Monday, October 08, 2007

Where on earth has Bookfool been?

Bookfool has been very busy, dashing around to various kid events. Miss me?

On Friday, after the usual chauffeuring duties, I hibernated because of a migraine and finished reading Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson, which is an excellent young adult novel - Anderson has yet to let me down. On Saturday, we went to a swim meet followed by a band contest and then I reached the end of a very short children's book called Ghost Eye, by Marion Dane Bauer. I meant to write up a review of that as a short-story Sunday entry; but, alas and alack, I was just too darn tired. So, instead, I did load upon load of relaxing laundry and then finished reading The Poseidon Adventure by Paul Gallico, last night.

I am now 4 book reviews behind. May I just say, "Argh!"? But, hey, it's been a great reading week. And, the swim meet and band events were extremely fun. And, a green dragonfly landed on my leg at the swim meet, which is supposed to be good luck, right?

To aid in catching up, I believe I'll continue to steal Dewey's book review format, which I snitched for my review of The Collection. Answering questions is just a wee bit easier than my normal method. Then, hopefully, I'll get back to my usual chatty review style.

More, later . . . at least, that's the plan.


  1. I have one scathingly brilliant question: Where in the world did you get such a flat wooden leg? That green dragonfly landed on your leg, which was lucky, right? I've gotta say, friend, I like the grain of your leg! [Don't you just love people like me?]

  2. Bonnie,

    Home Depot, of course.

    Yes, I do. :)

  3. Of course we missed you! Sounds like you had a good weekend even though it's been busy. Love the collage, how do you make those?

  4. I think it's migraine season or something. I've had my fair share lately too...3 in the past week...and I've noticed a few other bloggers with migraines putting them out of commission. Hope you're all better!

    Looks like you've been all over the place! Love all the new pics :) And glad to see that the poppets had a chance to escape out of your purse for a little while ;)

  5. I'm six reviews behind. :( All of the books are staring at me, wondering why I haven't written about them yet!

  6. I've never seen a green one like that. All the ones I've seen are black or blue-ish. That one is quite pleasing.

    At least you're having a good reading week! Since my brother visited and while waiting for a book I pre-ordered I can't seem to get into anything.

  7. Nat,

    It was a busy weekend and hot, hot, hot & humid, but fun. I felt for the kids in their wool uniforms at the band contest.

    That collage is a Picasa feature and quite easy to do, but you don't have Picasa, right?


    I think it's the fall pollen, which seems odd because it could at least *act* like fall if we're going to be socked with fall pollen and migraines!!

    Yep, we've been around. We had a great time at the swim meet and band contest, though, in spite of the heat and humidity. You can imagine how relieved the Poppets were to escape for a time. :)


    Frustrating, isn't it? I find that the farther I fall behind, the less I want to bother with any reviews at all. But, I need to get to them because I have to pass the books on and I don't send them out the door till I'm finished writing my reviews.


    That's my first green dragonfly and I thought he was beautiful. I kept chasing him down to photograph him, of course. When he landed on my leg, I was so stunned (and he tickled so) that I immediately waved him away. LOL Silly me. Pleasing is a good word to describe his bright green coloring.

    Sorry you're having a reading slump. I've been on a roll, for once. It's kind of nice. What book are you waiting on?

  8. Missed you muchly, but it sounds like you've been having a GREAT time! Busy, but good. :) Lookin' forward to your reviews.

  9. Andi,

    We really enjoy the swim meets and band contests, so we had a terrific time - exhausting, but fun. Today, I think it's finally caught up with me. I could use a caffeine IV. :)

  10. I'm really behind in book reviews fact I can't remember key points about the books! This is why I'm a good re-reader.

  11. Ugh! I hate migranes! At least you were able to read through it; I can barely stand to see light when I have one.

    I do so miss going to band events. They were the highlight of high school for me.

  12. Anonymous6:13 PM

    You've been one busy Mom!

  13. Anonymous8:57 PM

    It must be migraine season.

    You sound like you've been busy having fun! Looking forward to your book reviews.

  14. Orange Blossom Heather,

    I guess I have a pretty decent memory, unless a book is so dull it's completely forgettable - so it shouldn't be a problem, other than finding the time (hopefully, tomorrow). I'm too slow to reread anything that doesn't thrill my socks off. :)


    Sometimes I can read through a migraine and sometimes I can't. I'd be grateful for the mild ones if I didn't have so many of them.

    Band events are really fun, but I prefer photographing them to being *in* the band. I'm really glad those days are over, myself. I think my son has a much, much better band director and that has a lot to do with how much he enjoys it and why they have such a huge band (210 kids in a school with about 1250 students).


    Yes, I have. I could stand about a month of sleep, but it's not gonna happen. LOL

  15. Carrie,

    Definitely migraine season - the pollen is intense.

    Very busy, having fun, extremely tired. I could use a vacation. Hopefully, I'll get to some reviews, tomorrow. Fingers and toes crossed!

  16. I'm waiting for World Without End by Ken Follett. I CANNOT wait!

  17. Nancy, you are a genuinely nice person … so I am passing along the Nice Matters Award. Come fetch it from my other blog:

  18. Nik,

    I love Ken Follett!! I can see how you'd be anxious, waiting for one of his books. :)


    I've gotten the Nice Matters Award, before, and neglected to put the little button in my column. Thanks! I guess I should do that, shouldn't I? :)

  19. Don't feel too bad; I'm six reviews behind! Although I'm pleased to say that for once, my tardiness isn't my fault. (But it will be if I don't get something written soon!)

  20. You're right, I don't use Picasa. I'll have to look around for instructions on how to do that with the software I have.

  21. Coversgirl,

    Okay, thanks, I feel better. :) I'm just going to try to get to the reviews when I can and not fret. Just a couple more weeks till marching and swim seasons are over, then we can all relax a little! I'll bet you're busy with school, yes?


    If your software doesn't have a collage feature, I think Picasa can be downloaded for free - although, I'm not positive about that. I've got my eye on Photoshop Elements. Maybe for Christmas. :)


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