Thursday, September 18, 2008

Freaky Blogger Sci-Fi Disappearances SNAFU

SNAFU: Situation Normal, All Fouled Up
Just a quick note to let my readers know that I've gone to approve messages several times, today, and then when I click on the number of messages, sometimes Blogger tells me there are "No Messages Needing Moderation". If I go back to the dashboard, it'll still say "1 message" or "3 messages", etc. But, if I hit refresh, suddenly they disappear.

Either Blogger is performing some strange magic act or eating messages; I'm not sure which. So, if you have left me a message and it isn't showing up -- that doesn't mean I blocked your message. It means Blogger went *POOF* or MUNCH, MUNCH. Maybe I should get my own magic wand.

In the meantime, if your message doesn't show up within 24 hours, please feel free to comment a second time, but don't feel obligated.


  1. Anonymous7:07 PM

    LOL! I think I was one of those people. No worries though. There will be more posts to comment on. :)

  2. J. Kaye,

    Aha! So it wasn't just my imagination! Sorry your comment was munched. The approval function seems to be working okay, at the moment, but it's been a sporadic thing. This happened to me one other time and it was so wild . . . about 4 months later, a couple of messages mysteriously appeared for approval. I couldn't figure out what on earth they were about -- they made no sense at all, out of context, but when I figured out they were 4 months old and went back to look at the posts I realized they'd just been in limbo all that time!!

  3. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Oh sure! Just admit that you're blocking us. :)

  4. Silly Carrie, Trix are for kids.

    I'm actually getting the opposite, today. I'll click on "1 Message" and 2 or 3 messages in need of approval will pop up. Weird, weird.

  5. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Oh my gosh, how odd! When technical stuff starts acting this way, I know it's not just me any! Gustav & Ike have upset the balance of things.

  6. *waving an angry fist at blogger*

  7. J.Kaye,

    I know. I always worry that I'm doing something wrong, don't know computers well enough, blah, blah. But, sometimes things go totally blooey and you know . . . it's not your fault! LOL

    Gustav and Ike were evil, but let's face it . . . there's no such thing as a "good" hurricane. They do so much damage.


    Yeah! Me, too! :)

  8. I wonder if that has any connection with Blogger not allowing me to edit a mis-spelling in a post I wrote within the past 24 hours. I'd like to blame them, certainly not me for leaving it there! ;)

  9. Bellezza,

    I've had trouble with editing, in the past couple of months, too. For one thing, you used to be able to hit "edit-undo" if you accidentally deleted something. That's not working, now. And, instead of cutting and pasting, you often have to just backspace and rewrite to correct. Gah! I don't know if your problem is related, but all these Blogger issues are really frustrating. I already feel like I spend too much time blogging. The extra time spent fixing things is starting to really tick me off!

  10. Editing problems. Mysterious vanishing comments. Frozen sidebar. You really have been unlucky!
    The only major problem I've had (knock wood!) is not being able to access the sidebar in Firefox. But since I downloaded Firefox 3 it's been fine. Seems like the Blogger gods don't like you, or maybe it's a test? or gremlins in your computer? ;)

  11. Nat,

    No, no! I'm not unlucky, I'm special. LOL I don't even know what I've got as my browser, at the moment. I probably just need to take some time figuring things out. I'm shy on patience, right now, so I'm just breezing on. When things resolve themselves or I have the time to give it some thought, cool. I'll be here.

  12. Do you have your comment moderation set up so that you get an email that asks you to publish, reject or something else (my mind is fried right now)? That's how I utilize the moderation mode of commenting. Within the template mode, go to comments and select "Always" on comment moderation and include your email address. This way you'll always get an email to approve the comment. I think this is easier than seeing that comments need approval in your dashboard. Confused? I am! ;)

  13. Les,

    I think I cut that off, recently. Now, I just go to the dashboard to moderate my comments. I used to be set up that way, but I didn't like it; I can't remember why!


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