in mind, I listed a dozen books (mainly cozy mysteries) at Paperback Swap and offloaded 10 of them. Then, I loaded a sack with some others that have been lingering on my shelves, unread, and dropped them off at the library (where they will be sold to other weaklings).

5. Still wahooing over my Shutterfly book. By request, here is another page from my book - one of the butterfly spreads:

If anyone knows what type of butterfly that all-white fellow is, please let me know. I've been unable to identify him.

Posting and blog-hopping may be a bit sporadic as I'm unsure at what point my presence will be required at home. My mother's cancer has worsened and treatment is not working, so chemo will be added to her radiation regimen. I think, basically, she'd rather I was there to help out when she knows she won't be eating much because she's well aware that I'm a disinterested cook. Sad, but true. I love her kitchen, but I'm so unmotivated around food. So, please forgive me if I'm unable to blog-hop due to the fact that life is sort of sucking and I am wrapping some things up to prepare for leaving at an as-yet-undetermined date. It looks like the 2007 NaNoWriMo experience may go down the drain. Bwaaaaah.

I haven't finished a single book, this week, but I'm currently reading and enjoying Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and The House on the Strand by Daphne du Maurier. I hope to finish something soon. Anything. I also read two short stories from The Lottery by Shirley Jackson. Neither floated my boat, so I'll probably review the book and mention any favorites that I happen to find, once completed.

Happy Reading!

Bookfool in fuzzy socks


  1. Chris said:

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's cancer, Nancy. That's rough. It's great that you'll be with her. I have two members of my family going through chemo right now and it's really draining. I wish you and her the best and I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

    In regards to books, I can't wait to hear reviews start coming in on [oops, I had to remove the title]! You got some great books there. The Rinaldi books look great just from the cover of A Break With Charity. Also looking forward to your Twilight thoughts. I've been teetering back and forth on that series...maybe you'll convince me to finally pick it up ;)

    I'm loving this weather right now! I'll take cold and rain any day over hot and humid! Glad to find another person who's like minded. I think you have to go deep into the south to really appreciate this kind of weather ;)

    How you live without cable is beyond me! lol...I'm not a big TV fanatic, but when I do watch TV, it needs to be clear! Oh, and your photography book...I wanted to tell you, it's amazing! I love it. I wish you had copies for sale, it would make a great coffee table book.

    10:32 PM

    Hey Chris,

    Apologies for posting your note, this way. The author isn't ready to have word out about that ARC you commanded me to read (believe me, I'll get to it, as soon as possible - I'm elated to have it in my hands!).

    So sorry you're going through the chemo thing with family. My mother has been through this, before. I stayed with her for a time, during chemo when she had her first cancer (she's had two different cancers and this one just keeps coming back, although she was in remission for 8 or 9 years). It's miserable. You hear about the new anti-nausea drugs that help; I didn't see it. She hardly kept anything down at all. Thanks for the wishes and prayers. :)

    Twilight is interesting - really, more of a love story than a vampire tale (I teetered, too; it was our passenger to swim practice who finally swayed me for good). I like that, but it's not scary and I'm not sure what you'd think of it. A Break with Charity is about the Salem witch trials. It does seem like your type of story; I may have to take a YA break, soon, and that's at the top of my potential reads.

    I think you're right that at least most people have to experience our kind of heat to really appreciate cold, rainy days (some people just prefer heat - I was meant to live in Sweden, I think, LOL). I always kind of liked cool, rainy days, but then Oklahoma can get really hot and bright. Even an overcast day can be a huge break from that intense Southern sunlight.

    You know, it's funny that the reception doesn't bother me at all. I hardly watch any TV, so I'm sure that's part of it. And, I did grow up with a 100-foot TV antenna and lousy reception.

    Thanks. I would love to really publish a nature book, some day. There are some pages that I wasn't satisfied with, but I was really happy with the quality and I plan to create more of those. If I ever publish a nature book, you'll be the first to know.

