Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just one big, happy family

Please forgive me for not joining in . . . I haven't participated in Blogger Appreciation Week because:

a. I'm more than a little bit scattered and found the quantity of posts overwhelming, and
b. The thought of potentially leaving someone out or offending them made me cringe. I just love all my blog buddies so much that I can't bear the thought that I might nominate or vote for someone at the expense of someone else.

There's got to be a "c", but I can't think of one. 2 items -- looks really weird, doesn't it?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I think of my blog buddies as just one big, extended, happy family. I do appreciate you all and hope I haven't horrified anyone by not participating!!


  1. It is overwhelming but I hope you come visit my blog when I host some of the awards.

  2. Chris,

    Thanks. I'll have to peek in and see when you're hosting. :)

  3. I agree. It's just SO MUCH to read and my time is limited. By the time I fully caught on to how many people were participating, it was really too late.

  4. Anonymous8:14 PM

    There have been a lot of posts but I have really enjoyed participating because I found new blogs to read. This is a good thing, right?

    Don't feel bad.

  5. I'm not taking part either, so don't let it get to you. This week I barely have time to visit SOME of my bloggy friends.

  6. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Great blog, I'll be back to visit again. Lovely pictures of the critters and such.

    Thanks for dropping by my new blog - I'm a vintage blogger about family life & look forward to following other readers.

  7. Lisa,

    I think maybe that's my letter "c". LOL It did take me a while to get what exactly the appreciation week was all about and by then it was just overwhelming -- posts about it everywhere. Thanks for chiming in. It's nice knowing I'm not the only one who didn't join in!


    Oh, yes yes. Definitely good. I've found some new blogs through links on some of those appreciation week posts, also. I'm just now trying to figure out the Google Reader thing, in part because of that.


    One of those weeks, eh? Me, too. I've been battling a migraine and the fall allergies are driving me nuts. Thanks, I'm relieved to know I'm not alone in missing out on this. I've read some posts, but there are just soooo many!

  8. Literate Chick,

    "Vintage" is a lovely way to put, "I've been around for a while." :)

    Thank you! It's nice to meet you!!

  9. To be honest, I've been very overwhelmed by the whole thing as well. I guess I didn't realize how large the book blogging community was!! We appreciate you as well :)

  10. I'm not participating for the same reason. I still appreciate all my blogy friends!

  11. I feel the same way!

    Plus, this is going to sound awful, but the LAST THING I need right now is to discover more book blogs. No matter how awesome they are, I'm barely keeping up with the bloggers I'm close to! I have gotten some new commentators lately (I don't know if it's from BBAW or something else), so I'm making an effort to visit their blogs. But I'm a very loyal person, so bloggers whom I already love are the ones I'm focusing my limited time on! ;)

  12. I'm not taking part either, but that's because I keep forgetting. I'll think, when I see it mentioned on someone else's blog "hey, it's book blog appreciation week I should ... hey! what'ts that over there?" (short attention span)
    So from a very great distance (physically anyway) I'm admiring all the awesome work that's going in to it :)

  13. I feel a little overwhelmed too. A lot of great things are happening, but I just can't keep up with everything. And I also couldn't pick just a few favourite blogs to highlight. One big, extended, happy family is a nice way to put it :P

  14. haha, I have mostly stayed away from BBAW myself. I am so busy with everything else going on! I's particularly bad because one of my blogs is nominated... Anyway, I don't think you are alone. :)

  15. Trish,

    I didn't realize how huge the blogging community was, either, till recently. It was when I heard that 150 copies of Far World: Water Keep had been sent out to bloggers and I wasn't one of them that the first little clue dropped. Thank you! :)


    And, thank you for saying so! It's nice to know there are really quite a few of us who felt a little overwhelmed by the whole concept! :)


    You do already visit an awful lot of blogs; I know you've mentioned that, in the past. I try to comment and drop in on everyone who shows up at my blog, also, but I'm afraid I often simply forget and just visit the bloggers I'm already accustomed to visiting regularly. Thanks, it's so nice to know I'm not alone in this! :)

  16. Maree,

    You had me chuckling. I'm sure that's another part of my problem. I'm a little been attention deficient, especially when it comes to the computer. Yep, it is pretty amazing how much effort many, many bloggers have put into this week's events! :)


    Just picking a few blogs is always a problem for me. When I get one of those little blog awards, I'm grateful but I tend to bow out of passing them on. I hate singling people out and it's so difficult, anyway!! How to you choose just a few to award? I love all the blogs I visit! :)


    I didn't realize one of your blogs has been nominated, but then . . . not sure I knew you had more than one! LOL Congrats on the nomination! And, thanks for commenting that you have joined in, either. I feel so much better reading all the comments from people who felt equally overwhelmed. :)

  17. You are so not alone in the overwhelmed and confused by what was going on in the BBAW thing! I can only log on and visit every few days now and it was just too much.