  2. Nancy -

    Family always, always comes first. Go and take care of your mom but also remember to take care of yourself. After being the primary care-giver for my mother for years I realize it's very easy to lose yourself in the role. Don't do that.

    I'd also encourage you to give NaNo a try, simply because it might be a distraction for you. If you don't have a laptop, use a legal pad and do it the old fashioned way. Distractions can be good things...

    Take care, my dear. You and your mom are in my prayers.


  3. Nancy - I am so very sorry to hear that your mom isn't doing any better with the chemo. I don't know what to say. Cancer sucks big time. My former mother-in-law (whom I love dearly) passed away last night after a 17-year-long battle with lung cancer. My heart is heavy with sadness, but not nearly as much as my sweet Amy's. She was very close to her Nana. This, coupled with the worry of the San Diego fires, and more delays with our court trial (April 15th now) is just about all I can handle. I'm ready to crawl in a hole...

    I'm thinking of you. If I could be there to help and offer hugs, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Take care and know your blogger friends are thinking of you.

    Love, Les

  4. My thoughts and prayers will be with you Nancy. Your mum is lucky to have such a good daughter.
    And you know, reading is such a good escape for when life is especially sucky! Don't feel in the least bit guilty or obligated to blog or check blogs, we'll all be here when you get back.
    I want Cold Comfort Farm, lucky you :-)

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom's condition. I hope things stabilize.

    I cannot help but comment on your fantastic piles of books!

    Let's see...I adored The Mercy of Thin Air-loved, loved, loved it. I've been wishing more people would read it. I hope you like Out of the Silence. I loved the Linnet Bird also and own this same edition from bookcloseouts - they have another book of hers I've also bought -might be called The Moonlit Cage? I'm going to look up a few of these.

    Take care of yourself - glad the weather is better for you.

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I hope the chemo helps make some progress in the right direction.

    Pile #3 looks right up my alley!

    What is your PBS ID? I'll have to add you to my list.

  7. CJ,

    Thanks for the advice - it's a great reminder. My mother lives 550 miles away, so I'll never be her primary caregiver; I'm just going to fill in when I'm most needed. But, I know it's very all-consuming and it's not a bad idea to think about the fact that I'll need to take time to divert myself, in advance. Having experienced the process, before, I remember how tapped out I was. She's been fighting cancer, off and on, since 1990.

    I might go ahead and give Nano a try. I'm not accustomed to a laptop keyboard, but I do have a laptop (allegedly - everyone else uses it more than I do). The problem will be updating at the Nano site because I'm pretty sure my mother has a lousy connection. I'll have to see if the library has wireless. My hometown is kind of podunk, but the library is nice.

    I appreciate your prayers. We need them, right now. Things are looking just a little grim.


    I'm so sorry about your former MIL. My mother has been battling cancer, off and on, for 17 years, too - since just after my father's death in 1990. It's a vicious beast. Extra big hugs to Amy.

    You so deserve a break from all of the stress, Les. I just don't know what to say. It's terrifying when people you love are threatened by disaster; I'll never forget the horror of the OKC bombing and hearing about the stories of those who were lost or injured from friends and family (and then that huge tornado). Such tragedies are a reminder of how small the world is and how interconnected we all are.

    The trial delays blow my mind; I can't imagine how you feel. Are you going to at least get to visit with Shaylyn (sorry if I spelled her name wrong)?

    I wish you strength. We both have had a lot of challenges to deal with, haven't we? It would be great if we lived even a few hundred miles closer to each other. A visit and a few hugs would be wonderful!!!

  8. LC,

    Thanks for the prayers! I don't know that I'm such a wonderful daughter; I don't go home often enough. Whenever I do leave, I plan to take a big box of books so I'll have plenty of options. So true - reading is a great escape.

    Cold Comfort Farm has been on my wish list for about a year or so. I was tempted to squeal when I saw it, but I just snatched it up quickly. LOL I've heard such great things about that book. Library sales are the coolest. :)


    Thank you. My mother has an excellent attitude and has fought this battle many times. We're hoping for the best.