    What a cute picture of the squirrels! You take the neatest pictures. Are you a professional photographer? If you're not, you should be. I love checking out your blog to see what pictures you have captured.

  18. Bree,

    Thank you. Yes, I can see how it would have been impossible to keep up with even a fraction of the posts if you're just checking in every few days. I'm trying to limit my computer time, but I'm still checking in daily and couldn't even begin to keep up!

    Thanks! That's actually a little prairie dog family. I always go watch them play when I'm in my hometown. No, I'm not a professional photographer, but thank you -- that's a huge compliment! :)

  19. Anonymous9:47 AM

    "The thought of potentially leaving someone out or offending them made me cringe."

    OMG! I am so much like this. Before the BBAW, I felt this way about awards that circulated around and I could only pick X amount. UGH! No way, because all the blogs in my Google Reader are the best. How could I pick only three or five?

    When mentioning people to thank or appreciate, I am a deer caught in headlights. I can never remember them all and yes, I'd be the one to leave someone out. Ugh! Hate being like that. :(

    I guess what I am saying, yet taking the long way to get there is I totally understand. I haven't been right after Gustav. My mind is muddled. Can't wait for hurricane season to be over.

  20. J. Kaye,

    You made perfect sense! I've always had trouble with blog awards, too. It just feels wrong to single out a few people to pass an award on to. In fact, I've been blogging for so long that I had to remove all the little blog award images from my sidebar -- there were just too many. After I'd passed a few of them on and felt guilty every time, I started doing the lame thing . . . if you haven't gotten this award, you're tagged. It may be a cop-out, but that way I don't feel guilty.

    I'm with you on hurricane season. This has been a bad one, especially for Louisiana. Texas is a mess, too. It's fallen out of the news, now that stocks are plummeting, but a friend told me she could be without electricity until October 7. Goodness.

  21. Love the prairie dogs!
    I've always had trouble passing on blog awards too, and have only rarely done so.
    As for BBAW, I'm totally overwhelmed! There is just so much, I can't keep up so I'm not really. I'm always a bit behind as it is usually for lack of time and this is making me all distracted. Too many things competing for my attention lately. I have found some great blogs I hadn't visited before though (not that I needed more blogs to follow). And I did win some chocolates! :P

  22. Nat,

    Thank you! Yep, I know you've had the same trouble with blog awards.

    Chocolates! Well, that's something, then. :) Yeah, it's just a bit too much. I'm not the fastest reader on the planet and I think you could probably bury someone under all those BBAW posts. I've read some of them and found some new blogs, but I can't possibly keep up.

  23. I have also felt that participating in a full way seemed overwhelming. So many posts, so many places to visit, and comment, and buttons, and obligation to post certain things....I just cannot keep up with all that and not make it seem I simply post what I feel like when I feel like it. Otherwise I couldn't do it.

  24. Tara,

    Exactly -- too much, too much. I love the idea, but between all the posts and all the participants, I found that it was so exhausting I seldom felt like commenting. From all appearances, it did require a lot of work for those involved. I'm not so good at forcing myself to post, either -- unless it's something easy like a quote a day. That I can handle. LOL

  25. I ended up not participating either. But I have been enjoying watching all the goings-on. And added another few dozens new blogs to my google reader.

  26. I LOVE the prairie dog picture! I lived in west Texas for 4 years during college, and I frequented a prairie dog village when I just wanted some peace and quiet. I miss those cute little guys :(

  27. Jeane,

    I've enjoyed what I've managed to read. There's a lot of link love -- a bit too much, but I've still found some great blogs to revisit. :)


    Aren't they the cutest things? I did exactly the same thing, when I was home helping my mother or working on cleaning out her house. I'd just drive out to the prairie dog village and watch them for a while, then go back to the house feeling restored. I miss them, too. They're a 10 1/2 hour drive away!

  28. Oh I know just how you feel! I started off trying to visit a lot of new (to me) book bloggers but then my week just got a bit crazy with some family & home stuff so I just gave up trying to keep track of all the goings on.

    It's a great idea and I love the enthusiasm for the project just wish I'd had more time to really check it out :)

  29. Iliana,

    I'm afraid I haven't put out too much effort, this week -- last week, yes, but this week has been a fall-allergy migraine week.

    I agree -- great idea. Wish I had the concentration level and energy to check it all out, more than anything.

  30. I haven't participated either, but I think it's a wonderful thing. Too many papers to grade, too few brains cells to go around over here in Andiland.

  31. Andiloo,

    Yep, same here. I noticed you're kind of snowed under, there. Loved the bullet points (I just didn't say so . . . I think).

  32. Interesting post and comments here about BBAW. Let me add a "me too" regarding the overwhelming feeling. I participated in parts of it... but still feel like there's lots I missed. But it's been fun.

  33. Suey,

    I suppose that's a sign that bloggers know how to spread joy, though, right? :)


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