    Hmmm, maybe you are one of the reasons I had The Mercy of Thin Air on my wish list. I was so excited to find a copy of that one - several people have posted glowing reviews, but I only remember one of them, specifically. Thanks for your review of Out of the Silence. I thought there was no way I'd end up ever owning that book because I'm pretty sure you mentioned that it was an import; I love Australia as a setting, so I'm really looking forward to that one. And, I'm glad to know you enjoyed The Linnet Bird! The author is new to me, but if I enjoy it as much as everyone else, I may have to eventually go back to Book Closeouts for more (very dangerous - I always order too many because their prices are so good).

    Thank you. The weather is gloomy, again, today. I love it. One can become very weary of the intense sunlight in the South. :)

  9. Nyssaneala,

    Thanks, I hope so, too. Cancer is an ugly beast.

    You must be a classics fiend. Pile #3 leans in that general direction, I see. The Hornblower book is for my husband, but I'm dying to get into that series. He's already started reading. It's so exciting to see my husband's eyes light up about a book - his dyslexia keeps him from reading in great quantity, but he says I've taught him how to enjoy books and that thrills me no end. :)

    My PBS ID is nancytoes. What's yours?

  10. So sorry to hear about your Mom, Nancy.

    I love those books piles and the gorgeous Shutterfly book.

  11. Thanks, Chris.

    I'm having fun admiring my piles and flipping through the books, but I've tripped over them twice. Methinks I need to locate some shelf space for them. :)

  12. Wow, those are astoundingly lovely book stacks AND butterfly photos. Your talent never ceases to amaze me.

    Glad you're enjoying Twilight! I hope you get as hooked as I am. :D

  13. Andi,

    Thank you; you're too kind.

    I finished Twilight, this morning and I am seriously hooked. I loved it! In fact, I was so determined to finish that I stayed in my jammies until I closed the book (fortunately, hubby was able to drive the kiddo to school). I couldn't bear to put it down. I forgot to eat lunch. Oh, well - gotta go fetch the kiddies.

  14. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Listen to CJ ... I also cared for my mother, so I know it's easy to get overwhelmed and forget that you must take care of YOU, before you can take care of anyone else.

    If you manage to do the 2007 NaNoWriMo, would you be my buddy? My name is Bookbuddybonnie, and this will be my first WriMo.

  15. Bonnie,

    I hear ya. I've been through the caregiving routine, before.

    I'll add you to my buddy list, when I can figure it out. I'm having a little trouble trying to find out how to look up other writers because I'm tired, so I'll go back to the Nano site and try again, later. :)

  16. Tell me your NaNo name, please, and I'll see if we can work it the other way.

  17. Bonnie,

    I'm Nancytoes.

  18. Crappy weather is right. Although I'm afraid I don't have it in my to Wahoo the winds and smoky air. :-( I'll sure be glad when I can breathe clean air again.

    Your book is so beautiful, Nancy. Thank you for sharing another set of pages with us.

    I am so sorry your mother's cancer has grown worse. I will keep her in my prayers.

  19. I'm sending good thoughts and prayers your way for your mom. And hugs to you.

    I'm envious of your pile of books there, Nancy. My feet are now itching to get to a bookstore to make a dent in my Books to Buy list.

  20. Wendy,

    I haven't kept up with the news (you have to work to find stories about the fires, I'm finding, if you're out of the area) but I hope it clears up, soon. I know some folks who've left because the smoke triggers asthma; even for those who aren't in immediate threat of fire damage, all that smoke can be a health hazard.

    Thanks for the compliment on the book, as well as
    the prayers. Both are appreciated!


    Thank you; the prayers and hugs are much appreciated. :)

    I made such a huge dent in my wish list that I think I'll be satisfied for a good, long time. We'll see. I'm really fortunate to have found so many titles at reasonable prices. I hope you get a bookstore trip, soon!


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